Waghai is a town in the Dang District of the southern part of Gujarat state in India. And also Taluka of dang district. Waghai is about 32 km north from the district headquarters of Ahwa, and about 52 km south of the hill station of Saputara. It is linked by state highway to the town of Chikhli (where the road meets National highway 8), and by a narrow gauge to the town of Bilimora. Also with Saputara a NG passenger train named. Waghai Passenger link these towns of south Gujarat.[1]

Waghai is located in Gujarat
Location in Gujarat, India
Coordinates: 20°46′N 73°29′E / 20.767°N 73.483°ECoordinates: 20°46′N 73°29′E / 20.767°N 73.483°E
Country India
 • TypeTaluka. Panchayat
 • BodyWaghai Taluka Panchayat
 • Total10,000[approx]
 • OfficialGujarati, Hindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationGJ
Nearest cityNavsari
Legislative Constituency173-Dang
Parliamentary constituencyvalsad


The population is about 1,75,000, of which 92% are local tribal people called "Dangi". Others are mixed people of India like Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, South Indian etc.


Waghai is the business place for the whole district; it is the main Gateway to enter Dang District.[1]


Gira Falls

Gira Falls A km. off the Saputara-Waghai Road leads to a vast clearing where the picturesque Gira Falls emerging from the Kapri tributary can be viewed. An absolute must from June to November. Visitors can get refreshments from a small tea and snack stall. Picnic Huts make it an ideal spot for relaxing and picnicking.

Botanical Garden

It is a large (24-hectare) garden with 1,400 varieties of plants from all over India. The amateur nature lover can marvel at different varieties of bamboo like the Chinese Bamboo, Golden Bamboo, Beer Bottle Bamboo, etc. and enjoy strolling along the beautiful walkways each lined with different species of tree. Visitors can also pick up cactus plants and enjoy a picnic at the picnic spot in the garden. Permission is required to enter. Drinking water and toilet facilities are available.


A small private outlet selling locally crafted items fashioned out of Bamboo roots and chips. Unique items like the big sized bamboo lamps, kangaroos, deer are available only here and not elsewhere in the region.

Unai Mata temple and Hot Springs

A drive of about 19 km. from Waghai brings one to the Unai Mata temple. Visitors can bathe in the hot spring attached to this famous temple of considerable historical significance.

Vanil Udyog

A sprawling sawmill and woodworking unit, which also sells furniture that tourists can book and get delivered by paying an advance. The visitor can enjoy a guided tour and watch the transformation of logs of wood into tasteful furniture. Permission is required to enter. Vanil Udyog provides employees to assist as tour guides. Drinking water facilities are available.

Vansda National Park

A rich and old forest predominantly covered by very tall teak trees, mango groves and gigantic creepers. The forest is extremely dense and some parts are dark even during normal daytime. The forest is a habitat of monkeys, deer, a few leopards and a wide species of birds. Permission is required to enter the Park.



  • Govt. Secondary and higher secondary school.
  • Aadarsh Nivashi School.
  • Taluka School.
  • Eklavya English medium School.
  • Sardar School.
  • Gyanmandir School.


  • Govt.Pollytechnic College.
  • College of Agriculture, NAU.
  • Govt. PTC college.
  • Agriculture Cooperation, Banking & Marketing Polytechnic.



Vikas Path, Waghai


Waghai Main road


Bilimora-Waghai narrow gauge Train


Ambika River Bridge Between Nani-Waghai(Kilad) and Waghai

Gira Water Fall saputara

Gira Water Fall on Waghai-Saputara road

Locomotive boiler

Locomotive boiler at waghai garden


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Alipore, Navsari

Alipore is a village near Chikhli, Bilimora in the state of Gujarat in western India. The village is on the Indian National Highway 8, which leads to areas such as Ahwa via Waghai and Vansda, and to the hill station of Saputara.

The population is mainly Muslim, with Hindus forming the majority of the rest. The main language spoken in Alipore is Gujarati, whilst English and Hindi can be understood by most.

Ambika River

Ambika is one of the major rivers in the Indian state of Gujarat. The river has its origins in Saputara Hill ranges in the Nasik district of Maharashtra. Ambika has a drainage area of 2715 km2 and its travels 136 km before joining with Arabian sea.The Niagra falls of Gujarat State namely Gira Waterfall is on Ambika River, situated 2 km from waghai check post.


Bilimora is a city situated on the banks of the river Ambika, in Gandevi taluka and Navsari district of Gujarat state in India. The city comes under the purview of the Surat Metropolitan Region. The city is roughly 70 kilometres (43 mi) south of the city of Surat and is the southernmost point of the Surat Metropolitan Region and the Metropolis of Surat. It is also one the larger cities in the area. It is linked to Surat by SH 6 and SH 88.In the late 18th century, the Baroda State established a naval station at Bilimora, a port about 40 miles (64 km) south of Surat, known as Bunder Bilimora Suba Armor. A fleet of 50 vessels was stationed here, mostly sailboats, cargo vessels for trading and military vessels to secure the sea from the Portuguese, the Dutch and the French.

Bilimora Junction railway station

Bilimora Junction railway station is a small railway station in Navsari district, Gujarat. Its code is BIM. It serves the city of Bilimora. The station consists of five platforms. The platforms are not well sheltered. It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation. Passenger, Express and Superfast trains halt here.Bilimora is a junction railway station in the Mumbai division line of the Western Railway (India), from which a narrow gauge line separates from the broad line to arrive at Waghai in the Dang District, India District. It is said to be that this narrow gauge line is to be converted into broad gauge and will be extended up to Manmad. Bilimora will be well connected through Maharashtra; the survey has been done and the project is to be evaluated for estimate. The town of Chikhli is about 10 km to the east, which is on National Highway 48.

Chikhli, Gujarat

Chikhli is a midsize town in Navsari district in the state of Gujarat, India. Chikhli comes under the purview of Surat Metropolitan Region.

Dakshin Gujarat Adivasi Sevamandal

Daksin Gujarat Adivasi Sevamandal is an Indian non-profit educational organization founded to serve tribes in Dakshin Gujarat tribal belt of Dang District, located in South Gujarat, India, on the foothills of the Sahyadri Range.

Dang District, India

Dang (Listen ) is a district in the state of Gujarat in India. The administrative headquarters of the district are located in Ahwa. Dang has an area of 1,764 km² and a population of 226,769 (as of 2011).As of 2011 it is the least populous district of Gujarat (out of 33). As per the Planning Commission, Dang is one of the most economically distressed district out of 640 districts in India. The main language spoken in this district is Konkani and 98% of the population belongs to one of the scheduled tribes.The five Kings of Dangs are the only hereditary royals in India whose titles are currently recognized by the government owing to an agreement made during the British Raj in 1842.

Dharampur, Gujarat

Dharampur is a city and a municipality in Valsad district in the state of Gujarat, India.

Janki van

Janki Van (Gujarati: જાનકી વન) is forestry project (park) developed under Gujarat Forestry Development Project by Social Forestry department, Gujarat. Janki Van is located at Bhinar village, Vansda tehsil, Navsari district, Gujarat, India.

The Forest Department of Gujarat State maintains the Janki Van. This park developed for environmental protection, nurture-breeding of forestry conservation, tourist place and wild herb-grown up, etc. Plantation areas in this park are named as Ashok Van, Panchvati Van, Amravan, Sindoori Van, Chandan Van, Rashi-Nakshatra Van, Navgrah Van, Dashmul Van, Bili Van and Aushadi Van. Visitors can know about each tree at an interpretation centre. It is believed that Janki Mata (Sita Mata) had once lived in this area.According to the Newspaper, the tourists would get complete information about the plants and also about tribal culture, Ayurveda and Yoga at the interpretation centre.

Janki Van remains closed on Monday for maintenance. In normal days, 10 AM to 6 PM, depending on the sunlight.

On the celebration of 66th Forest festival of Gujarat state Janki van was inaugurated on August 2, 2015 by Chief Minister Anandiben Patel. This park has 15.66 hectare area containing various type species of forest plant, interpretation centre, tribal hut, kid park etc. This park situated between Vansda-Vyara main road (NH-953) and Vansda-Chikhali main road. Unai is 6 km away from this place is nearest narrow gauge railway station on Waghai to Billimora route.. According to the Newspaper, the tourists would get complete information about the plants and also about tribal culture, Ayurveda and Yoga at the interpretation centre.

Janki Van remains closed on Monday for maintenance. In normal days, 10 AM to 6 PM, depending on the sunlight.

List of districts of Gujarat

The western Indian state of Gujarat has 33 districts after several splits of the original 17 districts at the formation of the state in 1960.

Kutch is the largest district of Gujarat while Dang is the smallest. Ahmedabad district has the highest population while Dang has the lowest. Surat is the most densely populated district while Kutch is the least.

There are 250 Talukas (subdivisions of districts) in Gujarat.

List of state highways in Gujarat

Gujarat state is one of the most prosperous state in Western India and having a good transportation infrastructure with an extensive road network. The Road & Buildings Department (RBD) of Gujarat government is primarily responsible for construction and maintenance of road Huis including state highways and panchayat roads in Gujarat. This department is operating through 6 wings geographical spread across the state in 26 districts. There are 17 national highways with total length of 4032 km and more than 300 state highways with total length of 19,761 km.

The state highways are arterial routes of a state, linking district headquarters and important towns within the state and connecting them with national highways or highways of the neighboring states.


Manekpore - Rethvania is a village in the state of Gujarat in western India off Indian National Highway 8 pincode IS 396560 on Vansda Road from where you can travel to ahwa, via waghai, and vansda, and to the hill station of Saputara.

Navsari Agricultural University

Navsari Agricultural University is an agricultural university at Navsari in the Indian state of Gujarat. It was part of Gujarat Agricultural University until May 2004.

Navsari district

Navsari is an administrative district in the state of Gujarat in India, with its headquarters at Navsari city. The district covers an area of 2,211 square kilometres roughly equal to country like Luxembourg and the US state of Delaware, and had a population of 1,329,672 in 2011 roughly equal to country like Estonia and the US state of Hawaii. The district was formed in 1997 after Valsad district was bifurcated into Valsad and Navsari districts.69.23% of the district's population is rural, and 48.1% of its population is scheduled tribes.Dudhia Talao:

Dudhia Talao had been a lake. It has become a major market area with a shopping center. There is a reputed eye hospital near Dudhia Talao built in the early 1970s. The Ashapuri Temple is on Dudhia Talao. Part of the Dudhia Talao was given to J.N. Tata Navsari Memorial Trust and they filled up the pond and built one of the finest auditoriums in Navsari where performing arts and meetings take place. It is known as J.N. Tata Memorial Hall.

Navsari has a large Parsi-Zoroastrian community. Dr. Dadabhoy Navroji & Mr. Jamsetji Tata, founder of the Tata group of companies, were born here. J. N. Tata's birthplace is still preserved as a memorial by the local branch of Tata Steel Factory in the outskirts of the city.

Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library is an important public building in Navsari. Meherji Rana Library of Tarota Bazaar, Motafalia, Navsari has one of the oldest scriptures of Zoroastrian community.

The city picked up a greater pace commercially during the diamond polishing business soared in the region.

Jehangir Talkies is one of the oldest cinema house. The name talkies implies that it refers to the era when movies started talking.

Tower is a clock tower in Navsari. It serves as important landmark. The old post office of Navsari was near the Tower. Navsari's postal code is 396445.

Project Unigauge

Project Unigauge, started in early 1990s, is an ongoing effort by Indian Railways to convert all rail gauges in India to 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) broad gauge.

Unai, Gujarat

Unai (Gujarati: ઉનાઇ) is a village in the Navsari district in the Indian State of Gujarat, India. Unai is connected with Waghai, Chikhli, Saputara, Nasik, Vapi, Dharampur, Shamlaji by state highway. This village situated on Billimora–Waghai narrow gauge railway route. The nearest railway station for broad gauge trains is Bilimora Junction.

Bartad, Chadhav, Khambhaliya, Palgabhan, Sindhai, Bhinar, Kelkutch, Dharampuri, Kureliya, Nani Valzar, Pathakvadi are villages nearby Unai.

As per the Population Census 2011, the total population of Unai is 6,104 out of which 3,069 are males and 3,035 are females thus the Average Sex Ratio of Unai is 989. The literacy rate of Unai is 85.3%, is higher than 75.4% of Navsari district. The male literacy rate is 91.31% and the female literacy rate is 79.2% in Unai village. There are total 1,187 families residing in the Unai village.Unai is famous for Unai Mata Temple. Unai Mata is Hindu a devi Ushna Amba mata temple with hot water springs kund. Visitors can bathe in the hot spring attached to this famous temple of considerable historical significance.


Vansda, also known as Bansda, is a city and a municipality in the Navsari district in the Indian State of Gujarat, covering an area of 557 km².

Vansda is connected with Waghai, Chikhli, Saputara, Nasik, Vapi, Dharampur, Shamlaji by State highway. Nearest railway station is Unai, though only narrow gauge trains pass through the station. Nearest railways station for broad gauge trains is Bilimora Jn.

Vansda is a beautiful town of full social activities. The activities of Junior Chamber International is also running in Vansda Town with the name of JCI Vansda Royal founded by Mr. Amitsinh Desai.

Jaikishan, of most successful Hindi film music director duo Shankar Jaikishan was born and brought up here.

Bansda was once the capital of Princely State of Bansda till 1949. There is a Tower in Vansda which shows the royal heritage of Vansda, There is a Mosque near the Tower, and Nadir-shah Pir Dargah in Champawadi, where lots of Hindu and Muslim devotees come.

Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park, also known as Bansda National Park, is a protected area which represents the thick woodlands of the Dangs and southern Gujarat, and is situated in the Vansda tehsil, Navsari District of Gujarat State, India. Riding on the banks of Ambika River and measuring roughly 24 km2 in area, the park lies about 65 km east of the town of Chikhali on the National Highway 8, and about 80 km north-east of the city of Valsad. Vansda, the town from which the name of the park is derived, is an important trading place for the surrounding area where the majority of the population is represented by adivasis. Vansda-Waghai state highway runs through the park, so does the narrow gauge rail link connecting Ahwa to Billimora.Established in 1979 as a National Park, the deciduous forest area having groves of "Katas" bamboo owes its beauty to no felling of trees since 1952. Nestled in the Western Ghats of Sahyadri range, it has a unique flavour of flora and fauna population.Apart from the botanical garden, some of the other attractions include local tribes, "Gira Falls", and the "Conservation center". As a part of developing ecotourism Gujarat Government has developed a campsite at Kilad. There is also a deer breeding center maintained by Nature Club Surat in this region.

The best time to visit is post-monsoon season till winter when the forests are lush green and streams are full.

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