Wadden Sea National Parks

The Wadden Sea National Parks in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands are located along the German Bight of the North Sea. In Germany and Denmark they also mark the area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea. Divided from each other by administrative borders, they form a single ecological entity. The purpose of the national parks is the protection of the Wadden Sea ecoregion.

German Bight
Satellite view of the German Bight and the Wadden Sea.





Pilsumer Watt from the Leyh%C3%B6rn 2

The mudflats of the Pilsumer Watt near Greetsiel, Germany

Greetsieler Nacken and Leyh%C3%B6rn Dyke

The mudflats of the Greetsieler Nacken along the western side of the Leyhörn near Greetsiel.

2004 nationalpark wattenmeer bildseite

Commemorative German 10 Euro coin (2004).

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