Tieling County

Tieling County (simplified Chinese: 铁岭县; traditional Chinese: 鐵嶺縣; pinyin: Tiělǐng Xiàn) is a county in northeast Liaoning Province of Northeast China. It is under the administration of Tieling City.

Tieling County
Skyline of Tieling County
Location of the county

Location of the county
Tieling County is located in Liaoning
Tieling County
Tieling County
Location in Liaoning
Coordinates: 42°13′N 123°47′E / 42.217°N 123.783°ECoordinates: 42°13′N 123°47′E / 42.217°N 123.783°E
Country People's Republic of China
Province Liaoning
Prefecture-level city Tieling
Elevation 77 m (254 ft)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Website http://www.tielingxian.gov.cn/tltlx/index/index.html

Administrative Divisions[1]

There are 8 towns and 7 townships under the city's administration.


  • Aji (阿吉镇), Zhenxibao (镇西堡镇), Xintaizi (新台子镇), Yaobao (腰堡镇), Fanhe (凡河镇), Pingdingbao (平顶堡镇), Dadianzi (大甸子镇)


  • Cainiu Township (蔡牛乡), Shuangjingzi Township (双井子乡), Xiongguantun Township (熊官屯乡), Liqianhu Township (李千户乡), Jiguanshan Township (鸡冠山乡), Hengdaohezi Manchu Ethnic Township (横道河子满族乡), Baiqizhai Manchu Ethnic Township (白旗寨满族乡)


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