Wen County, Gansu

Wen County or Wenxian (Chinese: 文县; pinyin: Wénxiàn) is a county under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Longnan, Gansu province, China. It has a land area of 4,994 square kilometers, and a population of 240,000 (2004).

Gecko Gekko wenxianensis is named after Wen County, its type locality.[1][2]

Administrative divisions

  • Chengguan Town (城关镇) - county seat[3]
  • Bikou Town (碧口镇)
  • Shangde Town (尚德镇)


  • Tielou (铁楼藏族乡)
  • Hengdan (横丹乡)
  • Danbao (丹堡乡)
  • Shangdan (上丹乡)
  • Liujiaping (刘家坪乡)
  • Yulei (玉垒乡)
  • Fanba (范坝乡)
  • Dianba (店坝乡)
  • Xiaojia (肖家乡)
  • Zhongmiao (中庙乡)
  • Koutouba (口头坝乡)
  • Jianshan (尖山乡)
  • Linjiang (临江乡)
  • Liping (黎坪乡)
  • Sheshu (舍书乡)
  • Dunzhai (屯寨乡)
  • Qiaotou (桥头乡)
  • Baoziba (堡子坝乡)
  • Shifang (石坊乡)
  • Shijiba (石鸡坝乡)
  • Maying (马营乡)
  • Zhongzhai (中寨乡)



Code : 746400.

Notes and references

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Coordinates: 32°55′N 104°46′E / 32.917°N 104.767°E

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