Tiedong District, Anshan

Tiedong District (simplified Chinese: 铁东区; traditional Chinese: 鐵東區; pinyin: Tiědōng Qū) is a district of the city of Anshan, Liaoning province, People's Republic of China. It is the seat of Anshan's government and the main business and shopping district of the city.

Leishishan Park, Renmin Park, 219 Park and Dongshan Park, are located here. The Jade Buddha Palace, housing the world's largest statue of Buddha made from jade, is a major tourist attraction and located at the northeast of 219 Park. Anshan museum is located beside the temple.

Tiedong district contains two universities: Anshan Normal University and Liaoning University of Science and Technology.

Elementary Schools
  • Huayu Elementary School
  • Lieshishan Elementary School
  • Shengli Elementary School
  • Gangdu Elementary School
  • Shannan Elementary School
  • Dongchangdian Elementary School
  • 219 Elementary School
  • Zhangda Elementary School
  • Xiangyang Elementary School
  • Changqing Elementary School
  • Gardens Elementary School
  • Hunan Elementary School
  • Tiedong Teachers' College for Vocational Studies Affiliated Elementary School
  • Qinghua Elementary School
  • Fengguang Elementary School
  • Xinhua Elementary School
  • Heping Elementary School
  • Nanchangdian Elementary School
Middle Schools
  • No.2 Middle School
  • No.15 Middle School(华育外国语实验学校)
  • No.26 Middle School
  • No.29 Middle School
  • No.31 Middle School
  • Huayu Foreign Language Experimental School (华育外国语实验学校)
  • Anshan Normal University Middle School
High Schools
  • No.1 High School
  • No.9 High School
  • Angang High School
  • Tianjiabing Senior High School
  • Tiyuchang Road Vocational Senior High School
  • Qianshan Senior High School
  • Tianjiabing Senior High School
  • Lankai Fine Arts Senior High School
  • Xinyuan Senior High School
Location in Anshan

Location in Anshan
Country People's Republic of China
Province Liaoning
Prefecture-level city Anshan
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Administrative divisions

There are 12 subdistricts.[1]


  • Dongchangdian Subdistrict (东长甸街道)
  • Changdian Subdistrict (长甸街道)
  • Hunan Subdistrict (湖南街道)
  • Changqing Subdistrict (常青街道)
  • Jiefang Subdistrict (解放街道)
  • Shannan Subdistrict (山南街道)
  • Yuanlin Subdistrict (园林街道)
  • Shengli Subdistrict (胜利街道)
  • Zhanqian Subdistrict Subdistrict (站前街道)
  • Gangcheng Subdistrict (钢城街道)
  • Heping Subdistrict (和平街道)
  • Duilu Subdistrict (对炉街道)


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