Total Television

Total Television was founded in 1959 by Buck Biggers, Chester "Chet" Stover,[1] Joe Harris,[2][3] and Treadwell D. Covington.[3] They were executives in the advertising agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample who had the account for the General Mills food corporation. Total was formed to create cartoon characters encouraging children to buy General Mills breakfast cereals and other products.

Total Television
FounderTreadwell D. Covington
W. Watts Biggers
Chester "Chet" Stover
Joe Harris
HeadquartersNew York, New York, USA
ProductsTelevision shows
Television commercials
OwnerDancer Fitzgerald Sample


The studio produced animated series from 1959–1969 at Gamma Productions, a primitive start-up company, which was contracted to produce the animation for Jay Ward Productions' output. Ward was never satisfied with the work performed at Gamma, being crude and substandard, sloppily done and very limited.

Gamma Productions is the animation studio who is notable for their work on Underdog (1964),Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales (1963), Commander McBragg (1963) and Go Go Gophers (1964).

Much of Total Television's library for post-network syndication is handled by The Program Exchange, while underlying rights are owned by DreamWorks Classics/DreamWorks Animation (via Universal Pictures and NBCUniversal).


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  • Mark Arnold (historian); Arnold, Mark (2009). Created and Produced by Total TeleVision productions: The Story of Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo and the Rest. BearManor Media. ISBN 9781593933456.
CNBC Awaaz

CNBC Awaaz is an Indian pay television channel, owned by CNBC and TV18 based in New Delhi.

Commander McBragg

Commander McBragg is a cartoon character who appeared in short segments (usually 90 seconds) produced by Total Television Productions and animated by Gamma Productions. These segments first appeared in 1963 on the animated series Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales, then on the Underdog animated television show from 1964–1973, and have appeared in some syndicated prints of The Bullwinkle Show, Hoppity Hooper and Uncle Waldo's Cartoon Show.

Diva (TV network)

Diva, formerly Diva Universal, is a woman-based entertainment channel owned by Universal Networks International.

The list of Diva channels includes:

Diva (Asia TV channel)

Diva Universal (Philippines) defunct

Diva Universal (Bulgaria) defunct

Diva Universal (Italy) defunct

Diva Universal (Romania) currently

Diva Universal (Russia) defunct

Diva Adria (Serbia/Croatia/Slovenia)

DuMont Television Network

The DuMont Television Network (also known as the DuMont Network, simply DuMont/Du Mont, or (incorrectly) Dumont ) was one of the world's pioneer commercial television networks, rivalling NBC and CBS for the distinction of being first overall in the United States. It was owned by DuMont Laboratories, a television equipment and set manufacturer, and began operation on June 28, 1942.The network was hindered by the prohibitive cost of broadcasting, by regulations imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which restricted the company's growth, and even by the company's partner, Paramount Pictures. Despite several innovations in broadcasting and the creation of one of the television's biggest stars of the 1950s (Jackie Gleason), the network never found itself on solid financial ground. Forced to expand on UHF channels during an era when UHF tuning was not yet a standard feature on television sets, DuMont fought an uphill battle for program clearances outside its three owned-and-operated stations in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh, eventually ending network operations on August 6, 1956.

DuMont's latter-day obscurity, caused mainly by the destruction of its extensive program archive by the 1970s, has prompted TV historian David Weinstein to refer to it as the "Forgotten Network". A few popular DuMont programs, such as Cavalcade of Stars and Emmy Award winner Life Is Worth Living, appear in television retrospectives or are mentioned briefly in books about U.S. television history.

Dudley Do-Right

Dudley Do-Right, created by Alex Anderson with Chris Hayward and Allan Burns, is the hero of "Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties", a segment on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show that parodied early 20th-century melodrama and silent film (the "northern"), using only a piano as a musical background.

Focus Features

Focus Features LLC is an American film production and distribution company, owned by Comcast through Universal Pictures, a division of its wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal. Focus Features distributes independent and foreign films in the United States and internationally.

Go Go Gophers

Go Go Gophers is a comedy animated series set in the Old West. Originally appearing on the Underdog series from 1966 to 1968, it was spun off as a separate series on CBS in 1968 and 1969. The show also shared with Space Kidettes on Saturday Morning Television, in 1967. The show was produced by Total Television.

King Leonardo and His Short Subjects

King Leonardo and his Short Subjects is an animated cartoon series released in 1960 by Total Television (which would later rename itself Leonardo Productions after the main character of this show), sponsored by General Mills.

Klondike Kat

Klondike Kat was a cartoon produced by Total Television and originally aired as part of The Beagles on CBS-TV in 1966, and later found in the U.S. syndicated Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon series, in between episodes as an animated short.

List of DreamWorks Animation programs

This is a list of programs by DreamWorks Animation and its predecessors and acquisitions Classic Media, UPA, Harvey Entertainment, Golden Books Family Entertainment, Jay Ward Productions, Entertainment Rights, Link Entertainment, Tell-Tale Productions, Filmation, Felix the Cat Productions, and Chapman Entertainment. Most of DWA's library is currently owned by Universal Studios and distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution.

Note that some shows were co-productions with other companies and may and/or not necessarily be owned by DreamWorks Animation.

Mark Arnold (historian)

Mark Arnold (born December 15, 1966, in San Jose, California) is an American writer and commentator who grew up in Saratoga, California. He has contributed to several publications in the United States, including The Comics Journal, Hogan's Alley, Back Issue!, and Comics Buyer's Guide. Arnold also worked with Jerry Beck and Leslie Cabarga on their Harvey Comics Classics series for Dark Horse Comics.

Arnold has a BA degree in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University, and has studied art through Art Instruction Schools. He currently resides in Eugene, Oregon.

Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales

Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales is an animated cartoon TV series that originally aired on CBS from 1963 to 1966. It was produced by Total Television, the same company that produced the earlier King Leonardo and the later Underdog, and primarily sponsored by General Mills. (Tennessee Tuxedo debuted on CBS on the same day that King Leonardo last ran on NBC.) The title is a play on the “tuxedo” dinner jacket worn as formal wear.

New short episodes were created for YouTube in 2014 by Chuck Gammage Animation in Toronto, and Cartoon Lagoon Studios in New York. Sponsored by Trix cereal, they resided on They feature the voice talent of Chris Phillips, Robb Pruitt and Ashley Albert.

The Beagles (TV series)

The Beagles is an animated cartoon television series that aired on CBS from September 10, 1966, to September 2, 1967, and later in reruns on ABC from September 9, 1967, to September 2, 1968. It was produced by Total Television which created King Leonardo and His Short Subjects, Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales, and Underdog.

The Eleventh Hour (1962 TV series)

The Eleventh Hour is an American medical drama about psychiatry starring Wendell Corey, Jack Ging and Ralph Bellamy, which aired for 62 episodes on NBC from October 3, 1962, to April 22, 1964.

The Legend of Jesse James (TV series)

The Legend of Jesse James is an American western series starring Christopher Jones in the title role of notorious outlaw Jesse James. The series aired on ABC from September 13, 1965, to May 9, 1966. Allen Case joined Jones as Jesse's brother, Frank James.

The Lloyd Bridges Show

The Lloyd Bridges Show is an American anthology drama series produced by Aaron Spelling, which aired on CBS from September 11, 1962 to May 28, 1963, starring and hosted by Lloyd Bridges.

The Program Exchange

The Program Exchange was a syndicator of television programs. It was founded as Program Syndication Services Inc. in 1973 and later launched the DFS Program Exchange in 1979, which became the DFS-Dorland Program Exchange from 1986 to 1987. From 1987 to 2008, it was a division of Saatchi & Saatchi, an advertising agency (which acquired Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, the original owners), and would later be acquired by Publicis in 2000. In January 2008, Publicis transferred The Program Exchange from the Saatchi & Saatchi subsidiary to its ZenithOptimedia subsidiary, the logo was then changed to reflect this move. In early 2016, the website was shut down; the shutdown coincided with NBCUniversal's purchase of one of its most prominent clients, DreamWorks Classics.The Program Exchange was a "barter syndicator," distributing programming on behalf of the shows' producers, many of them having their own cash distribution services. Instead of paying a cash fee, television stations who ran those programs agreed to a barter exchange (hence the syndicator name), wherein the station agreed to air a certain number of commercials for various General Mills products per program. This arrangement allowed for the programs to air on stations that may not have large budgets to acquire them. The Program Exchange typically distributed older programming that was no longer widely distributed in syndication, as well as programming designed to meet federal educational/information mandates. The Program Exchange continued to hold distribution rights to the Jay Ward Productions and Total Television archives throughout the exchange's existence; both of those companies' programs were produced at the DFS-owned Gamma Productions studios in Mexico until that studio shut down in 1968.

The Program Exchange handled distribution for all titles listed below.

Tooter Turtle

Tooter Turtle (sometimes spelled Tudor or Tutor) is a cartoon about a turtle that first appeared on TV in 1960, as a segment, along with The Hunter a detective dog, as part of the King Leonardo and His Short Subjects program. "Tooter Turtle" debuted on NBC, on Saturday, October 15, 1960, and ran for 39 original episodes through July 22, 1961. These episodes were later rerun as backups on other cartoon shows, but no more original episodes were made.

Underdog (TV series)

Underdog is an American animated television series that ran from October 3, 1964 to 1973 on the NBC network under the primary sponsorship of General Mills, and continued in syndication until 1973 for a run of 124 episodes.

Underdog, Shoeshine Boy's heroic alter ego, appears whenever love interest Sweet Polly Purebred is being victimized by such villains as Simon Bar Sinister or Riff Raff. Underdog nearly always speaks in rhyming couplets, as in "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!" His voice was supplied by Wally Cox.

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