Toonami (France)

Toonami is a television channel that launched in France on 11 February 2016.[1] It is operated and distributed in France by Warner Bros. France. It is named after the late Saturday night programming block seen in the United States, using the logo introduced in 2004 but with different branded promos, also using in Asia.

On 3 February, it was confirmed by Toonami Squad in an Email with Turner that Toonami would be launching in France on 11 February 2016.[2][3]

Toonami Asia logo
Toonami's official logo in France
Launched11 February 2016; 2 years ago
Owned byWarner Bros. France
Sister channel(s)Cartoon Network


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Boing (Africa)

Boing is an African channel operated by Warner Bros. through its African units that first broadcast on May 30, 2015. The channel airs programming that is no longer transmitted by the African versions of some networks, such as the European versions, particularly the French versions.

At this moment, the channel can be seen on Montage Cable TV in Nigeria and Sentech's Mobile TV in South Africa. On January 1, 2017 the channel became available to AzamTV subscribers. The channel does not have a website. The French version of Boing is broadcast in the French-speaking countries of Africa.

Boomerang (Central and Eastern Europe TV channel)

Boomerang is a European pay television channel which focuses on animated kids programming. The CEE feed is being broadcast in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Russia and CIS countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic states and the Caucasus countries.

Boomerang (French TV channel)

Boomerang is a French-English television channel broadcasting programmes to children in France and Belgium. The channel was launched on 23 April 2003. The channel is owned by Warner Bros. France.

Boomerang (German TV channel)

Boomerang was a German pay television channel broadcasting kids programming. It was launched on 1 June 2006 and it was owned by Turner Broadcasting System Germany.

Boomerang (Italian TV channel)

For the original Boomerang channel, see Boomerang (TV channel).

For Boomerang in other countries, see Boomerang around the world.Boomerang is a television channel of old and new cartoons, including Hanna-Barbera series and others. It is the sister channel of Cartoon Network, a division of WarnerMedia.

Since 2003, Boomerang also has an Italian version available on SKY Italia, and will soon start to broadcast on digital terrestrial television with Cartoon Network. For the most part, the network's schedule matches that of the main Boomerang in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with local scheduling variations and dubbing and subtitling of programmes into Italian.

Boomerang (South Korean TV channel)

Boomerang (Korean: 부메랑; RR: Bumerang) is a South Korea version of the original American Boomerang television channel in the United States and was a pay television channel created by Turner Broadcasting which primarily shows animated programming. It was launched on 14 November 2015.The channel airs Korean animated series, along with Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and Hanna Barbera Series. Some shows that air include: Chowder, Ben 10 (2005), Hello Carbot, Turning Mecard, Wacky Races (1968) and (2017) and others.

CNN Türk

CNN Türk is a Turkish pay television news channel, launched on 11 October 1999 as the localised variant of American channel CNN. It broadcasts exclusively for Turkey and it is owned by the WarnerMedia News & Sports and Demirören Group. Its headquarters are in Istanbul.

Cartoon Network (Dutch TV channel)

Cartoon Network is a Dutch TV channel which primarily airs animated programming in the Netherlands and Belgium. This version is available in the Dutch and English languages. Some providers offer the Dutch language only.

Cartoon Network (Germany)

Cartoon Network is a German pay television channel broadcasting cartoons, based in Munich. Cartoon Network Germany is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Cartoon Network (Turkey)

Cartoon Network Turkey is a cable/satellite channel that mainly broadcasts cartoons and was launched on January 28, 2008 and is owned by Doğan Yayın Holding under license from Warner Bros. Europe.

Castle Rock Entertainment

Castle Rock Entertainment is an American film and television production company founded in 1987 by Martin Shafer, director Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman, Glenn Padnick and Alan Horn. It is a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

Flagship Entertainment

Flagship Entertainment is a film production company based in Hong Kong and a joint venture between WarnerMedia and a China Media Capital–led consortium established in 2015 that includes TVB.

Previously, Warner was in a joint venture, the production and distribution company Warner China Film HG, with state-owned China Film Group and Hengdian Group, owner of Hengdian World Studios from 2006 to 2009.

LTS Garðbær Studios

LTS Garðbær Studios (also known as LazyTown Entertainment) is a studio located in Garðabær, Iceland, which succeeded Lazy Shows (founded in 1992). The studio's productions included television series LazyTown. The studio was founded in 2003 by Magnús Scheving and his partners Guðmundur Þór Kárason and Raymond P. Le Gué. In 2011, Turner Broadcasting System acquired LTS and in 2014 Turner moved the studio to the UK. LTS owns Wit Puppets and the creative studio from Le Gué Enterprises BV. As of 2019 the rights to the LazyTown brand are owned by Warner Bros. through its Global Kids and Young Adults unit.

Mezzo TV

Mezzo is a French television channel devoted to classical music (including opera and ballet), jazz and world music. It was formed in 1992 and was called France Supervision until 1998. In 2010 it added a sister channel, Mezzo Live HD.

In January 2008 it introduced a new filler feature, Divertimezzo, renamed Intermezzo in 2011, consisting of video clips fashioned from its programmes, with the usual wide range of music.

In the Scandinavian region the channel is distributed by Scandinavian television broadcaster NonStop Television, part of Turner Broadcasting. In Portugal it is available in basic cable, RF output in FTTH services and as a digital channel across platforms.

Ricochet (TV production company)

Ricochet, part of Warner Bros. Television Productions UK, is an independent television production company that produces factual and entertainment programmes for broadcast by networks in both the UK and US.

Ricochet joined the Shed Media Group in 2005.

TNT Comedy

TNT Comedy is a German pay television channel launched on 8 May 2012 as Glitz. It is owned by Turner Broadcasting System.In August 2013, SES Platform Services won an international tender by Turner Broadcasting System, to provide playout services for Glitz, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, TNT Film and TNT Serie for the German-speaking market, digitisation of existing Turner content, and playout for Turner on-demand and catch-up services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland the Benelux region, from November 2013.On 1 April 2014 the channel was renamed TNT Glitz and started broadcasting via satellite on Sky Germany. The slogan Here shines the sun ("Hier scheint die Sonne") was changed to ' 'We are pink ("Wir sind pink").

TNT Serie

TNT Serie is a German pay television channel dedicated to broadcast television series.

Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty is a British independent television production company which joined the Shed Media Group (now Warner Bros. Television Productions UK) in September 2007. The company produces documentaries, current affairs, drama, living history, and children's television.

WB Channel

WB Channel is a cable and satellite television channel that was launched on March 15, 2009 by the WarnerMedia division of AT&T and WarnerMedia Entertainment exclusively for the Indian subcontinent. The channel features a mix of Hollywood films and television dramas from the WB Vault. As of 2019, the channel is fully managed Warner Bros. through its India unit.

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