Tomoyo Shibata

Tomoyo Shibata (柴田 倫世 Shibata Tomoyo, born December 23, 1974 in Chikushino, Fukuoka, Japan, official name Tomoyo Matsuzaka) is a former announcer for Nippon TV in Japan.

Shibata is the wife of pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka.[1] They met during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, married in 2005, and have two children, one daughter and one son.[2]

While secretly dating in 2000, Shibata became embroiled in a national scandal with Matsuzaka. On August 30, 2000, Matsuzaka's drivers license was suspended for the next two months for a speeding violation of greater than 50 km/h over the legal limit. Two weeks into the suspension, on September 13, 2000, Matsuzaka drove a car owned by the Seibu Lions [3] to Shibata's home although he did not possess a valid driver's license at the time. During the overnight visit, Matsuzaka illegally parked his car outside Shibata's home. His car was ticketed and towed by the police, and to cover up the offense Akira Kuroiwa, then Public Relations Manager for the team, lied to the police that Kuroiwa operated the car and committed the parking violation that night. The cover-up was blown by a tabloid whose photojournalist recorded the whole incident. Both men were prosecuted, and Matsuzaka paid 195,000 yen in fine.[4] Details of the story caused a scandal, embarrassing Matsuzaka and his team, the Seibu Lions.[3]


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Daisuke Matsuzaka

Daisuke Matsuzaka (松坂 大輔, Matsuzaka Daisuke, [matsɯꜜzaka daisɯ̥ke]; born September 13, 1980) is a Japanese professional baseball pitcher for the Chunichi Dragons of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). He has played for the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Seibu Lions of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

Matsuzaka was selected the MVP of the inaugural and the second World Baseball Classic, and is an Olympic bronze medalist.He is the first player to have won both a World Series and a World Baseball Classic.

List of Japanese announcers

This is a list of announcers on Japanese television and radio.

Shibata (surname)

Shibata (written: 柴田 lit. "brushwood, rice field" or 芝田) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Ai Shibata (柴田 亜衣, born 1982), Japanese swimmer

Akane Shibata (柴田 あかね, born 1988), Japanese field hockey player

Aki Shibata (芝田 安希, born 1981), Japanese volleyball player

Ayumi Shibata (柴田 あゆみ, born 1984), Japanese singer

Chieno Shibata (柴田 智恵野, born 1953), Japanese swimmer

Go Shibata (柴田 剛, born 1975), Japanese film director

Hidekatsu Shibata (born 1937), Japanese voice actor

Hidetsugu Shibata (born 1975), Japanese comedian

Hiroyuki Shibata (柴田 博之, born 1963), Japanese long jumper

Jun Shibata (born 1976), Japanese singer-songwriter

Kanjuro Shibata XX (1921–2013), kyudo master and bowmaker

Shibata Katsuie (1522–1583), Japanese military commander

Shibata Katsutoyo (1556–1583), Japanese samurai commander

Katsuyori Shibata (born 1979), Japanese professional wrestler and mixed martial artist

Kayoko Shibata (born 1980), Japanese actress, singer and model

Kiyonari Shibata (born 1973), Japanese middle-distance runner

Kuniaki Shibata (born 1947), Japanese professional boxer

Kunio Shibata (柴田 国男, born 1948), Japanese cross-country skier

Shibata Naganori (1538–1580), Japanese military commander

Noriyoshi Shibata (born 1966), Japanese photographer

Ryo Shibata (born 1987), Japanese figure skater

Ryuichi Shibata (born 1983), Japanese butterfly swimmer

Satoru Shibata, current president of Nintendo of Europe

Seiji Shibata (born 1938), Japanese fencer

Shingo Shibata (born 1985), Japanese footballer

Sosuke Shibata (柴田 壮介, born 2001), Japanese footballer

Shibata Takenaka (1823–1877), emissary for Japan

Tetsuya Shibata (born 1973), Japanese video game music composer and sound director

Tomoyo Shibata (born 1974), Japanese announcer

Toshio Shibata (born 1949), Japanese photographer

Toyo Shibata (柴田 トヨ, 1911–2013), Japanese poet

Tsunekichi Shibata (1850–1929), film director in the early 20th century

Yoshitomi Shibata (born 1966), Japanese jockey

Yumiko Shibata (born 1964), Japanese voice actress

Shibata Zeshin (1807–1891), Japanese painter and lacquerer


Tomoyo (ともよ, トモヨ) is a unisex Japanese given name. Tomoyo is a variant transcription of the name Tomoko.


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