Washington, My Home

Washington, My Home is the state song of Washington, in the United States. Written by Helen Davis and arranged by Stuart Churchill, it was adopted on March 19, 1959.[1]

According to state law (RCW 1.20.071), all proceeds from the song's sale are to be paid into the state's general fund.[2]

There is a popular myth in Washington state that the state song is actually Louie, Louie by the Fabulous Wailers. There was indeed a failed effort to change the state song to "Louie, Louie" in the 1980s, spearheaded by KING-TV comedy-show Almost Live! host Ross Shafer. However, then-governor Booth Gardner proclaimed one day in that timeframe to be the state's official "Louie, Louie Day".


This is my country; God gave it to me;
I will protect it, ever keep it free.
Small towns and cities rest here in the sun,
Filled with our laughter, "Thy will be done."

Washington my home;
Where ever I may roam;
This is my land, my native land,
Washington, my home.

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