Westfield Technical Academy

Westfield Technical Academy (formerly known as Westfield Vocational Technical High School), is a technical, coeducational, four-year public high school, part of the Westfield Public Schools district in Westfield, Massachusetts. The school opened on October 1, 1911 as the Westfield Independent Industrial School.

School Name History

  • Westfield Independent Industrial School; Westfield Day Industrial School for Boys; Westfield Evening Trade/Industrial School(1911-1917)[3][4][5]
  • Westfield Boys Trade School (1917-1950)
  • Westfield Trade High School (1950-1969)
  • Westfield Vocational High School (1969-1994)
  • Westfield Vocational Technical High School (1994-2015)
  • Westfield Technical Academy (2015-present)

List of principals

  • 1911: William C. Shute[6]
  • 1911-1919: Burton A. Prince
  • 1919-1950: Chester C. Derby
  • 1950-1952: Leonard H. Scott
  • 1952-1957: Vincent P. Kramer
  • 1957-1976: Michael Gonzalez
  • 1976-1984: Arthur A. Peters
  • 1984-1989: Alfred R. Rios
  • 1989-2006: Steven E. Pippin
  • 2006-2012: Hilary Weisgerber
  • 2012-2016: Stefan Czaporowski
  • 2016-Present: Joseph F. Langone

Past School Locations

  • Broad Street, Westfield Massachusetts 01085 (1911-1917)[7]
  • 25 Bartlett Street, Westfield, Massachusetts 01085 (1917-1962)
  • 33 Smith Avenue, Westfield, Massachusetts, 01085 (1962-Present)
Westfield Technical Academy
Westfield Technical Academy Logo
Westfield Vocational Technical High School, upper campus
33 Smith Ave

, ,

Coordinates42°07′31″N 72°45′42″W / 42.12528°N 72.76167°WCoordinates: 42°07′31″N 72°45′42″W / 42.12528°N 72.76167°W
School typePublic, Career Technical High School
EstablishedJuly 1911[1]
October 1, 1911 (opened)
PrincipalJoseph Langone
Grades9 - 12
Enrollment527[2] (2018-19)
Student to teacher ratio9:1
Color(s)Purple and Gold         

Technical Programs

Westfield Technical Academy currently offers career-technical training in twelve programs:

  • Allied Health
  • Automotive Technology
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology (2015-Present)
  • Business Technology (1994-Present)
  • Collision Technology (1994-Present)
  • Construction Technology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Graphic Arts (1994-Present)
  • Horticulture Technology (1994-Present)
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing Technology (1911-Present)

Former technical programs

  • HVAC/R Technology (1994-2008), discontinued due to low enrollment. The room which was for HVAC/R Technology (on the upper campus) is now part of Electrical Wiring.


  • Soccer (Boys Varsity/Junior Varsity, Girls Varsity)
  • Baseball (Boys Varsity/Junior Varsity)
  • Basketball (Boys Varsity/Junior Varsity, Girls Varsity)
  • Golf (Boys Varsity)
  • Softball (Girls Varsity)
  • Cross Country (Boys/Girls Varsity)

Notable co-operative sports

  • Wrestling (Boys Varsity with Westfield High School)
  • Lacrosse (Boys/Girls Varsity with St. Mary's Parish School)

Former sports

  • Football (Boys Varsity) (Late 1990s-2006)


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Brian P. Sullivan

Brian P. Sullivan (born April 2, 1963) is an American politician who is the current mayor of Westfield, Massachusetts. Prior to his election, he served as a Westfield City Councilor from 1998 to 2016. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

In 1998, Sullivan was elected as an At-Large city councilor and has been re-elected nine times. During his tenure, he has served a total of 5 one-year terms as council president, the highest leadership position on the council. As president of the city council, he is first in line to succeed the mayor. When incumbent Mayor Daniel Knapik opted to not run for a fourth term in 2015, Sullivan declared his candidacy and defeated challenger Michael L. Roeder in the November municipal election.When Knapik resigned to take a position in Governor Charlie Baker's administration, Sullivan was sworn in as acting mayor and served the remainder of his predecessor's term before beginning his first term on January 4, 2016. He was sworn into office on January 6, 2016 at the Westfield Technical Academy by his father and was succeeded as City Council president by Councilor Brent Bean, II.

Bullens Field

Billy Bullens Field is a multipurpose stadium in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Bullens Field is the baseball and football home field for Westfield High School and Westfield Technical Academy.

Bullens Field is also the home field for the Westfield Starfires of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL).Originally named Municipal Field, the stadium was built in 1937, and officially dedicated in 1938, as part of a larger project of ball fields, grandstands, a playground and tennis courts constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Billy Bullens was the assistant supervisor of the new facilities and in charge of the park maintenance for many years.

The field was renamed for him in the early 1980s.Bullens Field hosted the Babe Ruth 14-Year-Old World Series in 2016 and will host the Babe Ruth 13-Year-Old World Series in August 2019.

Westfield, Massachusetts

Westfield is a city in Hampden County, in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, United States. Westfield was first settled in 1660. It is part of the Springfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 41,094 at the 2010 census.

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