United States Senate election in Arizona, 1986

The 1986 United States Senate election in Arizona was held on November 4, 1986. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater decided to retire instead of seeking a sixth term. The open seat was won by Republican John McCain, a Congressman and former Navy Officer who has been in office since then.

United States Senate election in Arizona, 1986

November 4, 1986
  John McCain 1983 Noimage
Nominee John McCain Richard Kimball
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 521,850 340,965
Percentage 60.5% 39.5%

1986 Arizona
U.S. Senate election results map.
Red denotes counties won by McCain.
Blue denotes those won by Kimball.

U.S. Senator before election

Barry Goldwater

Elected U.S. Senator

John McCain





Kimball's campaign was subject to negative press from the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette, both owned by McCain benefactor Darrow Tully. One Gazette columnist described him as displaying "terminal weirdness." [1] McCain ultimately won the election by a margin of 20%[2] and is now Arizona's senior senator.


General election results[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican John McCain 521,850 60.47% +11.02%
Democratic Richard Kimball 340,965 39.51% -8.87%
Write-ins 106 0.01%
Majority 180,885 20.96% +19.89%
Turnout 862,921
Republican hold Swing

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