Theodore Roosevelt IV

Theodore Roosevelt V (born November 27, 1942), commonly known as Theodore Roosevelt IV, is an investment banker and managing director at Barclays Capital Corporation. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Economic Club of New York, and the Foreign Policy Association, and serves on the Advisory Council of Represent.Us, a nonpartisan anti-corruption organization. Roosevelt is also a prominent conservationist.[1] His name suffix varies since President Roosevelt's father was Theodore Roosevelt Sr., though the same-named son did not commonly use a "Jr" name suffix.

Theodore Roosevelt IV
Theodore Roosevelt IV - Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2012
Roosevelt at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions in 2012
Theodore Roosevelt IV

November 27, 1942 (age 76)
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materHarvard University (A.B., M.B.A.)
Known forBusiness, Conservationist, Former Navy SEAL
Political partyRepublican
Constance Lane Rogers (m. 1970)
ChildrenTheodore Roosevelt V
Parent(s)Theodore Roosevelt III
Anne Mason Babcock
RelativesSee Roosevelt family

Early years

Theodore Roosevelt IV was born on November 27, 1942. He is the only son of Theodore Roosevelt III (1914–2001) and Anne Mason Babcock (1917–2001).[2] He earned his bachelor's degree from Harvard University in 1965. At Harvard, he was a member of the Porcellian Club.[3] In 1972, he earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School, where he was a member of the HBS Rugby Club.[4][5]

Roosevelt is a great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. As an Oyster Bay Roosevelt, and through his ancestor Cornelius Van Schaack Jr., he is a descendant of the Schuyler family.[6][7] His maternal grandparents were George Wheeler Babcock (1879—1950) and Anne Mason Bonnycastle Robinson (1886—1923).[8][9]


After college, he went to the Navy and was commissioned on as an ensign in the Naval Reserve on June 16, 1965, and he served as a U.S. Navy officer with Underwater Demolition Team 11 (BUD/S Class 36).[10] After completing BUDS he served for two years in Vietnam with the Navy SEALs. He remained in the Naval Reserve after leaving active duty and was promoted to lieutenant commander on April 1, 1974.

He would later then go onto serving in the U.S. State Department as a foreign service officer in Washington, D.C. and the Upper Volta.[5]

Public service

Roosevelt is Chair of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions,[11] a Trustee of the Alliance for Climate Protection, a member of the Governing Council of The Wilderness Society (United States), and a Trustee for the American Museum of Natural History, the World Resources Institute,[12] and The Cultural Institutions Retirement System. He is also a Counselor for the China–U.S. Center for Sustainable Development. He sits on the Advisory Council of the nonpartisan anti-corruption organization Represent.Us,[13] where he served as a consultant in the crafting of the American Anti-Corruption Act.

At the Republican Convention in 2000, Roosevelt gave the speech on the environment. He gave the keynote speech at the National Governors Association Annual Meeting in 2001 as well as the keynote address at the Governors Conference on Climate Change in April 2008 sponsored by Yale University. Most recently, he spoke at the Conference of Parties Climate Summit in December 2009 in Copenhagen sponsored by the European Union Parliament.

On April 18, 2016, the day before the New York Republican primary, Roosevelt endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for president of the United States.[14]

Personal life

In 1970, Roosevelt married Constance Lane Rogers. They had one son: Theodore Roosevelt V.


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Quentin Roosevelt II

Quentin Roosevelt II (November 4, 1919 – December 21, 1948) was the fourth child and youngest son of Theodore "Ted" Roosevelt III and Eleanor Butler Alexander. He was the namesake of his uncle Quentin Roosevelt, who was killed in action in 1918 during World War I. His elder brothers were World War II veterans Theodore Roosevelt IV and Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt III. He was a grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Roosevelt family

The Roosevelt family is an American business and political family from New York whose members have included two United States Presidents, a First Lady, and various merchants, politicians, inventors, clergymen, artists, and socialites. Progeny of a mid-17th century Dutch immigrant to New Amsterdam, many members of the family became locally prominent in New York City business and politics and intermarried with prominent colonial families. Two distantly related branches of the family from Oyster Bay on Long Island and Hyde Park in Dutchess County rose to national political prominence with the elections of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt (1901–1909) and his fifth cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933–1945), whose wife, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, was Theodore's niece.

Theodore Roosevelt (disambiguation)

Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919) was the 26th President of the United States.

Theodore Roosevelt may also refer to:

Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. (1831–1878), the President's father

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. (1887–1944), the President's eldest son

Theodore Roosevelt III (1914–2001), the President's grandson

Theodore Roosevelt IV (born 1942), the President's great-grandson

Theodore Roosevelt V (born c. 1976), the President's great-great-grandson

Theodore Roosevelt Association

The Theodore Roosevelt Association (TRA) is a historical and cultural organization dedicated to honoring the life and work of Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919), the 26th President of the United States.

The group is based in Oyster Bay, New York, where Roosevelt spent summers in his youth and would relocate in his adulthood.

Theodore Roosevelt III

Theodore Roosevelt IV (June 14, 1914 – May 2, 2001), commonly known as Theodore Roosevelt III, was an American banker, government official, veteran of World War II, and a grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt through his father, Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt Jr., a politician and World War II military leader, and Eleanor Butler Alexander. His name suffix varies since President Roosevelt's father was Theodore Roosevelt Sr., though the same-named son did not commonly use a "Jr" name suffix.

Theodore Roosevelt V

Theodore Roosevelt VI (born circa 1976), known as Theodore Roosevelt V, is an American businessman and environmentalist. Theodore is a great-great-grandson of 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and through his ancestor Cornelius Van Schaack Jr., he is a descendant of the Schuyler family. His name suffix varies since President Roosevelt's father was Theodore Roosevelt Sr., though the same-named son did not commonly use a "Jr" name suffix. Hence, President Roosevelt's son is referred to as "Junior", though he was actually Theodore Roosevelt III, and the confusion regarding the names' suffixes continues to this day.

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