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Toon Disney was an international pay television channel brand that was owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide, a subsidiary of Disney–ABC Television Group. A spin-off of the Disney Channel, the channel mostly aired children's animated series and some live action programming. Its format had similarities to those of Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, and Nicktoons. The channel's target audience was children ages 2–11,[1] and children ages 7–14 during its nighttime block called Jetix. The US version of Toon Disney shut down on February 13, 2009, after nearly 11 years, and was succeeded by Disney XD, which has carried some programs previously seen on Toon Disney. The final channel bearing the Toon Disney brand, the channel in Italy, closed down in 2011.

Toon Disney
Toon Disney's final logo, starting from September 2005 - February 2009
LaunchedApril 18, 1998
ClosedFebruary 13, 2009 (US)
2011 (Italy)
Owned byDisney Channels Worldwide
Picture format720p (HDTV)
480i (SDTV)
SloganBuilt From The Best Toons (1998-2004)
CountryUnited States
HeadquartersBurbank, California, U.S.
Replaced byDisney XD (U.S.)
Disney Cinemagic (U.K.)
Sister channel(s)Disney Channel
Playhouse Disney
Timeshift serviceToon Disney +1 (Europe)


Toon Disney was launched at noon Eastern Time on April 18, 1998, in honor of Disney Channel's 15th anniversary by Disney/ABC Networks on digital tiers of DirecTV, Marcus Cable and EchoStar. The first show aired on the network was The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1940) and other Mickey Mouse shorts. At 7 PM that day, its nighttime block, "The Magical World of Toons", was launched. In the next five months, Toon Disney furthered its programming to cable subscribers such as Americast. At its launch, the channel shared half of its assigned series with the Disney Channel.[2] The channel had no advertising until its viewership reached a set number.[1] On January 31, 1999, the first annual Pumbaa Bowl was broadcast.[3]

By September 2000, the channel was expected to reach 20 million subscribers, and thus, would start showing advertising. Ad sales would be handled by Disney Kids Network.[4] In the Fall of 2000, Disney launched its first overseas Toon Disney channel in the United Kingdom.[5]

In June 2001, Toon Disney US launched its "Most Animated Kid Search". The Santa Claus Brothers had its world premiere on the channel in December.[3] In September 2002, eight new shows joined the line-up as part of Toon Disney's fall schedule.[3][6]. In commemoration of the network's fifth anniversary in April 2003, the channel held a "Toon Disney's Magical Adventure Sweepstakes" in which three winners along with 3 family members each won a trip to Disneyland Resort to see Disney's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular.[3]

On February 14, 2004, the Jetix programming block began on Toon Disney and ABC Family as a part of the Jetix programming alliance of ABC Networks Group, Fox Kids Europe and Fox Kids Latin America.[7][8] The block consisted of the entire acquired Fox Kids/Saban Entertainment action library as the result of a bulk buy-out by The Walt Disney Company in summer 2001, as well as some original programming. Some shows, like The Legend of Tarzan, aired under both the Toon Disney and Jetix brands. The UK channel switched over to Disney Cinemagic in March 2006.[9]

In 2004, 4 new markets added a Toon Disney channel with three in Europe with Germany also adding a time shift channel.[10] In December, Walt Disney Television International India launched a Toon Disney channel with three language audio tracks (English, Tamil and Telugu)[11] at the same time as it debuted along with Disney Channel on Star TV.[12] In 2005, a Toon Disney channel was launched for the Nordic countries, as well as[10] another one for Japan.[13] A Hindi-language audio track was introduced on Toon Disney in India on September 1, 2005.[14]

The Toon Disney/Big Movie Show premiere of The Polar Express on December 22, 2006 was the channel's highest prime time rating with 1.35 million viewers. On January 27, 2007, Toon Disney launched its weekend afternoon programming block called "The Great Toon Weekend."[15]

In February 2009, Toon Disney US switched over to the Disney XD format and name.[16] Some shows that were formerly on Toon Disney US began airing on Disney XD US. Except for Toon Disney Arab, Toon Disney and Jetix were succeeded by September 2009 with Disney XD or the Disney Channel.[17]


  • The Big Movie Show is an afternoon block of movies started in November 2004.[18]
  • Jetix was a block using programming from the Saban/Marvel library held by ABC Family Worldwide and additional original programming launched on February 14, 2004 with the block having 12 hours of weekly prime time programming to start.[7][8][19] By the time of Toon Disney's dissolution in February 2009, Jetix had taken up more than half of the network's programming schedule, airing for 12 hours on weekdays and 19 hours on weekends.
  • The Magical World of Toons was Toon Disney's prime time block upon the launch of the channel. During the week, shorts and series showcasing Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Timon & Pumbaa, Hercules, Aladdin, Doug and Pepper Ann. The block's weekend consisted of animated features, mostly of those created for the home video market, like The Return of Jafar and The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, as well as some theatrical releases including A Goofy Movie, Alice in Wonderland and The Brave Little Toaster. (1998–2001)[2][20]
  • Princess Power Hour was a block featuring Disney Princesses Jasmine and Ariel in showcasing episodes of Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. (2000–?[20])
  • Chillin' With The Villains ran on Sundays with a mini-marathon featuring a villain. (2000–?[20])
  • The Great Toon Weekend (GTW) was its weekend afternoon programming block for Saturday and Sunday starting at noon of seven hours of programming a day beginning on January 27, 2007. The Great Toon Weekend started off with a two-hour movie under the banner of "Big Movie Show" followed by five hours of back-to-back episodes of the following shows: Aladdin, Timon & Pumbaa, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, The Emperor's New School and Lilo & Stitch.[15]
  • Hangin' with the Heroes began in January 2002 was a weekend block consisting of two hours of Aladdin, Hercules and Gargoyles.[3]

International versions

Market Type Launch date Replaced by Replaced by date
United States channel April 18, 1998[2] Disney XD February 13, 2009[16]
Japan channel December 2005[13] Disney XD August 2009[21]
United Kingdom and Ireland channel September 29, 2000[5] Disney Cinemagic March 2006[9]
India channel December 17, 2004[22][23] Disney XD November 14, 2009[23]
Vietnam block on HTV7 February 2007[24]
France channel November 2, 2002 Disney Cinemagic 2007[10]
Germany channel November 2004[25] October 14, 2011[10]
+1 channel 2004 Disney Cinemagic +1 2010[26]
Italy channel 2004 discontinued(?) 2011[10]
Italy +1 time-shifted channel 2009 discontinued(?) 2011[10]
Scandinavia channel 2005 Disney XD 2009[10]
Spain channel Disney Cinemagic 2009[10]
Arab World channel[17]

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External links

Disney Cinemagic

Disney Cinemagic is a German pay television channel owned by Walt Disney Company Limited (UK) plus two programming blocks by Disney Channels Worldwide. It used to be broadcast on most countries in Western Europe; currently, formerly-branded Disney Cinemagic channels in France (Cinema Disney) and the United Kingdom and Ireland (Sky Movies Disney) are run by third parties which primarily airs films by the Walt Disney Studios.

Disney Junior (Israel)

Disney Junior Israel is a digital Israeli-language television station owned by The Walt Disney Company.

In Israel, the channel launched on July 18, 2011 on YES satellite and on November 27, 2013 on HOT Cable. Its programming is aimed at young children and their parents.

Disney XD

Disney XD is an American pay television channel that is owned by The Walt Disney Company through Disney Channels Worldwide. Aimed primarily at children ages 6–15, its programming consists of original first-run television series, current and former original series and made-for-TV films from sister network Disney Channel, theatrically-released films, and acquired programs from other distributors, including Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon and Beyblade Burst.

The channel offers an alternate Spanish-language audio feed, either via a separate channel with the English track removed as part of a package of Spanish-language television networks sold by subscription providers or a separate audio track accessible through the SAP option, depending on the provider.

As of January 2016, Disney XD is available to 77.5 million households in the United States.

Disney XD (Indian TV channel)

Disney XD was an Indian children's television channel, which was launched on 14 November 2009 to replace Toon Disney. The channel was replaced by Marvel HQ on 20 January 2019 at 12 PM.

Disney XD (Scandinavia)

Disney XD is a children's channel that broadcasts 16 hours a day, between 6:00 and 22:00 CET. It replaced Jetix and Toon Disney on September 12, 2009. Jetix used to end its broadcast daily at 6:00 PM. Disney XD is funded by advertising, as was Jetix, while Toon Disney was commercial-free.

Much of the distribution used by the two former channels is taken over by Disney XD. This includes the analogue frequency in YouSee's cable network, previously used by Jetix and Hallmark Channel. The channel is also available terrestrially in Denmark from November 1, 2009, via the Boxer platform. Jetix was granted a license to broadcast terrestrially in Sweden in March 2008, but were yet to use it due to transmission disputes.

The targeting ages are 6 to 15.

Donald's Quack Attack

For the video game, see Donald Duck: Goin' QuackersDonald's Quack Attack is an American television series which ran on The Disney Channel and was later rerun on Toon Disney. It premiered on November 2, 1992, along with Mickey's Mouse Tracks, on The Disney Channel. It featured Disney animated short films, especially those with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Each episode lasted about 22–28 minutes, leaving some time for commercials.. A similar Mickey Mouse version was called Mickey's Mouse Tracks, however, unlike Mouse Tracks, Quack Attack was run with a manic energy. In between the cartoon shorts, a screen would appear with a random background color (pink, blue, green, etc.) With a clip in the corner from a random Donald Duck cartoon. There was a thermometer with Donald's head on the bottom. When the clip showed Donald getting angry, the head on the thermometer would go up and make a dinging sound. This was called the "Quack Attack Meter." This 10-25 second clip would appear 2 to 4 times per show, depending on how long the shorts were. The credits for the show did not name anyone. Instead, it stated, "The cartoons in this program are the work of the animators from THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY over the past 60 years." When the show premiered in 1992, it was meant to replace Donald Duck Presents. It was not possible to know what episode was going to be shown on any given day, but the show did feature showings of some shorts that do not show up on The Ink and Paint Club along with some shorts made by the Fleischer brothers, and clips from the animated features, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Lady and the Tramp. Donald's Quack Attack aired on The Disney Channel from 1992 to 2000, and on Toon Disney from 1998 to December 2002. From April 2001 to December 2002, Quack Attack usually aired weekdays at 5 a.m., and every night at midnight. When Quack Attack aired on Toon Disney, there were short commercial breaks in between each cartoon, unlike the airings on The Disney Channel. On some episodes, the first cartoon was cut from the episode to make room for commercial breaks.


Jetix (formerly Fox Kids in most countries) is a defunct worldwide children's television programming block owned by Jetix Europe, Jetix Latin America and ABC Cable Networks Group (The Walt Disney Company). The Jetix brand was used for children's blocks and channels featuring action-related and adventure-related live-action and animated programming, most of which had previously aired on Fox Kids, as well as some original programming. In the United States, the block aired on Toon Disney (from 2004–2009) and on ABC Family (from 2004–2006). The Jetix brand (alongside Toon Disney) switched over to Disney XD in 2009 (or Disney Channel in certain European countries) in accordance with the company's focus on its Disney, ABC, and ESPN brands. The last remaining Jetix in the world in Russia, switched over to Disney Channel on August 10, 2010.

List of Disney XD TV channels

Disney XD is a brand of children's TV channels owned by The Walt Disney Company. Since its American debut on February 13, 2009, the brand was launched in other markets. The channel was formerly known as Toon Disney and/or Jetix in most areas.

List of programs broadcast by Disney Channel (France)

This is a list of programs broadcast by Disney Channel (France). It does not include Disney XD, Disney Junior, Disney Cinemagic, Toon Disney, TF1, Gulli, Jetix, or Playhouse Disney programs.

List of programs broadcast by Jetix

This is a list of television programs broadcast by Jetix around the world, now known as Disney XD.

List of programs broadcast by Toon Disney

This is a list of television programs that have been broadcast by Toon Disney in the United States. The channel was launched on April 18, 1998 as a spinoff of Disney Channel, and aired mostly syndicated animated programming, ranging from action to comedy.

The first program broadcast on Toon Disney was the Mickey Mouse segment from Fantasia titled "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". It was followed by a sampling of other Mickey Mouse shorts and episodes of Timon and Pumbaa, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Goof Troop, TaleSpin, and Aladdin.The list does not include the programs that were introduced as Jetix, a block on Toon Disney that ran from 2004 to 2009.

An asterisk (*) indicates the show was integrated into Disney XD's initial lineup.

Mickey's Mouse Tracks

Mickey's Mouse Tracks is an American animated television series on The Disney Channel which ran from 1992 to 1995, and featured Disney cartoons and animated short films, dating from before the advent of The Disney Channel. A similar show was Donald's Quack Attack. The show premiered on November 2, 1992, along with Donald's Quack Attack, on The Disney Channel. The show was made to replace Good Morning, Mickey!. A show identical to this show called Mickey Mouse and Friends premiered in 1994. It was not possible to know what episode was going to be shown on any given day, but the show did feature showings of some shorts that do not show up on The Ink and Paint Club along with some shorts made by the Fleischer brothers, and clips from the animated features, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland. In 1999, the show was replaced by Mickey Mouse Works, later given a plot as House of Mouse. In between each cartoon, a short segment featured a small clip of a Mickey Mouse cartoon, accompanied by the Mouse Tracks logo. In addition to airing on The Disney Channel from 1992 to 1996, the show also ran on Toon Disney from 1998 to 1999.

Recess (TV series)

Recess is an American animated series created by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere (credited as "Paul and Joe") and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, with animation done by Grimsaem, Plus One Animation, Sunwoo Animation, and Toon City. The series focuses on six elementary school students and their interaction with other classmates and teachers. The title refers to the recess period during the daily schedule, in the North American tradition of educational schooling, when students are not in lessons and are outside in the schoolyard. During recess, the children form their own society, complete with government and a class structure, set against the backdrop of a regular school.

Recess premiered on ABC on August 31, 1997, as part of the One Saturday Morning block (later known as ABC Kids). Beginning on September 11, 1999, it also began airing on UPN as part of its block, Disney's One Too. The series ended on November 5, 2001, with 127 episodes and six seasons in total. The success and lasting appeal of the series saw it being syndicated to numerous channels, including

ABC's sister channels Toon Disney, which later became Disney XD, and Disney Channel.

In 2001, Walt Disney Pictures released a theatrical film based on the series, Recess: School's Out. It was followed by a direct-to-video second film entitled Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street that same year. In 2003, two more direct-to-video films were released: Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade and Recess: All Growed Down. The characters also made an appearance in a 2006 episode of Disney's Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

Teacher's Pet (TV series)

Teacher's Pet (also known as Disney's Teacher's Pet) is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and directed by Timothy Björklund.

The series follows a 9-year-old boy and his dog who dresses up as a boy. Created by Gary Baseman—the artistic designer for the Cranium board game—Bill Steinkellner, and Cheri Steinkellner, it was broadcast on Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC and later Toon Disney, from 2000 to 2002.

Teamo Supremo

Teamo Supremo is an American animated television series created by Phil Walsh. Animated in the limited animation style pioneered by Jay Ward, predecessors which inspired its style, it tells of three superhero children: Captain Crandall, Skate Lad, and Rope Girl. These three protect their state from all sorts of supervillains, such as the evil Baron Blitz, and the shape-changing femme fatale known as Madame Snake.

The series debuted on ABC as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning block on January 19, 2002, where most of its first season aired. However, it started regularly airing on Toon Disney in September of that same year, where most of its second season premiered. During the spring of 2003, about half of its second season premiered on ABC Kids. In September 2003, it was taken off ABC Kids to make room for Lilo & Stitch: The Series, leaving the rest of the episodes to premiere on Toon Disney. Thirty-nine episodes were made, with seventy-six total stories.

The Weekenders

The Weekenders is an American animated television series created by Doug Langdale. It centers on the weekend life of four seventh graders: Tino, Lor, Carver, and Tish. The series initially aired on ABC and UPN, but was later moved to Toon Disney.

The Wizard of Oz (TV series)

The Wizard of Oz is an animated television series produced by DIC Animation City in 1990 to capitalize on the popularity of the 1939 film version, to which DiC had acquired the rights from Turner Entertainment, Co.. The series featured thirteen episodes and premiered on ABC, starting on September 8, 1990. It also aired on YTV from 1990 to 1995 in Canada. Reruns aired on Toon Disney from 1998 to 2002.

What's with Andy?

What's with Andy? is a Canadian children's animated series loosely based on the Just! book series by Australian author Andy Griffiths. The protagonist of the series is Andy Larkin, a mischievous youth and the self-proclaimed "world's greatest prankster". The show follows him as he tries to perform elaborate practical jokes, or pranks, on people in the fictional town of East Gackle.

Andy's best friend, Danny Pickett, helps him out with almost every prank. His enemies include his older sister, Jen Larkin, and the bullies Peter Lik and Andrew Leech. Andy has a crush on a girl named Lori Mackney and usually tries to impress her. He often breaks the fourth wall when the screen freezes in black and white – a distinctive feature of the show referred to as "Doodle Vision".

Wish Kid

Wish Kid is an American animated television series that originally aired on Saturday mornings from September 14, 1991, through July 1992 on NBC, although a few repeats aired from 1998, through 2002 on Toon Disney after that. Produced by DiC Animation City, the series starred pre-teen movie star Macaulay Culkin.

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