Typhlops is a genus of blind snakes found in the West Indies[1]. Some species have been moved to Afrotyphlops, Anilios, Antillotyphlops, Cubatyphlops, Indotyphlops, Letheobia, Madatyphlops, Malayotyphlops, Xerotyphlops, Argyrophis, and Amerotyphlops.

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Typhlopidae
Subfamily: Typhlopinae
Genus: Typhlops
Oppel, 1811


Species[2] Taxon author[2] Subsp.*[2] Common name Geographic range
T. agoralionis Thomas & Hedges, 2007 0 La Hotte blind snake
T. capitulatus Richmond, 1964 0 Haitian pale-lipped blind snake, Richmond's worm snake
T. eperopeus Thomas & Hedges, 2007 0 Bahoruco blind snake
T. gonavensis Richmond, 1964 0 Gonâve Island worm snake
T. hectus Thomas, 1974 0 Tiburon Peninsula blind snake, Thomas's worm snake
T. jamaicensis (Shaw, 1802) 0 Jamaican blind snake, Jamaica worm snake
T. leptolepisT Dominguez, Fong & Iturriaga, 2013 0
T. lumbricalisT (Linnaeus, 1758) 0 Earthworm blind snake
T. oxyrhinus Dominguez & Diaz, 2011 0
T. pachyrhinus Dominguez & Diaz, 2011 0
T. proancylops Thomas & Hedges, 2007 0 La Selle blind snake
T. pusillus Barbour, 1914 0 Hispaniola worm snake
T. rostellatus Stejneger, 1904 0 Puerto Rican worm snake
T. schwartzi Thomas, 1989 0 Schwartz's worm snake
T. silus Legler, 1959 0
T. sulcatus Cope, 1868 0 Island worm snake
T. sylleptor Thomas & Hedges, 2007 0 Pestel blind snake
T. syntherus Thomas, 1965 0 Barahona Peninsula blind snake, Barahona worm snake
T. tetrathyreus Thomas, 1989 0 Haitian worm snake
T. titanops Thomas, 1989 0 Titan worm snake

*) Not including the nominate subspecies.
T) Type species.[1]

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