Vyara is a town and the district headquarters of the Tapi district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Vyara is located in Gujarat
Location in Gujarat, India
Vyara is located in India
Vyara (India)
Coordinates: 21°07′N 73°24′E / 21.12°N 73.4°ECoordinates: 21°07′N 73°24′E / 21.12°N 73.4°E
Country India
 • BodyNagar Palika
69 m (226 ft)
 • Total50,789
 • OfficialGujarati, Hindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationGJ - 26


As of 2001 India census,[2] Vyara had a population of 36,213. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%. Vyara has an average literacy rate of 74%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 78%, and female literacy is 69%. In Vyara, 8% of the population is under 6 years of age. In Vyara district, 39% population belongs from Scheduled Tribe and 2.4% population belongs from Scheduled Castes. Dhodia, Gamit, Chaudhari, Vasava, Kokani, Brahmin, Jain, Sindhi, Bhoy, Christian, Muslim and Parsi population lives in the district.


Vyara is located at 21°07′N 73°24′E / 21.12°N 73.4°E.[3] 65km away from surat on nh6. It has an average elevation of 69 metres (226 feet).


Vyara town was ruled by Gaekwads of the Princely State of Baroda during 1721 until 1949 when it joined the Indian union, the region also lied under Princely State of Bansda during its reign in 1781 and was acceded to India on 10 June 1948. Vyara is also the birthplace of Amarsingh Chaudhry, the ex-Chief Minister of Gujarat State.

Tapi District consists of the five Talukas of Songadh, Valod, Vyara, Ucchal, and Nizar Dolvan. Vyara has many attractive natural places to visit across town and in city like Jalvatika Garden, Gaytri mandir, Vyara fort, Mayadevi Waterfall Temple, Padamdugri, Mahal Camp, Gaumukh, Ukai Dam, Unai, Kakrapar Dam, Jankivan and River Front inaugurated in 2018.



Vyara has two bus stands, one is the old bus stand and the other is the new one which is situated on Station Road. Vyara is well connected through buses of GSRTC and other travel agencies.

  1. State Transport Bus Service
  2. Inter-City Bus Service


Surat International Airport located in Surat is 52 km away from Vyara, providing both domestic flights.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport located in Mumbai is most major international airport nearest from vyara.


Vyara is well connected to other major cities of the India via regular trains.


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1997 European Athletics U23 Championships – Women's 100 metres

The women's 100 metres event at the 1997 European Athletics U23 Championships was held in Turku, Finland, on 10 and 11 July 1997.

Big Brother (Bulgarian TV series)

Big Brother is a reality show based on the Big Brother series by Endemol. The show originates from the Netherlands, where in 1999 the very first season was aired.

At present, the format is spread in a number of countries around the world. A group of people (called the Housemates) live together in an isolated house. 24 hours a day their life is recorded by hidden cameras in all the rooms in the House. They do not have TV, Internet, newspapers, even watches on their wrists. The Housemates are completely isolated from the outside world. Every week, each one of them must enter the Diary room and nominate two of the other people for public eviction. The two or more housemates with most negative votes become nominated. For almost a week the TV viewers have to decide which of them to be evicted, voting via SMS or phone calls. Every week the Housemates have a week task. Depending on whether they perform their task successfully or unsuccessfully, their week budget is increased or decreased. During the final week, the viewers vote which one of the remaining people in the House to be the winner. He or she wins a big cash prize.

The show's name comes from George Orwell's 1948 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, a dystopia in which Big Brother is the all-seeing, omnipotent leader of Oceania.

In Bulgaria, the first season of Big Brother was aired in 2004 on Nova Television, and quickly became one of the most successful TV formats in the country. Niki Kanchev was the main presenter in all editions, except for Big Brother 4, where he was replaced by Milen Tsvetkov. Evelina Pavlova was a co-host in the period 2004–2006. Five main seasons, seven celebrity seasons, four All Stars seasons and a Family season have been produced so far. The fifth main season premiered on 17 August 2015 and was the first non-celebrity season to be produced in seven years.

Big Brother 3 (Bulgaria)

Big Brother 3 was the third season of the reality show Big Brother in Bulgaria. It was aired on Nova Television and Nova+. The show launched on 18 September and ended on 11 December 2006. Originally, the season was planned to continue for 11 weeks (78 Days), 2 weeks shorter than the previous two seasons. However, Big Brother 3 was lengthened with 7 Days and continued for 85 Days in total. For the first time the show was hosted only by Niki Kanchev. Big Brother 3 was the first season of the show in Bulgaria to be won by a woman - Lyubov (one of the triplets). The previous winners were all males - Zdravko (BB1, also participated in VIPB2), Miroslav (BB2) and Konstantin (VIPB1).

This season, the prize was 500 000 leva. However, the Housemates were being punished with 5 000 leva for each break of the rules (not wearing microphones, discussing the nominations etc.), so the big prize dropped to 200 000 leva (just like in BB1 and BB2).

Big Brother 3 also introduced the first Big Brother talk show in Bulgaria - Big Brother's Big Mouth (hosted by Dim Dukov from VIPB1). It was aired four (initially three) times a week. This season was also known as "the season of the secrets" - there were many secret tasks during it. Lyubov Stancheva won with Violeta Kondova "Vili"as the runner-up.

Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Bulgaria participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Bulgarian entry was selected through a national final, organised by the Bulgarian broadcaster Bulgarian National Television (BNT). Sofi Marinova represented Bulgaria with the song "Love Unlimited", which failed to qualify from the second semi-final, achieving 11th place with 45 points.

Daksha Vyas

Daksha Vyas (born 26 December 1941) is a Gujarati poet, critic and editor from Gujarat, India.

Kakrapar Atomic Power Station

Kakrapar Atomic Power Station is a nuclear power station in India, which lies in the proximity of the city of Vyara in the state of Gujarat. It consists of two 220 MW pressurised water reactor with heavy water as moderator (PHWR). KAPS-1 went critical on 3 September 1992 and began commercial electricity production a few months later on 6 May 1993. KAPS-2 went critical on 8 January 1995 and began commercial production on 1 September 1995. In January 2003, CANDU Owners Group (COG) declared KAPS as the best performing pressurised heavy water reactor.KAPS-2 was shut down after a coolant channel leak in July 2015 and a similar issue forced the shutdown of KAPS-1 in March 2016. After a replacement of coolant channels and feeder tubes, KAPS-2 attained criticality in September 2018. Maintenance on KAPS-1 is scheduled to be completed by March 2019.

The construction costs originally were estimated to be ₹ 382.52 crore, the plant was finally finished at a price of ₹ 1,335 crore. Construction of units 3 & 4 started in November 2010.

List of districts of Gujarat

The western Indian state of Gujarat has 33 districts after several splits of the original 17 districts at the formation of the state in 1960.

Kutch is the largest district of Gujarat while Dang is the smallest. Ahmedabad district has the highest population while Dang has the lowest. Surat is the most densely populated district while Kutch is the least.

There are 250 Talukas (subdivisions of districts) in Gujarat.

Maiden's Rock

Maiden's Rock (Bulgarian: Momina skala) is a 1922 Bulgarian silent drama film directed by Boris Grezov and starring Grezov, Katya Syoyanova and Vyara Salplieva-Staneva.

Miss Bulgaria

Miss Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Мис България, Mis Balgariya) was a national Beauty pageant in Bulgaria.

Nandurbar railway station

Nandurbar railway station serves the city of Nandurbar in Nandurbar district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in the Western Ghats mountain range, in the States of Gujarat and Maharashtra, India. In the South Gujarat, it is located between Vyara, Tapi District and Ahwa, Dang District, and in Maharashtra, it is located in Nandurbar District. Apart from the Dangs' District, it is a part of the Northern Division of the Dangs' Forest.It was declared a sanctuary in July 1990. It derives its name from the Purna River, which flows through it.


Songadh is a taluka in Tapi district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Star Academy (Bulgarian TV series)

Star Academy was a Bulgarian reality television show produced by the Dutch company Endemol, based on the Spanish format called Operación Triunfo. It consisted of a contest of young singers. It was broadcast on Nova Television. After the end of the season, the contestants went on tour around Bulgaria. A second season of the show was announced to start in 2007, but it was never released.

The reality show was hosted by Maria Ilieva and featured guest stars such as Sonique, Filip Kirkorov.

Star Academy Bulgaria started on April 11, 2005 on Nova Television and ended on July 18, 2005. It was produced by Global Films. The show was filmed in the former then Big Brother House. It was redecorated as an academy. The Housemates from Big Brother 2, VIP Brother 1, BB3 and VIPB2 lived there, too.

The winner of the 2005 season was Marin Yonchev (17 years old). He won 150,000 leva (about 75,000 euro).

In the 2005 season, the Students were originally 14. Later, 2 new Students entered the Academy. Here are all the participants from the 2005 season of Star Academy:

Marin Yonchev (17) - Winner on Day 99

Ivaylo Kolev (26) - Runner-up on Day 99

Viktoria Arsova (22) - 3rd place on Day 99

Vyara Pantaleeva (22) - 4th place on Day 99

Georgi Kostov (20) - 12th evicted on Day 93

Deyan Kamenov (21) - 11th evicted on Day 86

Valentina Aleksandrova (19) - 10th evicted on Day 78 (She entered on Day 37)

Daniel Georgiev (21) - 9th evicted on Day 71

Vesela Valkova (25) - 8th evicted on Day 64 (She entered on Day 44)

Aleksandra Ovcharova (19) - 7th evicted on Day 57

Mariela Petrova (19) - 6th evicted on Day 50

Dian Panov (also known as "The Joker") (18) - 5th evicted on Day 43

Lyudmila Manolova (20) - 4th evicted on Day 36

Klavdiya Draganova (17) - 3rd evicted on Day 29

Nataliya Taneva (22) - 2nd evicted on Day 22

Aksinia Chenkova (18) - 1st evicted on Day 15Here are all the teachers from the 2005 season of Star Academy Bulgaria:

Dimitar Stanchev - The director of the Academy

Alfredo Tores - The choreographer

Danko Yordanov - Music Teacher №1

Rosi Ovcharova - Music Teacher №2

Alis Nubar Bovarian - Music Teacher №3

Veselin Rankov - Stage manners Teacher

Laura Josh-Markov - English Teacher

Anastasia Sharenkova - Choreographer

Tapi district

Tapi district is one of the 33 districts of Gujarat state in western India.It has 7 talukas Vyara, Songadh, Nijhar, Valod, Uchhal, Dolavan, Kukarmund. . Vyara town is the district headquarters. The district was formed in 2007 out of some talukas that were separated from Surat district.As of 2011, 90.15% of the district's population is rural and 84.2% of its population is scheduled tribes.

Udhna–Jalgaon line

The Udhna–Jalgaon line is part of the Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line. It connects Surat and Jalgaon in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Vyara (VYA) is the nearest railway station to Kakrapar Atomic Power Station and Ukai Dam and Ukai Thermal Power Station. This line is one of the branch lines of Bhusawal–Kalyan section.

VIP Brother (season 4)

VIP Brother 4, also referred to as VIP Brother 2012 was the fourth season of the reality show VIP Brother in Bulgaria and the ninth season of the Big Brother format overall. It commenced on Nova Television on September 16, 2012 and lasted for two months, ending on November 17, 2012. It was immediately followed by an All-Stars edition. It was the first season to air more than two years after the family edition and more than three years after the third celebrity edition. Niki Kanchev returned as the show's main presenter for the Live shows on Monday on Wednesday (evictions and nominations, respectively), with Aleksandra Sarchadjieva being the presenter for the daily episodes.

VIP Brother 4 finished on Day 63, making it the longest celebrity edition of the format in Bulgaria so far. It was also the first and so far the only season with no voluntary exits by any Housemates. Orlin Pavlov won with Dimitar Kovachev "Funky" as the runner-up.

Vyara (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

The Vyara assembly constituency (વ્યારા વિધાનસભા બેઠક) is one of the 182 assembly constituencies of Gujarat. It is located in Tapi district. This seat is reserved for member of scheduled tribes.

Vyara Vatashka

Vyara Vatashka (or Viara Vatashka, Bulgarian: Вяра Ваташка) (born February 20, 1980 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian gymnast.

She took the Olympic silver medal in gymnastics at the 1996 summer olympics – women's rhythmic group all-around in connection with the Olympic gymnastic competitions in 1996 in Atlanta.

Vyara railway station

Vyara railway station is a railway station in Tapi district of Gujarat state of India. It is under Mumbai WR railway division of Western Railway Zone of Indian Railways. Vyara railway station is 61 km far away from Surat railway station. It is located on Udhna – Jalgaon main line of the Indian Railways.It is located at 90 m above sea level and has two platform. As of 2016, electrified double broad gauge railway line exists at this station. Passenger, MEMU, Express and Superfast trains halt here.

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