Treepeople was an alternative rock band from Boise, Idaho, although it spent most of its time and was officially based in Seattle, Washington. The band was composed of Pat Brown (née Schmaljohn, Scott's older brother), Wayne Rhino Flower, Doug Martsch, and Scott Schmaljohn. It also included drummer Eric Akre on the critically acclaimed album Just Kidding, 1991. Brown, Flower, and Schmaljohn were ex-members of the Boise punk band State of Confusion.[1] The band gained local notoriety and success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but after losing members to family complications and other projects, particularly Martsch to Built to Spill, the group disbanded in 1994, having released three albums and a handful of singles. Scott Schmaljohn later played in Stuntman, The Hand, and The Treatment. Schmaljohn also guested on Built to Spill's 2009 album There Is No Enemy, playing on the song "Pat," a tribute to Pat Brown, who committed suicide in April 1999. Prior to his death, Pat fronted the band Hive. Wayne Flower went on to play in Violent Green and The Halo Benders with Doug Martsch and Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic and co-founder of K Records).

Origin Boise, Idaho
Genres Indie rock, alternative rock, post-punk, grunge
Years active 1988–1994
Labels K Records
C/Z Records
Silence Records
Toxic Shock Records
Sonic Bubblegum Records
Associated acts Built to Spill
The Halo Benders
Farm Days
State of Confusion
The Hand
The Treatment
Members Doug Martsch
Pat Brown
Wayne Flower
Scott Schmaljohn


  • No Mouth Pipetting Cassette 1988 (self-released)
  • ImportantThings 7" 1988 Silence Records
  • Time Whore EP 1990 Silence Records
  • Makin' The D 7" 1990 Battery Records
  • Mistake 7" 1991 Sonic Bubblegum Records
  • split w/ House Of Large Sizes 7" 1991 Toxic Shock Records
  • Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment LP/CD 1991 Toxic Shock Records/K Records (reissue)
  • Something Vicious for Tomorrow EP/CD 1992 C/Z Records
  • Outside In 7" 1992 C/Z Records
  • Just Kidding CD 1993 C/Z Records
  • Hide And Find Out 7" 1993 Soil Records, UK
  • split w/ Archers Of Loaf 2x7" Sonic Bubblegum Records
  • Actual Re-Enactment CD 1994 C/Z Records


  • Hard to Believe: Kiss Covers Compilation 1990 Kiss tribute album C/Z Records
  • Our Band Could Be Your Life: A tribute to D Boon and the Minutemen 1994 Little Brother Records


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