Virdel is a village in Sindkheda Taluka, Dhule district of Maharashtra, India.[1] The taluka headquarters is 7.3 km away, and district headquarters Dhule is 48 km from town.

Virdel also has a railway station by the named Virdel Road. The station code is VRD. Virdel station falls on Nandurbar to Jalgaon branch line.


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Coordinates: 21°19′26″N 74°00′00″E / 21.324°N 74.00°E

Belle Plain College

Belle Plain College, established in 1881, was a short-lived college located in the now defunct town of Belle Plain, Texas. The college was established by the Northwest Conference of the Methodist Church.

Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas contributions to the Indian railways

The Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas (KGK) contributions to the Indian railways were widespread from the late 1850s to the latest reorganization of the Indian Railways infrastructure in 2003–2006. The community also widely known as Mistris of Kutch (or Mistry) migrated from Kutch to perform the work and were involved in the laying down of railway tracks and construction of rail bridges in almost all railway routes of undivided British India.

List of villages in Dhule district

Below is the list of all small towns and villages of Dhule district in Maharashtra, central India, organized by administrative


Shindkheda is a taluka in the Dhule district of Khandesh region of Maharashtra state in India. The city is situated on the west side of the Burai River.

The name Sindkheda derives from the many 'Shindi' trees ('Shindi' trees look like Coconut or Palm trees), so the kheda (place) full of Shindi trees is named after it – Shinkheda or Sindkhed.

Rajani Anil Wankhede is President of Sindkheda City Council.

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