We Are... Robin

We Are... Robin is an ongoing comic book series currently published by DC Comics written by Lee Bermejo and drawn by Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph. The first issue was released in June 2015 and continues with monthly issues.

We Are Robin
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Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateJune 2015
Creative team
Written byLee Bermejo
Artist(s)Rob Haynes
Khary Randolph


Described by Randolph as being "a mix of The Dark Knight Returns and V for Vendetta with more street level type stuff," We Are... Robin centers around several aspiring teenaged vigilantes in Gotham City who take on the identity of Robin.[1] Specifically, the series focuses on Duke Thomas, an African-American teenager previously introduced in Batman: Zero Year who becomes part of the movement to fight crime in Gotham.[2] The Future's End event depicted a time five years from the present where Duke had gone on to become Robin in an official capacity. We Are... Robin shows the different Robins' own interests in Batman and related characters such as Batgirl and Robin. The different Robins have their own role models from the Batman Universe. In issue #4, entitled "Batgirl", Riko Sheridan's obsession with Batgirl is used to create the storyline of this issue and in turn many older styles of artwork are used as a way to represent and show the love she has for Batgirl.


Batman: Noël writer Lee Bermejo explains We Are... Robin is a new approach to showcase diversity in the DC Universe for readers. On the subject of expanding the character of Robin, he explained, "With ideas and big concepts, teenagers can get really passionate about that stuff and it can be their whole life. That was something interesting to me, that this thing could be bigger than just one guy jumping around in a domino mask".[3]

According to Bermejo, his inspiration for the series came from the question of why Batman would put a child out on the streets to fight crime, thus risking placing him in danger. While We Are... Robin will not focus on past Robins Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake or the incumbent Damian Wayne, Bermejo does not rule out featuring them in the future. By bringing in different characters as Robin, he hopes to create a different dynamic with the identity. "You can take that concept of Robin and really play with it and really stretch it and expand upon it and bend it," Bermejo said. "It still will hold resemblance to the core of the character in the Bat-mythos"[3]


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