Vice-President of Seychelles

The Vice-President of Seychelles is the second highest political office in the Seychelles. The position was created in 1996.

Vice-President of the
Republic of Seychelles
Coat of arms of the Seychelles
Vincent Meriton portrait.jpeg
Vincent Meriton

since 28 October 2016
Inaugural holder James Michel
Formation August 1996

Vice-Presidents of Seychelles (1996–present)

No. Name
Portrait Term of Office Party
1 James Michel
James Michel 2014 August 1996 16 April 2004
(succeeded René as President.)
2 Joseph Belmont
No image 16 April 2004 30 June 2010
(retired from politics.)
(until 2009.)
3 Danny Faure
Danny Faure 2013-04-23 1 July 2010 16 October 2016
(succeeded Michel as President.)
4 Vincent Meriton
Vincent Meriton portrait.jpeg 28 October 2016 Incumbent PL

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