Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet is a 1965 American science fiction film, one of two versions adapted for Roger Corman from the Soviet science fiction movie Planeta Bur (Planet of Storms), scripted by Aleksandr Kazantsev from his novel and directed by Pavel Klushantsev. Curtis Harrington oversaw the editing and dubbing of principal portions of the source film, and directed new principal scenes featuring Basil Rathbone and Faith Domergue. The resulting new film was then syndicated to television by American-International Television Inc.

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (film poster)
European DVD cover
Directed byPavel Klushantsev
Curtis Harrington
Produced byGeorge Edwards
Roger Corman
Stephanie Rothman
Written byAleksandr Kazantsev
Curtis Harrington
StarringBasil Rathbone
Faith Domergue
Vladimir Yemelyanov
Georgiy Zhzhonov
Gennadi Vernov
Georgiy Teich
Yuri Sarantsev
Music byRonald Stein
CinematographyArkadi Klimov
Vilis Lapenieks
Edited byLeo H. Shreve
Distributed byAIP-TV
Release date
1 August 1965
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUSSR / USA


The film essentially follows the story of the Soviet original, with Rathbone and Domergue replacing two Soviet actors in roles as space-station monitors of the primary action. The rest of the film stars the remaining Soviet players, dubbed.

In the revised telling, it is 2020 and the Moon has been colonized. After traveling 200,000,000 miles, the first group of men land on Venus, where they find a prehistoric world in which the crew are attacked by various monsters, plants, etc.



The American-made scenes were shot at the same time as Queen of Blood, another film directed by Harrington that was developed around the story of, and footage from, a Soviet film (and which also used incidental effects shots from Planeta Bur). Basil Rathbone and Faith Domergue shot their scenes in half a day using the same costumes and on the same set as Queen of Blood.[1] While Harrington considered Queen of Blood good enough to keep his name on, he is credited in this film as "John Sebastian", derived from Johann Sebastian Bach.


In a retrospective on Soviet science fiction film, British director Alex Cox called Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet "an act of cinematic cannibalism."[2]

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Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

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