Warwick Daily News

The Warwick Daily News is a daily newspaper serving Warwick, Queensland, Australia. The newspaper is published by The Warwick Newspaper Pty Ltd and owned by News Corp Australia.[1]

The Warwick Daily News is circulated to the residents of Warwick Shire and surrounds to Inglewood in the west, Killarney in the east, Clifton to the north and the New South Wales border to the south, including Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt.

The circulation of the Warwick Daily News is 3,218 Monday to Friday and 3,439 on Saturday.[2]

The Warwick Daily News website is part of News Corp Australia's News Regional Media network.

Warwick Daily News
Owner(s)News Corp Australia
HeadquartersWarwick, Queensland, Australia
PO Box 358
Warwick QLD 4370
Circulation3,218 Monday-Friday
3,439 Saturday
Front page of the Warwick Daily News, 5 February 1919.


StateLibQld 2 52656 Examiner and Times Newspaper office, Warwick, ca. 1901
Examiner and Times newspaper office, Warwick, circa 1901
StateLibQld 2 54100 Samuel Irwin, proprietor of the Warwick Examiner and Times, Warwick, 1901
Samuel Irwin, proprietor of the Warwick Examiner and Times, Warwick, 1901

Established circa 1864, the Warwick Examiner and Times was printed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Also established in 1864, the Warwick Argus published on opposing days i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ultimately, in 1919, an opportunity to combine and publish daily was realized with the Examiner purchasing the Argus and the Warwick Daily News was formed.[3]

In 1968, the owners, the Dunn family, decided to amalgamate with a number of other newspaper owners to create the Provincial Newspapers (QLD) Ltd company.[4]


The paper has been digitised as part of the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program of the National Library of Australia.[5][6]

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4WK is an Australian commercial radio station located in Toowoomba, Queensland.

The station was first established in Warwick, Queensland in 1935, hence the callsign used for the station.4WK currently broadcasts in the Toowoomba region on four separate frequencies. The station is heard on 95.5 FM in Toowoomba while the greater Darling Downs can receive the station on 963 AM. 4WK is also broadcast on 95.9 FM in Dalby and 91.5 FM in Stanthorpe.The station is owned by Broadcast Operations Group and is part of the company's Super Radio Network. As such, 4WK receives syndicated talk shows from 2SM in Sydney including The John Laws Show.During initial discussions in 1930 regarding a radio station at Warwick, it was originally mooted that 4WK would simply be a relay station for the Australian Broadcasting Company's National Broadcasting Service, but the plan never eventuated.In 1932, there was doubt cast over whether 4WK would ever be established. However, a company called Warwick Broadcasting Proprietary Company Limited was eventually registered in 1934 for the purpose of establishing the radio station.4WK was officially opened by Littleton Groom on 28 June 1935.On the 14th July 2018 at 2130hrs, 4WK 963kHz Allora commenced C-QUAM AM Stereo transmission to compliment its FM Stereo Translators

Delissa Kimmince

Delissa Maree Kimmince (born 14 May 1989) is an Australian cricketer and Australian rules footballer.

Elizabeth Catherine Usher

Elizabeth Catherine Usher AO (1911–1996) was a speech disorders therapist and academic. She was the first person from Queensland to study speech therapy.

Francis Grayson

Francis Grayson (2 September 1849 – 27 July 1927) was a Shopkeeper and member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly.

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Kasey Wehrman

Kasey Wehrman (born 16 August 1977) is an Australian footballer. Wehrman has Indigenous Australian ancestry.

Kioma, Queensland

Kioma is a locality in the Goondiwindi Region, Queensland, Australia.

The Meandarra – Talwood Road (State Route 74) forms part of the western boundary.

Leslie Dam

Leslie Dam is a dam in the locality of the same name Leslie Dam, Southern Downs Region, Queensland, Australia. It is 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) from Warwick town centre. Freshwater fishing and water sports facilities are available.

The dam was named after Patrick Leslie (1815–1881), an early settler in the region and the first person to buy land in Warwick.

SunWater is undertaking a dam spillway capacity upgrade program to ensure a consistently high level of safety for the dams under their control, including the Leslie. The spillway will be upgraded in the longer term.

New England Highway

The New England Highway is an 878-kilometre (546 mi) long highway in Australia running from Hexham at Newcastle, New South Wales at its southern end to Yarraman, north of Toowoomba, Queensland at its northern end. It is part of Australia's National Highway system, and forms part of the inland route between Brisbane and Sydney.


news.com.au is an Australian news and entertainment website owned by News Corp Australia. It had 9.6 million unique readers in April 2019 and specialises in breaking national and international news as well as entertainment, sport, lifestyle, travel, technology and finance.

News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia is one of Australia's largest media conglomerates, employing more than 8,000 staff nationwide and approximately 3,000 journalists. The group's interests span newspaper and magazine publishing, Internet, subscription television, market research, DVD and film distribution, and film and television production trading assets. News Pty Limited (formerly News Limited) is the holding company of the group.

News Corp Australia owns approximately 142 daily, Sunday, weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly newspapers, of which three are free commuter titles and 102 are suburban publications (including 16 in which News Corp Australia has a 50% interest). News Corp Australia publishes a nationally distributed newspaper in Australia, a metropolitan newspaper in each of the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth (Sundays only), Hobart and Darwin and groups of suburban newspapers in the suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The company publishes a further thirty magazine titles across Australia. According to the Finkelstein Review of Media and Media Regulation, in 2011 the group accounted for 23% of the newspaper titles in Australia.With interests in digital media, the company's sites include news.com.au, Business Spectator and Eureka Report, Kidspot.com.au, taste.com.au and homelife.com.au. It has 50% stakes in CareerOne.com.au and carsguide.com.au, a share in REA Group that operates www.realestate.com.au, as well as websites for most newspaper and magazine titles. The company's other Australian assets include all of Fox Sports Australia, 65% ownership of subscription television provider Foxtel, 65% ownership of the combined entity of Fox Sports (Australia) / Foxtel merger and shares in the Brisbane Broncos NRL team.

Until the formation of News Corporation in 1979, News Limited was the principal holding company for the business interests of Rupert Murdoch and his family. Since then, News Limited had been wholly owned by News Corporation. In 2004, News Corporation announced its intention to reincorporate to the United States. On 3 November News Corp Limited ceased trading on the Australian Stock Exchange; and on 8 November, News Corporation began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. On 28 June 2013, News Corporation was split into two separate companies. Murdoch's newspaper interests became News Corp, which was the new parent company of News Limited. The group adopted the new News Corp Australia name following the listing of the new News Corp on 1 July 2013.

Pikedale, Queensland

Pikedale is a locality in the Southern Downs Region, Queensland, Australia. It is one of the areas used for soldier settlements following service in World War I.

Pringle Cottage Museum

Pringle Cottage Museum is an open air museum at 79 Dragon Street, Warwick, Queensland, Australia. It is operated by the Warwick and District Historical Society.

Swan Creek, Queensland

Swan Creek is a small rural community in the Southern Downs Region, Queensland, Australia.

Tregony, Queensland

Tregony is a locality in the Southern Downs Region, Queensland, Australia. It is one of the major gateways to the Darling Downs from the Queensland coast.

Victoria Hill, Queensland

Victoria Hill is a locality spit between the Southern Downs Region and the Toowoomba Region, both in Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Victoria Hill had a population of 30 people.

Warwick Argus

The Warwick Argus was a newspaper published in Warwick, Queensland, Australia from 1879 to 1919.

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