Tonlé San

Tonlé San, also known as Tonlé Se San or Sesan River, is a river that flows through central Vietnam and north-east Cambodia. It is a major tributary of the Mekong River. A short portion of the river forms a part of the international border between Cambodia and Vietnam.

Sesan River in Stueng Treng, Cambodia
Women in Sesan district are washing their clothes in Tonle Sesan, the major tributary of the Mekong River that flows through Cambodia.

There are a number of hydropower dams on the Se San River and its tributaries. Where it joins the Srepok River in the Lower Se San 2 Dam. Upstream is the dam cascade: Se San 4A, Se San 4, Se San 3A, Se San 3, Yali Falls. On the Dak Po Ko River is the Plei Krông dam. There are also several dams on tributaries of the Dak Bla, incl the Dak Snghé, tributary of the Dak Bla, is the Upper Kontum dam and hydropower plant, which discharges into the Tra Khuc River, and the Dak Doa [1].

Tonlé San
Ya Krong Po Ko
Tonlé San
Tonlé San
Native nameSông Sê San  (Vietnamese)
CountryVietnam, Cambodia
Physical characteristics
 - locationconfluence of Dak Psi and Dak Po Ko
 - coordinates14°36′23″N 107°50′25″E / 14.6063°N 107.8404°E
 - location
 - coordinates
13°32′10″N 105°57′54″E / 13.536°N 105.965°ECoordinates: 13°32′10″N 105°57′54″E / 13.536°N 105.965°E
Basin size17,000 km2 (6,600 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionTonlé San—MekongMekong DeltaSouth China Sea

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The Krong Poko River (also called the Ya Krong Poko, Ia Krong Poko, Ya Crong Poko, or the Krong Po Ko) is a major tributary of the Tonlé San river in the Central Highlands, Vietnam.

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Schistura daubentoni is a species of ray-finned fish in the stone loach genus Schistura. Iyt is found in the middle Mekong drainage in central Laos and northern Cambodia, including the Tonlé San and lower Kong River and it is considered that it is probably found in the reaches of the Mekong between these areas and in eastern Thailand. The specific name honours François d’Aubenton a zoologist at the Muséum National d’Histoire naturelle in Paris, who collected type specimen in 1964.

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Veun Sai District (Khmer: វើនសៃ) is a district located in Ratanakiri Province, in north-east Cambodia. The town of Veun Sai is located in the district. It is approximately 38 km north by road of Banlung and is located on the Tonlé San River. The headquarters of Virachey National Park are located in the village. The village is populated by Khmers and many ethnic minorities including Kreung, Lao, and Chinese. Across the Tonle San river are a small Lao village and a small Chinese village.

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