The Trespasser (novel)

The Trespasser is a 1912 novel by D. H. Lawrence. Originally it was entitled the Saga of Siegmund and drew upon the experiences of a friend of Lawrence, Helen Corke, and her adulterous relationship with a married man that ended with his suicide. Lawrence worked from Corke's diary, with her permission, but also urged her to publish; which she did in 1933 as Neutral Ground.

The Trespasser
AuthorD. H. Lawrence
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherGerald Duckworth and Company Ltd
Publication date
Media typePrint
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The biographer Brenda Maddox writes in D. H. Lawrence: The Story of a Marriage (1994) that The Trespasser was reviewed by the translator Constance Garnett, who found its last fifty pages comparable in quality to the work of "the best Russian school."[2]

Standard edition

  • The Trespasser (1912), edited by Elizabeth Mansfield, Cambridge University Press,1981, ISBN 0-521-22264-8


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