The Punk Rock Movie

The Punk Rock Movie (also known as The Punk Rock Movie from England) is a British 1978 film that was assembled from Super 8 camera footage shot by Don Letts, the disc jockey at The Roxy club during the early days of the UK punk rock movement, principally during the 100 days in 1977 in which punk acts were featured at The Roxy club in London.

The Punk Rock Movie
The Punk Rock Movie
Directed byDon Letts
StarringJohn Lydon
Sid Vicious
Soo Catwoman
CinematographyDon Letts
Release date
CountryUnited Kingdom


The spikiest home movie of the Seventies captured an embryonic rock revolution. ...Verité rock had become verité celluloid almost by accident.[1]

Roxy club disc jockey Don Letts was given a Super 8 camera as a present by fashion editor Caroline Baker.[2] When Letts started to film the acts at The Roxy, it was soon reported that he was making a movie, so Letts determined to film continuously for three months. He needed to sell his possessions in order to continue to purchase film.[1]

A preliminary, 60-minute version of the film was shown in autumn of 1977 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. This resulted in the cover story, "Punk Home Movies" in Time Out magazine.[1]

The film features live footage of The Clash, Sex Pistols, Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, Generation X, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Slits, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Eater, Subway Sect, X-Ray Spex, Alternative TV and Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers. Backstage footage of certain bands, such as Generation X, The Slits and Siouxsie and the Banshees, is also included.[3]

All live footage was shot at the Roxy, except that of the Sex Pistols, who were filmed at The Screen On The Green cinema in London on 3 April 1977. The performance was Sid Vicious' first public concert with the band.[4]

The film was subject to limited theatrical release in 1978.[5] It was also subject to limited video release at that time by Sun Video (1978) and Danton Video (1980).[6] It was also released on video in 1992 by Studio K7. Versions of the film were released on DVD between 2006 and 2008, though these releases were subject to criticism for sound reproduction and digital transfers that were considered to be inferior to the original. In addition, concerns were expressed that the soundtrack now included overdubbed material, as opposed to the original live recordings.[7][8]

Segments (of 1987 VHS)

  • Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen [Live] (2:12)
  • Shane MacGowan of the Nipple Erectors dancing to the Clash - White Riot [single] (2:01)
  • Eater backstage (0:56 length)
  • Slaughter and the Dogs - Cranked Up Really High [Live] (2:50)
  • Backstage with Generation X rehearsing "Listen" a cappella (1:02)
  • Generation X - Walking In The City [Live] (2:04)
  • Generation X - Kleenex [Live] (1:08)
  • unidentified female band member in studio playing guitar
  • Crystal Clear takes snaps of The Slits practicing (1:56)
  • Ari Up & Joe Strummer on bus listening to Joe Gibbs & Professionals - "Jubilation Dub" (1:19)
  • The Clash - White Riot [Live] (1:38)
  • The Clash goof off while the tour bus is repaired (1:38)
  • The Clash - Garageland [Live] (0:58)
  • Topper Headon & Ari Up on bus (unknown Reggae plays) (0:23)
  • The Slits - Vaseline [Live] (2:13)
  • Paul, Joe & Ari Up mess about on bus - which is pulled by Police (to unknown Reggae) (0:37)
  • Subway Sect - Why Don't You Shoot Me [Live] (2:40)
  • Alternative TV - working up song in studio (1:31)
  • Police busting punk shop "Boy" for window display [to unknown Reggae] (2:02)
  • Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - F*** Off [Live] (1:10)
  • Soo Catwoman interviewed [to unknown Reggae] (0:26)
  • Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - F*** Off [Live] continued (0:30)
  • Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - Cream In My Jeans [Live] (2:18)
  • Police busting punk shop "Boy" for window display [to unknown Reggae] continued (0:48)
  • Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - end of unknown song [Live] (0:24)
  • Alternative TV - working up song in studio continued (0:55)
  • Eater backstage (0:27)
  • Eater - No Brains [Live] (3:30)
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees - Bad Shape [Live] (2:20)
  • The Slits - New Town (2:44)
  • Alternative TV - working up song in studio continued (1:05)
  • Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks [Live] (2:34)
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees backstage taking pills (1:24)
  • The Heartbreakers and The Banshees on bus (1:03)
  • The Heartbreakers backstage (0:28)
  • Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers - Born To Lose [Live] (2:38)
  • The Heartbreakers and The Banshees on the bus with Don Letts (0:46)
  • Siouxsie backstage doing her makeup (0:49)
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Story Of A Man Who Has An Impaled Affair With A Carcass (3:08)
  • Siouxsie backstage with vodka (0:10)
  • The Clash - 1977 [Live] (1:25)
  • Soo Catwoman interview continued (0:41)
  • Punk girl interviewed to The Saints - I'm Stranded (0:46)
  • X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage! (1:49)
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees backstage (0:54)
  • Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks [Live] (1:22)
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees backstage (0:15)
  • Sex Pistols - Lazy Sod (1:49)
  • Sex Pistols - Liar (1:45)
  • Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (0:35)
  • Sex Pistols - New York (2:00)
  • Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen (3:07)
  • Johnny Rotten in Jamaica destroying a children's record player (1:35)


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Ari Up

Ariane Daniela Forster (17 January 1962 – 20 October 2010), known by her stage name Ari Up, was a German vocalist best known as a member of the English post-punk band The Slits.

Big Audio Dynamite

Big Audio Dynamite (later known as Big Audio Dynamite II and Big Audio, and often abbreviated BAD) are an English band formed in London in 1984 by Mick Jones, the former lead guitarist of the Clash. The band is noted for its effective mixture of varied musical styles, incorporating elements of punk rock, dance music, hip hop, reggae, and funk. Big Audio Dynamite's one constant throughout frequent shifts in membership and musical direction is the vocals provided by Mick Jones. After releasing a number of well-received albums and touring extensively throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Big Audio Dynamite broke up in 1997. In 2011, the band embarked on a reunion tour.

Don Letts

Donovan Letts (born (1956-01-10)10 January 1956) is a British film director, DJ and musician. Letts first came to prominence as the videographer for The Clash, directing several of their music videos. In 1984, Letts co-founded the band Big Audio Dynamite with Clash guitarist Mick Jones, acting as the group's sampler and videographer before departing the band in 1990.

Letts also directed music videos for Musical Youth, The Psychedelic Furs, The Pretenders and Elvis Costello as well as the feature documentaries The Punk Rock Movie (1977) and The Clash: Westway to the World (2000).

Garageland (song)

"Garageland" is a song by English punk rock band The Clash featured as the final track for their 1977 debut album The Clash.

The song was written by Joe Strummer as a response to music journalist Charles Shaar Murray, who, after a gig in 1976, wrote a review saying that they were "the kind of garage band who should be returned to the garage immediately". It also served as a declaration to their fans – and their new record company, with which they had signed a contract for £100,000 on 25 January 1977, – that they would still remain the same as they were before the signing.

Jayne County

Jayne County (born June 13, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter, actress and record producer whose career has spanned five decades. She was the vocalist of influential proto-punk band Wayne County & the Electric Chairs and has been known for her outrageous and unpredictable stage antics. She went on to become rock's first openly transgender singer.

County's music has encompassed a number of styles over the course of her career, including glam punk, punk rock, blues rock, and boogie-woogie. County did not think her birth name Wayne Rogers "sounded very glamorous" and decided to adopt the name of the county in which Detroit was located because she admired bands from that city "like Iggy [Pop] and all those people." Though she has never been a commercial success, she has been an influence on a number of musicians including David Bowie, the Ramones, Patti Smith, Pete Burns and Lou Reed, and many of County's songs have become well-known, including "Are You Man Enough to Be a Woman", "Fuck Off", "Stuck on You," and "Night Time". Pianist Jools Holland's first studio outing was with County on her single "Fuck Off". She also appeared as an actress at Andy Warhol's Factory.

List of punk films

This is a list of films about the punk subculture.

Serafim Karalexis

Serafim Karalexis is a film producer. He began as an experimental filmmaker while attending Boston University's School of Fine and Applied Arts. He imported the film "I Am Curious (Yellow)" into the US, which eventually went to the US Supreme Court. BYRNE v. KARALEXIS [396 U.S. 976] He was responsible for Billy Joel going to the Soviet Union for concerts in Leningrad and Moscow as an HBO Special. He has produced and distributed over 30 films in the US.

Soo Catwoman

Soo Lucas, better known as Soo Catwoman (often written incorrectly as Sue Catwoman), was associated with the London punk subculture that sprang up around the mid-1970s.

The Roxy (Covent Garden)

The Roxy was a fashionable nightclub located at 41–43 Neal Street in London's Covent Garden, known for hosting the flowering British punk music scene in its infancy.

The Slits

The Slits were a British post-punk band formed in London in 1976 by members of the groups The Flowers of Romance and The Castrators. The group's early line-up consisted of Ari Up (Ariane Forster) and Palmolive (a.k.a. Paloma Romero, who played briefly with Spizzenergi and later left to join The Raincoats), with Viv Albertine and Tessa Pollitt replacing founding members Kate Korus and Suzy Gutsy. Their 1979 debut album, Cut, has been called one of the defining releases of the post-punk era.

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