Viasat is a Nordic direct broadcast satellite television broadcaster and pay TV operator, owned by the Swedish media group Nordic Entertainment Group in Nordics and some channels owned by Viasat World. Broadcasting from London, the target markets are in the Nordic.

Viasat (Worldwide) (Sweden) (Norway) (Denmark) (Finland)

Satellite platforms

The Viasat signals can be received from the Astra 4A and SES-5 satellites at 4.8°E with any DVB-S receiver equipped with a NDS VideoGuard descrambling module. Viasat’s main competitor on DBS distribution in the Nordic countries is Canal Digital. Viasat does not have a platform of their own outside the Nordic and Baltic countries, so they have to rely on third party distributors in Eastern and Central Europe.

In May 2016, MTG announced the launch of Viasat Ultra HD, the first ultra-high-definition television (UHD) channel in the Nordic region and its first UHD Sports channel. The channel will feature selected live sport events especially produced in Ultra HD and launch in the autumn in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland via SES-5. Viasat will also be launching an Ultra HD set-top box from Samsung and a TV-module to enable existing UHD TVs to display the channel.[1]

TV channels

Nordic countries

Owned by Nordic Entertainment Group.

Country-specific basic channels:

Pan-Nordic pay channels:

Other channels

Owned by Viasat World.

Pay channels:


Owned by Sony Pictures Television.

Free channels:

DBS Channels

In addition to their own channels, Viasat carry several third party channels on their platform.

Country specific







Former channels

Channel Start Close
TV1000 2 2004-09 Replaced by TV1000 Plus One
TV1000 3 2004-09 Replaced by TV1000 Family
Cinema 2004-9 Replaced by TV1000 Action
Cinema 2 2004-09 Replaced by TV1000 Nordic
Cinema 3 2004-09 Replaced by TV1000 Classic
The History Channel Scandinavia 2004-11 Closed down, replaced by Viasat History
Viasat Sport 24 2005-04 2006-12 Replaced by Viasat Golf
Viasat Sport 2 2004-02 2009-01 Replaced by Viasat Fotboll/Viasat Sport (Norway) and Viasat Motor in Sweden and Norway, and Viasat Sport Baltic and Viasat Golf in the Baltics.
Viasat Sport 3 2004-02 2009-01
Hallmark Channel Scandilux 2009-09
Jetix Scandinavia 2005 2009-09 Replaced by Disney XD
REN TV Baltic 2010
Pervyj Baltyjskij Kanal 2010
TV1000 Plus One 2004-09 2010-08 Closed down.
TV1000 Poland 2007-03 2013-01

World record

The live 3D broadcast of the 2011 UEFA Champions League final match between Manchester United and Barcelona was provided by Viasat in 3D format in Gothenburg (Sweden).[2] The football match was broadcast on EKTA screen. This Ukrainian produced 3D LED TV made The Guinness Book of World Records.[3][4]

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Danish 1st Division

The 1st Division (1. Division) is the second highest football league in Denmark, also known as NordicBet Liga for sponsorship reasons. From 1945 to 1991 the 1. Division was the name of the highest level of football in Denmark. With the formation of the Danish Superliga, the 1st Division became the second tier of Danish football. While all the teams in the Superliga are full-time professional the 1. Division has a mixture of full-time professional and semi-professional teams.

The top-ranking teams each year win promotion to the Superliga, while the bottom finishers get relegated to the Danish 2nd Division.

TV3 Sport 1 broadcasts one match per week from the league.

Digi TV

Digi TV is a Romanian DTH platform. It belongs to the RCS & RDS, one of the biggest telecommunication operators in South-Eastern Europe and the largest satellite and cable television company in Romania.

List of programs broadcast by Viasat 4

List of programs broadcast by Viasat 4.

Modern Times Group

Modern Times Group (MTG) is a digital entertainment company based in Stockholm, Sweden. MTG was formed out of the media holdings of investment company Kinnevik, which in 1997 was distributed to the company stockholders. Today MTG operates as a strategic and operational investment holding company managing a unique portfolio including eSports businesses ESL and DreamHack, gaming companies InnoGames and Kongregate as well as digital network company Zoomin.TV.

Kinnevik distributed the MTG shares to its shareholders in 2018 and in 2019 MTG distributed shares in the newly founded Nordic Entertainment Group to its shareholders following the strategic transformation into a global digital entertainment company.


Tele2Vision (known as KabelVision before 2004) is a Swedish cable television distributor owned by Tele2. It was started in 1986.Tele2 was relatively late in adopting digital television, broadcasting analogue only until early 2006 (the other major distributors, Com Hem, SPA and Canal Digital, had been offering digital television for several years by then). The switch was however more straightforward. While the other distributors were simulcasting both analogue and digital television, Tele2Vision closed down most of the analogue channels when they launched digital television, leaving only SVT1, SVT2, SVT24, Barnkanalen, Kunskapskanalen, TV4 and TV6 on analogue.

The digital broadcasts always include the SVT channels, TV4, TV6 and Aftonbladet TV7. The foundation of the digital offering are "interest packages" containing channels in different genres:

"Entertainment": TV3, Kanal 5, TV8, MTV, TV4 Plus, Kanal 9 and Viasat Nature/Crime.

"Sport": TV4 Sport, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, ESPN Classic, Extreme Sports and ESPN America.

"Documentary": Viasat History, Viasat Explorer, Discovery Channel, Discovery Travel & Living, TV4 Fakta, National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet.

"Factual": CNN, BBC World, Al Jazeera English, Discovery Science and Travel ChannelOn top of the interest packages, there are additional packages:

"Children" with Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

"Discovery" with Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Travel & Living, Discovery Science and Discovery World.

"Music" with ZTV, VH1, VH1 Classic and MTV Two.

"Movies" with Hallmark Channel, TCM, Showtime and Silver.

"Viasat Sport" with Viasat Sport, Viasat Fotboll and Viasat Motor

Viasat Golf

"TV4" with TV4 Plus, TV4 Fakta, TV4 Sport, TV4 Film, TV4 Guld, TV4 Komedi and TV4 Science Fiction

"TV1000" with TV1000, TV1000 Nordic, TV1000 Action, TV1000 Drama, TV1000 Family, TV1000 Classic and TV1000 Plus One.

"Canal+" with Canal+ First, Canal+ Action, Canal+ Comedy, Canal+ Hits, Canal+ Sport 1 and Canal+ Sport 2.There is also some à la carte channels.

Like many other cable television distributors, Tele2Vision has launched triple play services, later on expanding into quadruple play.

Viasat, Inc.

Viasat Inc. is an American communications company based in Carlsbad, California, with additional operations across the United States and worldwide. Viasat is a provider of high-speed satellite broadband services and secure networking systems covering military and commercial markets.

Viasat 3

Viasat 3 is a Hungarian TV channel. It began broadcasting on October 23, 2000.

Viasat 3 aired Hungary's first reality Show in 2001 called A Bár (The Bar).

In 2015, the Sony Pictures Television acquired the Hungarian Viasat channels from Modern Times Group (MTG).

Viasat 6

Viasat 6 (formerly known as TV6 until February 11, 2011) is one of the thematic television channels of Sony Pictures Television Networks.

Viasat Explore

Viasat Explore is a television channel owned by international media company, Viasat World LTD. The channel focuses on fishing, adventure, men at work and engineering. Viasat Explore is a 24-hour channel broadcasting in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa.

With headquarters in London, United Kingdom, the channel started its broadcast in the Scandinavian countries and after a few years expanded to many East European markets and the Baltic countries with subtitles.

The service was launched in January 2002 as Viasat Explorer in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. On 1 November 2003 it expanded into Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. In 2006, all Serbian cable operators and their satellite platform, Total TV began with broadcasting this channel.Viasat Explore co-produces and acquires content from international distributors and production houses.

Since 2012, Viasat Explorer together with sisterchannels Viasat History and Viasat Nature are broadcast in HD together with the SD feed on the Viasat satellite platform. The channel was rebranded as Viasat Explore on 29 April 2014, gaining a new ident package and logo and dropping the "X" letter from its logo in flavour of an "E".

Viasat Film

Viasat Film is a group of cable and satellite movie channels broadcasting to the Nordic countries and owned by Nordic Entertainment Group.

Viasat Fotboll

Viasat Fotboll is a Swedish television channel dedicated to football.

The channel was launched on October 17, 2008, and became the primary home to most of Viasat's football broadcasts, which at the time included UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup, Ligue 1 and Premier League.The channel replaced the Pan-Nordic channel Viasat Sport 2 in Sweden. The launch meant that the most prestigious of the Champions League matches that had previously been broadcast on TV6 were moved to Viasat Fotboll.

Viasat Golf

Viasat Golf is a pan-Nordic television channel dedicated to broadcasting golf tournaments and golf-related programmes.

The channel was launched in January 2007 after MTG had acquired lots of rights for live broadcasting of golf tournaments, such as the US PGA Tour, the PGA European Tour, the European Challenge Tour, the European Seniors Tour, the Scandinavian Masters, the Sunshine Tour, the Ryder Cup, the World Golf Championships, the Seve Trophy, the Australasian Tour and the Southern Africa Tour. Viasat Golf took the space that had been used for Viasat Sport 24. Golf tournaments that had been aired on Viasat Sport 1 and SportN were moved to Viasat Golf.

Viasat History

Viasat History is a European pay television channel owned by international media company, Viasat World LTD. The channel focuses on the ancient world, historical drama, royal history, travel history and religious history. Viasat History is a 24-hour channel, broadcasting in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa.

With headquarters in London, United Kingdom, the channel started its broadcast in the Scandinavian countries and after a few years expanded to the Baltic countries with subtitles and many East European markets.

Viasat History acquires programming from international distributors and production houses.

Since 2012, Viasat History together with sisterchannels Viasat Explore and Viasat Nature are broadcast in HD together with the SD feed on the Viasat satellite platform.

Viasat Motor

Viasat Motor is a Scandinavian Motorsport channel that launched on 17 October 2008.Events broadcast on the channel include Formula One, NASCAR, IndyCar, GP2, WRC, European Rallycross Championship, Formula 1 boat, Offshore Class 1, 24 hours of Nürburgring and MotoGP.

Viasat Nature

Viasat Nature is a television channel owned by international media company, Viasat World LTD. The channel has a focus on animals and their owners, blue chip, classic wildlife, ER and animal rescue, the natural world, and parks and sanctuaries. Viasat Nature is a 24-hour channel, broadcasting in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa.

The channel has its origins in TV6, a Swedish women's channel started in 1994. In 1998, the channel was changed into a pan-Nordic pay channel showing nature documentaries from 6 p.m to 9 p.m. ("TV6 Nature World") and then action movies and series from 9 p.m. to midnight ("TV6 Action World"). In 2002, the channel was renamed and became Viasat Nature and Viasat Action.

Viasat Nature acquires programming from international distributors and production houses.

The content on Viasat Action was gradually shifted to include more crime series such as Law & Order and CSI. This strand was therefore rebranded into Viasat Crime on 1 October 2005. After several years as a six-hour channel, Viasat Nature/Crime extended its broadcasting hours on 1 February 2007. Viasat Nature would now broadcast from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. when Viasat Crime took over and broadcast until midnight.

The channel has timeshared with many channels over the years. In its early years, the shopping channel TVG filled up much of the daytime schedule. In 1996, the sports channel Sportkanalen was broadcasting in the weekends. From 1997, Playboy TV has broadcast on the channel after midnight. Nickelodeon Scandinavia started broadcasting from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. later on and continued to do so until 2007 when Viasat Nature extended its broadcasting hours.

In Central and Eastern Europe, Viasat Nature timeshares with Boomerang CEE from 8:00 PM CET to 5:00 AM CET.

Viasat Series

Viasat Series is a television channel broadcasting TV series.

The channel launched on 16 February 2009 as TV1000 Drama. The same day, all TV1000 channels in the Nordic countries got new logos and graphics. Unlike the other TV1000 channels, which were broadcasting round-the-clock, TV1000 Drama would only broadcast between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. It timeshared with Jetix and replaced the Travel Channel on Viasat's satellite platform. The channel was rebranded as Viasat Film Drama on 3 March 2012 and timeshifts with Disney Junior from 7pm to 6am. In 2015, the channel was rebranded as Viasat Series, the channel also replaced Viasat Crime.

Viasat Film Drama offers various genres of dramas, including costume dramas, life stories, crime and romance.

Viasat Sport

Viasat Sport (Viasport in Norway) is the common brand of several sports channels targeting the Nordic countries, owned by Nordic Entertainment Group.

Viasat Sport is also the name of one TV-channel in Russia and CIS countries. Its main competitors are CMore Sport and Eurosport.

Viasat Sport (Sweden)

Viasat Sport is a group of sports channels broadcasting from the United Kingdom. The channels target Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, though the primary market of the channels is Sweden.

Viasat Ukraine

Viasat Ukraine is a Ukrainian direct broadcast satellite television distributor. It is owned by "Vision TV" which is a joint venture between the Strong Media Group (SMG) and the Swedish Modern Times Group (MTG). It competes with NTV Plus Ukraine and Poverkhnost which broadcast on the Eutelsat system.

The service was launched April 21, 2008 using DVB-S & DVB-S2 transponders on the Astra 4A, Hot Bird and AMOS satellites to broadcast channels compressed with MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 AVC codecs.

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