Washington Senators (1891–1899)

The Washington Senators were a 19th-century baseball team. The team was also known as the Washington Statesmen and the Washington Nationals. The team played at Boundary Field.

The team started out in the American Association as the Washington Statesmen in 1891. The American Association folded after that season, and the team was purchased by J. Earl Wagner, who would own the team for the remainder of its existence. The Statesmen moved to the National League for the 1892 season, becoming the Senators. When the NL contracted from twelve teams to eight after the 1899 season, the Senators were one of the teams eliminated.

The Senators did not fare well in their nine years as a franchise, which might have been the reason they were contracted. Washington never had a winning season and compiled a winning percentage of 0.366. Among their more famous players were Deacon McGuire and Hall of Famer Jim O'Rourke.

After a one-year hiatus, the Senators returned, but they were no longer the same franchise that played at Boundary Field. In fact the Original Senators were the first of three teams, all called the Washington Senators, and were in the Capital continuously until the third Senators franchise left to become the Texas Rangers. The second had left the city in 1960 becoming the Minnesota Twins and were followed immediately by a new expansion team of the same name, ultimately leaving for Texas in 1971. Baseball returned to the Capital in 2005 when the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals. The "Washington Senators" name was still owned by the Texas Rangers, so organizers sought other options. Washington, D.C., mayor Anthony A. Williams supported the name "Washington Grays," in honor of the Negro-league team the Homestead Grays (1929-1950), which had been based in Pittsburgh, but played many of their home games in Washington. In the end, the team owners chose the name "Washington Nationals," which had been the official name of the American League's Washington Senators from 1905 to 1955.

Washington Senators
Years 18911899
Based in Washington, D.C.
Major league affiliations
Past names
  • Washington Senators (1892–99)
  • Washington Statesmen (1891)
    • Team was also periodically referred to as the Washington Nationals
Major league titles
  • National League pennants 0
  • American Association pennants 0

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Boundary Field

Boundary Field, also known as American League Park II and National Park, is a former baseball ground in Washington, D.C. located on the site currently occupied by Howard University Hospital; bounded approximately by Georgia Avenue, 5th Street, W Street and Florida Avenue, NW. It was just outside what was then the city limit of Washington, whose northern boundary was Boundary Street which was renamed Florida Avenue in 1890.

History of the American League

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List of Washington Senators (1891–1899) managers

The Washington Senators were a Major League Baseball team that played in Washington, D.C.. They played in the American Association when it was considered a major league in 1891 and in the National League from 1892 through 1899, after which the team was eliminated when the National League contracted from twelve teams to eight teams. In their inaugural season, they played as the Washington Statesmen. During their time as a Major League team, the Senators employed 12 managers. The duties of the team manager include team strategy and leadership on and off the field.The Senators first manager was Sam Trott. Trott managed the Senators for 12 games before being replaced by Pop Snyder. Gus Schmelz holds the Senators' record for most games managed (434), managerial wins (155) and managerial losses (270). Tom Brown and Jack Doyle share the Senators' record for highest winning percentage as manager, with .471. Billy Barnie, who didn't win either of the two games he managed, holds the Senators' record for fewest wins. Arthur Irwin is the only Senators manager who served more than a single term. Irwin was one of three managers the Senators employed in its first National League season of 1892, and also the last Senators manager. In total, Irwin managed 293 games for the Senators, with 110 wins and 177 losses for a winning percentage of .383. Jim O'Rourke is the only Senators manager to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Syracuse Stars (National League)

The Syracuse Stars was a 19th-century American baseball team, as well as the name of the minor league baseball teams which preceded it, based in Syracuse, New York. They played their home games at Newell Park. (They were unrelated to the Syracuse Stars of the American Association, who played for one year, in 1890.)

Established as an independent team in 1877, the Stars joined the International Association for the 1878 season. They finished second to the pennant-winning Buffalo Bisons, and following the season both teams jumped to the National League, a devastating blow for the IA, which lasted just two more seasons.

The Stars lone year in the NL, 1879, was not so successful. The team had a record of 22 wins and 48 losses, and did not finish their season, folding on September 10. They were 7th in the 8-team National League, ahead of the 19-56 Troy Trojans, who also did not complete their schedule. The club officially disbanded at the end of the season.

Mike Dorgan managed 43 of the Stars' games (with a 17-26 record). Bill Holbert managed on an interim basis for one game (a loss) and the season was closed out by Jimmy Macullar, who managed the final 26 games (5-21).

The team had a combined batting average of .227. First baseman Jack Farrell led the team with .303.

Washington Senators (1891–1899) all-time roster

The following is a list of players and who appeared in at least one game for the Washington Senators franchise of Major League Baseball, which played as the Washington Statesmen in the American Association in 1891 and as the Senators in the National League from 1892 until 1899. Players in bold are in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Washington Senators
The franchise
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