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The Digital Bits is a DVD-related website, established in 1997 by editor Bill Hunt. It includes frequent news updates about upcoming DVD releases, images of upcoming DVD cover art, and DVD reviews.

Additionally, the staff of The Digital Bits annually announce the winners of their "Bitsy Awards," recognizing achievements in DVD production throughout the year. Past winners of "Best DVD" Bitsy include the Ultimate Matrix Collection and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring — Special Extended Edition.

In 2007, The Digital Bits announced that it would no longer remain neutral in the high definition disc format war and, after careful consideration, sided with Blu-ray Disc. Their decision, an effort to save readers from buying a format destined to failure, was based on careful analysis of studio, manufacturing, and retail support of the competing formats. The Bits chose wisely: by March 2008, HD-DVD was discontinued.

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