Gianni Versace S.r.l. (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒanni verˈsaːtʃe])[a] usually referred to simply as Versace, is an Italian luxury fashion company and trade name founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. The main collection of the brand is Versace, which produces upmarket Italian-made ready-to-wear and leather accessories, while other diffusion lines are Versace Collection (mainly in the US), Versus Versace and Versace Jeans. The Versace logo is the head of Medusa, a Greek mythological figure. The logo came from the floor of ruins in the area of Reggio Calabria that the Versace siblings played in as children. Gianni Versace chose Medusa as the logo because she made people fall in love with her and they had no way back. He hoped his company would have the same effect on people.

The Versace brand is known for its innovative designs having symbolic flashy prints and bright colors.[6][7][8] The company announced in 2018 that it would stop using fur in its collections.[9] On 25 September 2018, Michael Kors announced their intention to acquire all outstanding shares in Gianni Versace S.r.l. for $2.12 billion (USD);[10] the acquisition was completed on December 31, 2018.[11]

Gianni Versace S.r.l.
IndustryConsumer goods
Founded1978 (as Gianni Versace Donna)
FounderGianni Versace
Key people
Gianni Versace (founder)
Santo Versace (Chairman & President)[1]
Jonathan Akeroyd (Director & CEO)[1]
Donatella Versace (Artistic Director)
ProductsTextiles, apparel
  • Increase€669 million (2016)[2]
  • €635 million (2013)[2]
Number of employees
ParentCapri Holdings

History and operations

Gianni Versace
Gianni Versace (1946–1997), founder of the company
Gianni Versace evening dress vintage
A dress by Gianni Versace

In 1972, Gianni Versace designed his first collections for Callaghan, Genny, and Complice. In 1978, the company launched under the name "Gianni Versace Donna."[12] The first Versace boutique was opened in Milan's Via della Spiga in 1978.[13][14] Versace was one of the few independent designers who was in control of everything about the brand, from designing to retailing.[6] In 1982, the company expanded into the accessory, jewelry, home furnishing, and china industries.[15] In 1993, Donatella Versace created the "Young Versace" line as well as "Versus."[12] In 1994, the brand gained widespread international coverage due to the black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley, referred to at the time as "that dress".[7][16][17]

Versace was often described as the "Rock n' Roll designer" because they designed for many famous clients, including Elton John and Michael Jackson. Versace designed the stage costumes and album cover costumes for Elton John in 1992. Versace has also designed clothing for the Princess of Wales and Princess Caroline of Monaco. The Versace company is known for using the same models in their ads as they do on the runway.[15]

After the murder of Gianni Versace in 1997, his sister Donatella Versace, formerly vice-president, took over as creative director and his older brother Santo Versace became CEO.[18] Donatella's daughter Allegra Versace was left a 50 percent stake in the company, which she assumed control of on her eighteenth birthday.[19][20][21]

In 2000, the "green Versace dress" worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards gained a lot of media attention, being voted as the "fifth most iconic dress of all time" in 2008, with Hurley's 1994 dress being voted first in a Daily Telegraph poll.[17]

The company's profits were in decline in the early 2000s;[19][22] Fabio Massimo Cacciatori was hired as interim CEO to reorganise and restructure the Versace Group in 2003.[23] Cacciatori resigned in December 2003 due to "disputes with the Versace family".[23] From 2004 Giancarlo di Risio, from IT Holding, was CEO of the group until his resignation in 2009 due to disagreements with Donatella.[24][25][26] In May 2016, the Versace Group appointed Mr. Jonathan Akeroyd to the position of CEO and member of the company’s Board of Directors. [27]

In February 2014 The Blackstone Group purchased a 20 percent stake in Versace for 210 million.[28][29][30]

As of 2016, more than 1500 boutiques operate worldwide; the first boutique outside of Italy was opened in Glasgow, Scotland in 1991.[31]

On 24 September 2018 Michael Kors announced that it offered a deal to buy Versace for 2 billion euros.[32][33] In September of 2018 Versace announced that one hundred percent of all Blackstone and Versace family shares had been sold to the Group Michael Kors Limited. [34]

In October 2018, Versace announced to showcase the brand’s first ever Pre-Fall season show in New York on 2 December. The show is scheduled on Gianni Versace’s birth date.[35]

In January 2019, Gianni Versace S.r.l. joined Capri Holdings Limited, forming a new global fashion luxury group together with Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo.[36]


In 2006, Gianni Versace S.r.l. entered into a partnership with Automobile Lamborghini S.r.l. to produce the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 VERSACE. The car had a Versace white satin interior with the Versace logo embroidered into the seats. The car was available in black and white. There were only ten units produced. The car was sold with a complementary luggage set, luxury driving shoes, and driving gloves.[37]

The Versace boutique in Milan, Italy

The Versace company teamed up with AgustaWestland in 2008 to create the AgustaWestland AW109 Grand Versace VIP luxury helicopter. The helicopter includes Versace leather interior and a design on the outside.[38][39]

In 2011, Versace and H&M released a new line of clothing that would be sold in H&M stores. The store sold both men's and women's clothing and home items such as pillows and blankets.[40]

In 2015, Versace collaborated with dancer Lil Buck to release a line of sneakers.[41]

In 2018, Ronnie Fieg and Donatella Versace debuted their Kith x Versace collection, which featured a modified medusa logo with "KITH" written over its eyes.[42]

Versace Men's Fall 2019 collection featured several items with the logo of Ford Motor Company. According to the fashion house, the two companies joined forces to channel "the excitement of buying your first car. Excitement and aspiration of owning something as an extension of one’s personality, something very connected to the idea of being a man."[43]


Versace partnered with the Mind Group firm in China in 2015. The two companies designed luxury residence towers called the "Versace Residencies." The goal of the creators were to combine Versace's luxury home elements with elements of traditional Chinese culture.[44] This same year, Versace partnered with the ABIL Group in India to develop another residential project. These luxury homes are located in South Mumbai.[45]

In 2015, Donatella Versace was featured in Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy campaign.[46]

USA-NYC-Versace 5th Avenue1
5th Avenue, New York City, 2013

Palazzo Versace

Soheil Abedian, of the Sunland Group, approached Versace in 1997 and successfully proposed a luxury hotel built upon the Versace brand; the first Palazzo Versace opened on Australia's Gold Coast on 15 September 2000.[47][48] The hotel was sold to a Chinese consortium in December 2012.[49][50] The second Palazzo, the Palazzo Versace Dubai, was completed in December 2015 and is located on the foreshore of Dubai Creek.[51] A third Palazzo is under construction. The Palazzo Versace Macau was announced in 2013 and will be built in partnership with Macau's largest casino operator SJM Holdings.[52][53][54] The Palazzo Versace hotels are the first fashion-branded hotels in the world and place an emphasis on beauty and luxury.[55]



  1. ^ According to a January 2018 Vogue interview with Donatella Versace, Versace is correctly pronounced /vərˈsɑːtʃeɪ/ vər-SAH-chay in English as opposed to the popular pronunciation of /vərˈsɑːtʃi/ vər-SAH-chee.[3][4][5]


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Allegra Versace

Allegra Versace Beck (Italian pronunciation: [alˈleːɡra verˈsaːtʃe ˈbɛk]; born 30 June 1986), commonly known as Allegra Versace, is an Italian heiress and socialite. Since 2011 Allegra has been a director of Gianni Versace S.p.A. and has worked in New York City as a theatrical dresser.

American Crime Story

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The series is broadcast on the cable television channel FX in the United States. It premiered on February 2, 2016. A third season, based on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, was in development but production was scrapped.

Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Phillip Cunanan (August 31, 1969 – July 23, 1997) was an American spree killer who murdered five people, including Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace and Chicago real estate developer Lee Miglin, during a three-month period in mid-1997. Cunanan's string of murders ended on July 23 of that year with his suicide by firearm.

In his final years, Cunanan lived in the greater San Diego area without a job. He befriended wealthy older men and spent their money. To impress acquaintances in the local gay community, he boasted about social events at clubs and often paid the check at restaurants. One millionaire friend had broken up with Cunanan in 1996, the year prior to his death.

Antonio D'Amico

Antonio D'Amico (born 20 January 1959) is an Italian model and fashion designer.

Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley wore a black Versace dress, often referred to as "THAT Dress", when she accompanied Hugh Grant to the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994. The dress was held together by several oversized gold safety pins. The dress is perhaps Versace's best-known creation, and is considered by some to be largely responsible for launching Hurley onto the global media stage.

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Casa Casuarina

The Villa, Casa Casuarina, also known as the Versace Mansion, is an American property built in 1930, renowned for being owned by Italian fashion impresario Gianni Versace from 1992 until his death, located on Ocean Drive in the Miami Beach Architectural District, Florida. Since 2015, it has operated as a luxury hotel known as The Villa, Casa Casuarina.

Dick Versace

Richard Patrick Versace (born April 16, 1940) is a former basketball coach and executive. He is also the first American of Puerto Rican descent to have coached a National Basketball Association (NBA) team.

Donatella Versace

Donatella Francesca Versace (Italian: [donaˈtɛlla franˈtʃeska verˈsaːtʃe]; born 2 May 1955) is an Italian fashion designer and current vice president of the Versace Group, as well as its chief designer. During the 1980s, Donatella's brother, Gianni Versace, launched a perfume dedicated to her, Blonde, and gave her her own fragrance label, Versus, which Gianni formerly ran for her. After Gianni's death, Donatella took over all aspects of the label.

Gianni Versace

Giovanni "Gianni" Versace (Italian: [ˈdʒanni verˈsaːtʃe]; 2 December 1946 – 15 July 1997) was an Italian fashion designer and founder of Versace, an international fashion house that produces accessories, fragrances, make-up, home furnishings, and clothes. He also designed costumes for theatre and films. As a friend of Eric Clapton, Diana, Princess of Wales, Naomi Campbell, Duran Duran, Kate Moss, Madonna, Elton John, Cher, Sting, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G. and many other celebrities, he was one of the first designers to link fashion to the music world. He and his partner Antonio D'Amico were regulars on the international party scene. On 15 July 1997, Versace was shot and killed outside his Miami Beach mansion Casa Casuarina at the age of 50.

Green Versace dress of Jennifer Lopez

The American recording artist and actress Jennifer Lopez wore an exotic green Versace silk chiffon dress to the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony on February 23, 2000. The sheer fabric was printed with a tropical leaf and bamboo pattern, and cut with a very low neckline that extended well past Lopez's navel, while the waist of the dress was studded with citrines.

This garment instantly received significant global media coverage, and it has been cited, along with Elizabeth Hurley's black Versace dress, as one of the most high-profile dresses that made the designer Versace a household name. In addition, this dress was described as a turning point in designer Donatella Versace's career after the death of her brother, Gianni Versace. It was chosen by the fashion journalist Lisa Armstrong to represent 2000 in the Fashion Museum of Bath's Dress of the Year collection, at which point it was described as a key example of the close relationship between fashions, celebrities and publicity.

Another duplicate of the dress is displayed at The Grammy Museum while, as of 2015, Lopez herself still owned the original gown.

Humbert Roque Versace

Captain Humbert Roque "Rocky" Versace (July 2, 1937 – September 26, 1965) was a United States Army officer of Puerto Rican-Italian descent who was posthumously awarded the United States' highest military decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his heroic actions while a prisoner of war (POW) during the Vietnam War. He was the first member of the U.S. Army to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions performed in Southeast Asia while in captivity.

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Santo Versace

Santo Domenico Versace (Italian: [ˈsanto doˈmeːniko verˈsaːtʃe]; born 16 December 1944) is an Italian businessman who is the president and co-chief executive officer of Gianni Versace SpA, based in Milan, Italy. Since 2008 he has been elected as Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic in the constituency of Calabria. He is a member of the Alliance for Italy political party, formerly being a member of The People of Freedom.

Versace (song)

"Versace" is the debut single by American hip hop group Migos. It was released in July 2013, by Quality Control Music, 300 Entertainment and Atlantic Records. The track, which was included on their mixtape Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas) (2013), was produced by Zaytoven. Following a remix by Canadian rapper Drake, the song went viral and peaked at number 99 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Drake performed it at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Versace on the Floor

"Versace on the Floor" is a song by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars from his third studio album, 24K Magic (2016). Atlantic Records released the song as the only promotional single and as the third official single, taken from the album, to Hot AC radio in the United States on June 12, 2017. "Versace on the Floor" was written by Mars, Philip Lawrence, Christopher Brody Brown and James Fauntleroy. The former three handled the production of the track under the name Shampoo Press & Curl. A remix version composed by French DJ David Guetta was released on June 27, 2017, for digital download and streaming in various countries. "Versace on the Floor" is an R&B song reminiscent of the slow jams from the 1990s. It resembles the early works of Michael Jackson. The song's lyrics address romance, intimacy and the clothing line of Gianni Versace.

"Versace on the Floor" received positive reviews from critics, some of whom considered the track to be a smooth song as well as the soundtrack to school dances, others found it's lyrics sexually driven. The song charted moderately worldwide, it reached number 33 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, number 43 on the Canadian Hot 100 and it peaked at number seven on the Dance Club Songs chart. It peaked at number 27 in New Zealand, 59 in the United Kingdom and it reached the top three on the Philippine Hot 100. Its remixed peaked at number eight and 13 in Belgium and Hungary single charts, respectively. However, it was unable to achieve the same success as the previous singles. It has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

The song's music video, directed by Cameron Duddy and Mars, was released on August 13, 2017, and features American actress and singer Zendaya. Mars and Zendaya play apartment neighbors and as Mars sings, his music has a magical effect on Zendaya, making her Versace dress unzip by itself while she dances to the music. It ends with Zendaya's dress hitting the floor, followed by a knock on Mars' door. He performed "Versace on the Floor" during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and on his 24K Magic World Tour (2017-2018). The song was nominated for The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter's Award at the 2017 Soul Train Music Awards.

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