WBZ-FM is a sports radio station known as "98.5 The Sports Hub" and broadcasting on 98.5 MHz in Boston, Massachusetts. Owned by Beasley Broadcast Group, the current WBZ-FM began on August 8, 2009 and competes with AM and FM sports talk stations WEEI-AM/FM. WBZ-FM is home to the Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and New England Revolution radio networks. Its studios are located on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester, and its transmitter is in Newton.

WBZ-FM has been the callsign of three broadcast stations in Boston, Massachusetts since 1943, and were all associated with Westinghouse Broadcasting or its successor, CBS Radio: one from 1943 to 1954, one from 1957 to 1981 (which became WMJX), and the new format from August 2009, which uses the frequency of the old WROR/WBMX.

WBZ-FM logo
CityBoston, Massachusetts
Broadcast areaGreater Boston
Branding"98.5 The Sports Hub"
Slogan"Boston's Home for Sports"
Frequency98.5 MHz (also on HD Radio)
First air dateOctober 1948 (as WNAC-FM)[1]
FormatSports radio
HD2: Hubcast
ERP9,000 watts
HAAT349 meters (1,145 ft)
Facility ID1901
Transmitter coordinates42°18′27.4″N 71°13′25.2″W / 42.307611°N 71.223667°WCoordinates: 42°18′27.4″N 71°13′25.2″W / 42.307611°N 71.223667°W
Callsign meaningfrom former sister station WBZ (AM)
Former callsignsWNAC-FM (1948–1958)
WRKO-FM (1958–1968)
WROR (1968–1991)
WBMX(-FM) (1991–2009)
AffiliationsCBS Sports Radio
New England Patriots Radio Network
Boston Bruins Radio Network
Boston Celtics Radio Network
Compass Media Networks
OwnerBeasley Broadcast Group
(Beasley Media Group Licenses, LLC)
WebcastListen Live
Listen Live (via TuneIn)

Callsign timeline

  • 1943: W67B at 46.7 MHz becomes the first WBZ-FM
  • 1946: WBZ-FM moves to 100.7 MHz
  • 1947: WBZ-FM moves to 92.9 MHz
  • 1954: First WBZ-FM goes off the air
  • 1957: 106.7 goes on the air as the second WBZ-FM
  • 1981: 106.7 sold, 106.7 drops WBZ-FM callsign to become WMJX
  • 2009: 98.5 drops WBMX-FM callsign to become third WBZ-FM

First WBZ-FM

The first WBZ-FM had its origins in a construction permit held by Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company to operate at 42.6 MHz;[2] this facility signed on as W1XK on November 7, 1940 from the Hull transmitter site of sister station WBZ.[3] Westinghouse soon sought a commercial FM license, and on February 19, 1941 was granted a construction permit for W67B on 46.7,[4] W1XK left the air for good on December 28, 1941, and W67B signed on March 29, 1942.[3] The call letters became WBZ-FM on November 2, 1943.[3] Initially, W67B/WBZ-FM was largely separately-programmed,[3] though in later years it became a simulcast of its AM sister station.[5]

After the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moved the FM band to 88–106 MHz (later expanded to 108), WBZ-FM began to operate on 100.7 MHz on January 1, 1946 (while still operating on 46.7 as well).[3] The frequency again changed to 92.9 MHz on August 10, 1947[3] (the 100.7 frequency was reoccupied by WCOP-FM, now WZLX, in 1948).[6] WBZ-FM's transmitter moved to the WBZ-TV (channel 4) tower at the stations' new studios in the Allston-Brighton portion of Boston in 1948,[7] with 92.9 operations from Hull ceasing on July 23, 1948 and the 46.7 operation shutting down on November 21, 1948.[3] The tower was destroyed by Hurricane Carol on August 31, 1954, after that point, WBZ-FM's operations were discontinued and the license surrendered to the FCC,[8] which deleted it and a Springfield sister station, WBZA-FM (97.1), on November 22, 1954.[9] (The 92.9 frequency has been occupied by WBOS since 1960.)

Second WBZ-FM: 106.7

After securing a new license for operation on 106.7 MHz, Westinghouse reactivated WBZ-FM on December 15, 1957.[10] The station initially operated only from 5:00 p.m. to midnight with a classical music format branded "Westinghouse Fine Music in Boston"; in 1959, WBZ-FM expanded its operating hours by simulcasting the AM sister station during periods in which the station had signed off.[5] After live programming was replaced with tapes of classical music in January 1960, WBZ-FM's separate programming was expanded, with the simulcast continuing in mornings.[5]

On December 31, 1971, WBZ-FM became a rock music station as "Rockin' Stereo 106.7"[11] programming mostly top 40 with some album cuts. Although automated, it featured voice-tracked announcing from Clark Smidt (who also programmed the station) and Ken Shelton. For a time in the mid-1970s, WBZ-FM was Boston's second most popular top 40 station, only trailing WRKO. In 1975, both Smidt and Shelton left to join WCOZ, which was changing formats from beautiful-music to album-oriented rock. By 1979, WBZ-FM had drifted into an automated album oriented rock format itself, which remained in place through 1981. As a rock station, WBZ-FM also simulcast the hourly newscasts from the AM side, the commercial spots on which were the only commercials heard on the FM side.

In 1981, WBZ-FM was sold to Greater Media, becoming that company's first Boston station. Under the new ownership, the station signed off for a couple of weeks at the very end of 1981. Before signing back on as "Magic" in January 1982 with the call letters WMJX, the station installed a new transmitter and raised the height of the antenna on the WBZ-TV tower. A few years later, the transmission equipment was relocated to the Prudential Tower, improving 106.7's signal in downtown Boston.

Third WBZ-FM: 98.5

CBS Boston, 83 Leo Birmingham Parkway, Brighton, Boston 2011-04-17 (2)
WBZ-FM's studios in Brighton, shared with CBS' other Boston FM stations.

In July 2009, CBS Radio announced that it would re-introduce WBZ-FM as a sports radio station named "98.5 The Sports Hub" on August 13, 2009,[12] moving the existing Hot AC "Mix 98.5" WBMX-FM to 104.1 as "Mix 104.1" on August 12, 2009,[13] and the existing active rock 104.1 WBCN to HD Radio subchannel 2 on the new 98.5, removing it from analog. 98.5 then stunted starting at 2 AM on the 12th with a loop of the song Move Along by The All-American Rejects while Mix voiceover Ann DeWig and DJs of Mix redirected listeners to 104.1 until "The Sports Hub" launched at 1 PM on the 13th. "98.5 The Sports Hub" was created to go head to head against WEEI, at the time the top rated sports radio station in the Boston market. Two years later, WEEI would add an FM simulcast, a reaction to the success WBZ-FM was enjoying as an FM sports talker. The "Sports Hub" amended its slogan from "Boston's New (FM) Home For Sports" to "Boston's Home For Sports".

The call sign WBZ-FM was assigned to the station on August 5, 2009.

On February 2, 2017, CBS announced that they will be selling their radio division to Entercom, which could have made WBZ-FM a direct sister to WEEI. The sale would be conducted using a Reverse Morris Trust so that it would be tax-free. While CBS shareholders retain a 72% ownership stake in the combined company, Entercom was the surviving entity, separating WBZ radio (both 98.5 and AM 1030) from WBZ-TV and WSBK-TV.[14][15] However, the combined company would have to shed some of its Boston stations in order to satisfy Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice requirements.[16] On October 10, 2017, CBS disclosed that as part of the process of obtaining regulatory approval of the merger, WBZ-FM would be one of sixteen stations that would be divested by Entercom, along with sister stations WBZ and WZLX, and Entercom stations WRKO and WKAF, with Entercom retaining WEEI AM and FM, WBMX, WODS and WAAF.[17] On November 1, 2017, Beasley Media Group announced that it would trade WMJX to Entercom, in exchange for WBZ-FM (WBZ, WZLX, WRKO and WKAF were acquired by iHeartMedia).[18][19][20] The merger was approved on November 9, 2017, and was consummated on the 17th. Beasley took complete ownership of the station on December 20, 2017.[21][22]

Shows and staff

When the station launched in 2009, Boston Bruins games moved to WBZ-FM from WBZ.[13] The Toucher and Rich Show and New England Patriots games came from WBCN. It was announced on September 26, 2013, that the station has become the new flagship of the Boston Celtics Radio Network (replacing WEEI-FM), with select games airing on WROR due to conflicts.[23]


Sports broadcast staff

Patriots Radio Broadcast Staff

  • Bob Socci Play by Play
  • Scott Zolak Color Commentator
  • Marc Bertrand Host of Pregame,halftime and postgame shows
  • Chris Gasper Co-host of Pregame Show
  • Jim Murray Co-host of Postgame Show
  • Marc D. Cappello Producer

Bruins Radio Broadcast Team

Celtics Radio Broadcast Staff

Revolution Radio Broadcast Team

Former staff


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Preceded by
104.1 WBCN
Radio home of the New England Patriots
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1030 WBZ
Radio home of the Boston Bruins
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Radio home of the Boston Celtics
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Boston Bruins Radio Network

The Boston Bruins Radio Network is a 18-station (9 AM, 9 FM, plus 3 FM translators) network which carries live game broadcasts of the Boston Bruins. The network's flagship station is WBZ-FM/98.5-Boston, Massachusetts. Judd Sirott announces play-by-play. Bob Beers provides color commentary.

Boston Celtics Radio Network

The Boston Celtics Radio Network is a radio network that broadcasts Boston Celtics basketball games with a flagship station of WBZ-FM/98.5. Carried in 5 of the 6 New England states, the network has 20 stations (8 on A.M., 12 on F.M.).

From 2005 until 2013, Celtics games had been carried on Entercom-owned stations WRKO and WEEI. That partnership ended in August 2013. In September 2013, the Celtics announced that they had signed a multi-year deal with CBS Radio to broadcast games on their network. CBS Radio and Entercom merged in 2017.

Damon Amendolara

Damon Lawrence Amendolara (born June 21, 1979) is the mid-morning host (9a-12p ET) on the CBS Sports Radio Network, heard across North America. He was promoted to that time slot in March 2017. He previously worked as the evening host for WBZ-FM in Boston. He also acted as the sideline reporter for Major League Soccer telecast of the New England Revolution. He is a contributor to the NFL Network, MLB Network, NFL Films, SportsNet New York and WFAN radio in New York. The new CBS Sports Radio Network launched on January 2, 2013 with Amendolara as the overnight host, and is syndicated across CBS Sports Radio over 150 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada."D.A." was named the 13th best national sports radio show in 2017 and the 17th best in 2016, according to Barrett Sports Media. He was part of Comcast's, Pre Game Live and Post Game Live, alongside Mike Felger, Ty Law and Troy Brown. He was also a guest host for Sports Tonight on CSNNE, and a regular panelist shows like Sports Sunday, and The Baseball Show. Amendolara was hired for the launch of the Sports Hub in Boston in August 2009 as the evening host, 6p-11p.

Before Boston, Amendolara hosted nights in Miami on Sportsradio 560 WQAM starting in '08. On Friday, August 7, 2009, The Miami Herald announced that Amendolara was leaving Miami to host a show on a new FM sports station in Boston, which later was revealed as WBZ-FM. From 2003-2008, D.A. worked in Kansas City at 610 Sports, hosting the morning drive show. He was hired as the evening anchor for KCSP at the launch of the station in September 2003. In August 2004, Amendolara became the host of the morning show at 610 Sports. There he also anchored the station's Chiefs programming, including the Chiefs players shows. On Monday, December 17, 2007, The Kansas City Star reported that D.A. had left 610 Sports.

From 2001-2003, he worked at the ESPN Radio affiliate in Fort Myers, FL where he hosted The D.A. Show, and was the play-by-play announcer for the Fort Myers Miracle (Minnesota Twins minor league team). Also while at ESPN, he hosted the SportsCenter updates in the afternoon, and hosted the pregame/postgame shows for the Florida Firecats of the Arena Football League.

Fred Toettcher

Fred (Toucher) Toettcher (born 1975) is a Marconi winning sports radio talk show host on WBZ-FM in Boston, co-hosting "Toucher and Rich" with Rich Shertenlieb.

Michael Felger

Michael Alan Felger (born August 6, 1969) is a sports radio talk show host on WBZ-FM in Boston, co-hosting "Felger and Massarotti" with Tony Massarotti, a former columnist for the Boston Herald. He is also a television host for NBC Sports Boston, where he talks about sports as a co-host of the weeknight evening show "Arbella Early Edition", the host of "Sports Sunday", and the host of pregame and postgame coverage for Boston Bruins (with Tony Amonte) and New England Patriots games (with Ty Law and Troy Brown).

New England Patriots Radio Network

The New England Patriots Radio Network is a radio network which carries live game broadcasts of the New England Patriots. The network's flagship station is WBZ-FM, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Gil Santos, former WBZ sports reporter who was known as the "Voice of the New England Patriots" retired after the 2012 season (during the Patriots' December win over the Dolphins that season part of Santos' radio call was simulcast by CBS television in recognition of his time with the team) and was replaced by Bob Socci, who now does the play-by-play with former Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak providing the color commentary and former Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham and WBZ-TV/WSBK-TV sports reporter Steve Burton providing the sideline reports. Marc Bertrand and Boston Globe sports columnist Chris Gasper host the pregame, and the postgame show is hosted by Bertrand . Former hosts of the network's pre- and postgame show include Gary Tanguay, Andy Gresh, Bill Abbate, Mike Ruth, Tim Fox, and Pete Brock, and Steve DeOssie. Albert Breer and Patriots Football Weekly writers Paul Perillo and Andy Hart are regular guest analysts on the network's pre-game show.

Somebody (Aerosmith song)

"Somebody" is the B-side to Aerosmith's first single, "Dream On", from their 1973 debut album, Aerosmith. Written by lead singer Steven Tyler and his friend Steven Emspak and released in June 1973, its A-side peaked at number 59 nationally but hit big in the band's native Boston, where it was the number 1 single of the year on the less commercial top 40 station, WBZ-FM, number 5 for the year on highly rated Top 40 WRKO-AM, and number 16 on heritage Top 40 WMEX-AM.

"Somebody" is driven by a basic blues guitar riff and Tyler's lyrics tell the story of a character trying to search for the woman of his dreams. The character is in need of someone who shares the work with him and has been through the same difficulties in their life as he has. Originally written in 1970.

The Toucher and Rich Show

Toucher and Rich is a Marconi Award-winning morning radio show from 6 to 10 AM on The Sports Hub 98.5 WBZ-FM, in Boston, Massachusetts. The show first aired on June 5, 2006. On August 13, 2009, following the demise of WBCN, the show moved to sports talk station WBZ-FM 98.5 The Sports Hub. Toucher & Rich celebrated their 10th anniversary on August 16, 2016, selling out the Wilbur Theatre for a special 10th Anniversary show, with numerous guests as well as the finals of 98 Mile year 4.On September 24, 2016, Toucher & Rich received the Marconi Award, the highest award in radio for Major Market Personality of the Year.

From August 17, 2015 until July 13, 2018, the show was simulcast on NBC Sports Boston. The show is now streamed live on Twitch.tv.


WBCN may refer to:

WBCN (FM), "The Rock of Boston", a former HD1 rock radio station in Boston, Massachusetts, that used the callsign on 104.1 MHz from 1968 to 2009 and continued using the name from 2009 on WBZ-FM 98.5 HD-2

WBCN (AM), a radio station on 1660 kHz in Charlotte, North Carolina, that was formerly WFNA itself before being used to "park" the WBCN callsign from Boston in 2009


WBCN was an over-the-air radio station in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally broadcasting on analog 104.1 MHz (now WWBX) from 1958 to 2009, and later broadcasting as a digital-only radio station, airing on WBZ-FM HD2 from 2009 to 2017. In December 2017, owner Beasley Broadcast Group discontinued WBCN, switching the station's format to "Hubcast", a replay of segments and podcasts from air personalities of the Sports Talk format of WBZ-FM.

Before switching to 98.5 HD2 on August 12, 2009, WBCN featured its rock format for 41 years as an analog radio station on 104.1 MHz. WBCN became a legend in the rock music industry for breaking many bands, most notably U2. WBCN was a modern rock/active rock station that mixed music that has been popular in the modern rock, alternative rock and classic rock genres. Known as "The Rock of Boston", its three main Boston-area competitors as of 2009 were Album Oriented Rock/active rock WAAF and alternative music stations WBOS and WFNX.

The station switched to digital only on August 12, 2009, with two digital-only automated streams, one continuing the modern rock format, the other Free Form BCN, airing an eclectic mix of rock, related genres, and a lot of new music - essentially the WBCN of 1968 to 1988, brought into the 21st Century. The station's battle of the bands' competition, the Rock 'n' Roll Rumble, survived the station's demise. WBCN's celebrated local music specialty show, Boston Emissions -- along with The Rumble -- moved to sister station WZLX in 2009. Boston DJ Anngelle Wood remains the host and music director of both the radio show and The Rumble -- these are the last remaining ties to the original 104.1 WBCN programming."Free Form BCN" began airing live freeform shows in September 2009 on WZLX-HD3 and at wbcn.com. While still digital and largely automated, the online stream was live Monday through Friday during the day. WBCN's first rock program director, Sam Kopper, was Program Director of WBCN Free Form Rock until being discontinued on January 29, 2016.


WEEI-FM (93.7 FM) is a sports-formatted radio station licensed to Lawrence, Massachusetts and serving the Greater Boston region owned by Entercom. The station is one of the top-rated sports talk radio stations in the nation. Studios are located on Birmingham Parkway in Brighton, and its transmitter, owned by American Tower, is located off Lakeland Park Drive in Peabody. Its local programming is heard on the "WEEI Sports Radio Network" that broadcasts throughout the rest of New England outside of Boston.

WEEI-FM is the flagship station of the WEEI "Red Sox Radio Network". In addition, WEEI broadcasts games of the Boston College Eagles' football and men's basketball teams in season. When local programming is not on WEEI-FM, usually SB Nation Radio or NBC Sports Radio will air; the station also carries national game broadcasts from ESPN Radio.

The station, branded as "SportsRadio 93.7" (though casually referred to only by its call letters or abbreviated to "'EEI"), is popular with fans of the Boston professional sports teams, especially the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox. WEEI-FM calls itself "the #1 rated sports radio talk station in America," in terms of the percentage of the area radio listening audience tuned-in. WEEI-FM is among three all-sports stations in the market, with sister station WEEI (850 AM) offering the full ESPN Radio lineup, and its most direct competition being Beasley Broadcast Group's WBZ-FM (98.5) (Entercom sold WBZ-FM to Beasley in exchange for WMJX to avoid regulatory scrutiny and market concentration concerns from the Justice Department as part of their 2017 merger with CBS Corporation's radio division).

The call letters WEEI-FM, formerly on a station in Westerly, Rhode Island, were granted on September 21, 2011 as part of a call letter shuffle. The 93.7 frequency, established in 1960, has carried WEEI programming since September 12, 2011, and has been the primary station for local WEEI programming since October 4, 2012; prior to then, this programming had been on 850 AM since 1994, and on 590 AM before then.


WMJX (106.7 MHz; "Magic 106.7") is a commercial FM radio station licensed to Boston, Massachusetts. WMJX is owned by Entercom and airs an adult contemporary radio format. WMJX broadcasts Christmas music between mid-November and December 25, with holiday songs also heard year-round on an HD2 subchannel. The studios and offices are located in the Allston-Brighton section of Boston.

The station's transmitter is located atop the Prudential Tower in Downtown Boston. WMJX has an effective radiated power (ERP) of 21,500 watts, broadcasting from a tower at 235 feet (771 feet) in height above average terrain (HAAT).


WRCH is a radio station in the Hartford, Connecticut, United States area and broadcasts at 100.5 FM with an adult contemporary format. Its transmitter is located on Rattlesnake Mountain on the WTIC-TV tower, and a backup transmitter in "Radio Park" behind the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (its former studio location), the studios and offices are located on Executive Drive in Farmington, Connecticut. Its "Pillow Talk" program on weekday evenings features a soft adult contemporary format.

WRCH offers smooth jazz programming on its HD2 sub-channel, and also offers on its HD3 sub-channel a simulcast of sports talk-formatted WEEI-FM from Boston.On February 2, 2017, CBS Radio announced it would merge with Entercom. The merger was approved on November 9, 2017, and was consummated on the 17th. The only current effect from the merger was the switch of the HD3 simulcast from the now-Beasley controlled WBZ-FM (which moved to WRCH-HD3 from the HD3 sub-channel of WTIC-FM in 2016) to Entercom-owned competitor WEEI-FM.


WWBX (104.1 FM, Mix 104-1) is a radio station with a hot adult contemporary format in Boston, Massachusetts. The format started at 98.5 FM on February 9, 1991, and moved to 104.1 FM, replacing WBCN, on August 12, 2009, to allow for the launch of WBZ-FM at 98.5 the next day. Its studios are located in Brighton, and its transmitter is on the upper FM mast of the Prudential Tower.

From February 26, 1991 to December 3, 2017, the "Mix" format in Boston used the callsign WBMX. On December 4, 2017, the call letters changed to WWBX, after the call letters were transferred to a sister station in Chicago.


WXRB (95.1 FM, "The Golden 95.1") is a non-commercial, educational radio station located in Dudley, Massachusetts, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to WXRB-FM Educational Broadcasting, Inc. (a non-profit organization). Its studios and transmitting facilities are located on the campus of Nichols College, which previously owned the station as WNRC until a stronger signal at 97.5 MHz signed on in February 2005. The college later sold the original WNRC to Peter Q. George, the station's engineer, who had been programming 95.1 after the frequency swap. WXRB transmits in stereo and with RBDS.

The station is named (in tribute) for XERB ("The Mighty 1090"), the famous 50,000-watt Mexican "Border Blaster" radio station from which famous disc jockey Wolfman Jack (Robert Weston Smith) broadcast in the mid-1960s and early 1970s. George has said that he is a lifelong fan of Wolfman Jack.

WXRB, (one of the very first non-commercial all-oldies radio stations in North America) features a 24/7 automated all-oldies format, in stereo, focusing on the years 1954-1979, similar to the original "R-KO-matic" (pronounced "ARKO-matic") automated music format at WRKO-FM and WROR (now WBZ-FM) in Boston, Massachusetts. WXRB frequently carries sports programming produced by the students at WNRC-LP, featuring the Nichols College Bison sports teams. Two traditions that continue to endure on WXRB are the yearly broadcast of Orson Welles and The Mercury Theatre On The Air's original 1938 presentation of "War Of The Worlds" every Halloween night and the yearly airing of Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" twice on Thanksgiving Day.


WYAJ (97.7 FM, "Over the Edge Radio") is a radio station licensed to serve Sudbury, Massachusetts. The station is owned by Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and licensed to the Sudbury Valley Broadcasting Foundation. It airs a high school radio format.Greg Hill, host of the Hill-man Morning Show on WAAF in Boston, got his start in radio on WYAJ when he was hired by student station manager Richard Lyons (host of the Megarock Show and one of the first on-air personalities in 1980). [1]

Geoff Scott, former WBZ-FM traffic reporter in Boston and 20-year Northwest radio icon (Afternoons, Rock 94.5 KHTQ & Evenings, Rock106 KEZE Spokane, Washington) also got his start in broadcasting on WYAJ as host of "The Brainmelter Show" (1982-1988).Other 1980s' alumni of WYAJ include American music industry executive Gerard Cosloy; future Hüsker Dü manager David Savoy; Vermont Public Radio reporter Amy Kolb Noyes; WENY sportscaster and Emmy award-winning Fox Sports producer Mike Isenberg.

Alumni from the 1990s include John Cavooto, well-known comic book writer; Jennifer Schandlemyer, fitness model; and Robert Marco Jr., Zoophilia legalization advocate.

The station was assigned the WYAJ call letters by the Federal Communications Commission.The station has a very small reach due to WKAF, a much stronger signal from Brockton, Massachusetts, interefering with WYAJ even in some parts of Sudbury.

Due to student disinterest in 2014 the station shut down and left the airwaves.


WZLX (100.7 FM) is a classic rock radio station in Boston, Massachusetts. WZLX was one of America's first classic rock FM stations. Its studios are in Medford, and its transmitter is atop the Prudential Tower.

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