Tim Schadla-Hall

Tim Schadla-Hall is an English archaeologist who specialises in the study of how the archaeological discipline interacts with the public. He is affiliated with the Institute of Archaeology at University College London in Bloomsbury, central London, where he now works as a Reader in Public Archaeology.

In 1971, Schadla-Hall gained his BA in archaeology from the University of Cambridge, before attaining his MA there in 1974.[1] His first book, Tom Sheppard: Hull's Great Collector, was published in 1989.

From 1985 to 1997, Schadla-Hall and Paul Mellars co-directed an excavation of the Mesolithic settlement site of Star Carr in North Yorkshire; it had previously been excavated by Grahame Clark in the late 1940s and early 1950s.[2]

Schadla-Hall is editor of the journal Public Archaeology.[3]



Title Year Publisher Other
Tom Sheppard: Hull's Great Collector 1989
Art Treasures and War 1998 Co-written with Wojciech W. Kowalski
Public Archaeology 2004 An edited volume, with Nick Merriman


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