Vadali, Gujarat

Vadali is a city in Vadali Taluka of Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, India. It is located on State Highway connecting Himatnagar and Ambaji.

Vadali has population of 23000.


Vadali, a considerable and very ancient town thirty kilometres north of Idar, is perhaps the O-cha-li or Vadari which Chinese traveller Xuanzang visited between Malwa and Valabhi circa 640 CE. In the eleventh century, Vadali was the centre of a large kingdom.[1]

Sahanapala, son of Haripala (a Pratihara of the Paramara king Dharavarsha) built the mandapa of the Vaidyanath temple at Vadali in Vikram Samvat 1264 (1208 CE).[2]


The chief source of income of people is agriculture. The villages surrounding Vadali grows large number of vegetables. It supplies vegetables to Sabarkantha district and as far as Ahmedabad.


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Coordinates: 23°56′31″N 73°02′17″E / 23.942°N 73.038°E

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