The Batman vs. Dracula

The Batman vs. Dracula is a 2005 animated movie based on The Batman television series. It premiered on television and was later released on home video. It has a much darker tone than the show, and features Vicki Vale (in her first animated appearance, voiced by Tara Strong, who voiced Barbara Gordon / Batgirl on The New Batman Adventures).[1] The movie was released to DVD on October 18, 2005 and made its television debut on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on October 22, 2005. It was released on DVD as a tie-in with the live action Batman Begins. When the film was first aired on TV, the TV rating given was TV-Y7-FV as it was assumed that it was going to be in the same tone as the kids TV series. Subsequent airings have carried a TV-PG-V rating.

The Batman vs. Dracula
Batman vs. Dracula
DVD cover art
Directed by
Produced by
Written byDuane Capizzi
Based on
Music byThomas Chase Jones
Edited byMargaret Hou
Distributed byWarner Home Video
Release date
  • October 18, 2005
  • October 22, 2005
Running time
83 minutes (TV)
84 minutes (DVD)
CountryUnited States
South Korea


The Joker and the Penguin break out of Arkham, racing to find a stash of stolen money hidden in crypt at Gotham Cemetery. Joker is quickly intercepted by the Batman and is electrocuted when he falls into a river by his super-charged joy buzzers. Penguin enters the cemetery. While searching through a crypt, Penguin accidentally cuts his hand while using his umbrella-sword to open a coffin he hopes contains the money, finding a body instead. Blood from his hand drips on the corpse's heart, which brings it to life; it is none other than the vampire king Dracula, his body having been moved from Transylvania to Gotham City after his "death". Penguin is spared from being bitten thanks to a watchman, whom Dracula bites instead; once the watchman revives as a vampire, Dracula hypnotizes Penguin into serving him as daytime sentinel.

One night, the Batman witnesses a vampire attack, but decides to put the incident at the back of his mind and, as Bruce Wayne, proceeds to host a corporate party at his manor. Dracula arrives, disguised as cultural anthropologist Dr. "Alucard" , claiming to be visiting to study the Batman (believing his legacy had an influence on Batman's existence), and takes an interest in Vicki Vale, a reporter who is interviewing and dating Bruce. After failing to bite Bruce to quench his thirst, Dracula bites a waiter instead; the new vampire scares Bruce's butler Alfred. Bruce immediately deduces "Alucard" is Dracula, and the disappearances of Gotham citizens, who have been dubbed "Lost Ones" by the media, is because they are being turned into vampires. Due to eyewitnesses claiming to see a bat-like figure during the attacks, it's mistakenly reported Batman is the culprit. When Batman goes to Gotham Cemetery to look for Dracula, he is chased down by a SWAT unit, all of whose members are taken by Dracula as they chase him back into the city. During a fight with the Batman, Dracula offers to let him join his conquest of Gotham; Batman refuses. Just as Dracula has the Batman at his mercy, the sun rises and Dracula is forced to retreat, vowing to kill Batman for rejecting his offer.

At the cemetery, Joker reappears alive and well and confronts Penguin. He asks where the treasure is, thinking Penguin has already found it, chasing him into Dracula's tomb. However, despite Penguin's warning to not open Dracula's coffin, Joker ends up "breakfast in bed, freshly-squeezed" for Dracula, much to Penguin's disgust. Joker attacks a blood bank, leading to his capture by Batman. While the Batman attempts to concoct an antidote from the Joker's infected cellular structure, Alfred discovers that Dracula once had a vampire bride, Carmilla Karnstein, who was killed by sunlight. During his research, however, Bruce stands up an understanding Vicki, who is soon kidnapped by Dracula. Finally, the Batman is able to cure the Joker of his vampirism and ascertain the location of Dracula's lair in Gotham Cemetery before returning him to Arkham. He then proceeds to mass-produce the vaccine.

Dracula attempts to sacrifice Vicki's soul to reanimate Carmilla. Upon learning Vicki has been kidnapped, Batman rushes to Dracula's lair with his anti-vampirism vaccine and arsenal of weapons, defeating and curing all the "Lost Ones" that attack him in the catacombs beneath Gotham Cemetery. The Batman then frees Vicki, disrupting the reanimation ritual. Dracula sends the Penguin to recapture Vicki while he fights the Batman, who lures Dracula into the Batcave where Batman would have the advantages over the vampire. In an attempt to aid his master, Alfred injects Dracula with the anti-vampirisim vaccine, but it cannot cure a natural vampire. When Dracula resumes his pursuit, Batman incinerates him with his prototype solar energy storing machine by striking him with the sunlight that was stored within, reducing Dracula to a pile of ashes and bones. This also frees the Penguin from his control, who, while chasing Vicki, finally finds the hidden treasure that caused all the trouble in the first place. Sadly, for the Penguin, he is arrested and blamed for Dracula's kidnappings, causing the media to think he was forcing people to find the treasure. The Batman cleared of all charges and he resumes protecting Gotham.

Voice cast

Previous versions of The Batman vs. Dracula

The Batman Strikes #15: "The Lost Ones"

This moody tale, which guest stars the Penguin, serves as a companion piece to The Batman vs. Dracula, and introduces Count Dracula into Gotham City.

Even though the Penguin is under Dracula's control, this does not keep him from tending to his own business. He exploits the missing Gothamites/the Lost Ones by kidnapping citizens and holding them for ransom. He is aided by the Kabuki Twins.

As the issue comes to a close, Batman is about to apprehend the Penguin when he is rescued by Dracula. Dracula does not appreciate the exploitation of his activity and makes sure to keep the Penguin on a tighter leash.


Critical reaction to The Batman vs. Dracula has been positive. Maurice Cobbs of DVD Verdict said, "The Batman vs. Dracula was good enough that I wish it had been better, but in the final analysis, the product is exceptionally average. While there are good points to this production, they just aren't plentiful enough to overcome the flaws, and while this may be a spooky and entertaining diversion for the younger set, more mature viewers may be left wanting."[2] Batman-on-Film wrote, "Overall, I enjoyed The Batman vs. Dracula. If you group all the animated Batman movies together, this is one of the better ones. I give it a grade of B- and would tell any Bat-fan to add it to their Bat-DVD collection."[3] The World's Finest Online said, "In the end, the negatives barely register in the grand scale of things. The movie has an excellent story, great dialogue (sans puns), amazing animation, perfect voice actors and a score that keeps up and enhances them all. There’s very little not to like about this film."[4]

Kevin L. Carvell of Cinema Crazed said, "Though incredibly predictable and by the numbers, this is a really good and fun animated action horror combination that picks up the slack with Batman as he's supposed to be while fighting Dracula as he's supposed to be. Stormare approaches the role with enthusiasm making this all the more watchable."[5] The SF, Horror, and Fantasy Film Review wrote, "It feels more like a case of the comic-book canon having been twisted out of shape in order to make it work as a vampire story. The title team-up intrigues one, but you can’t help but think how much more depth and character could have been invested into the effort if The Batman vs. Dracula had been made as part of the Bruce Timm universe."[6]

The Batman vs. Hush

A second movie of The Batman titled The Batman vs. Hush that featured Hush as the main villain along with the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, and Clayface was planned for a long time. However, the film ended up being scrapped.[7] Before its cancellation, producer Alan Burnett had hopes of making one or two more DTV movies based on The Batman.[8]


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There is Dracula Tourism in Transylvania, Romania and in the United Kingdom.

The most well-known Dracula Tourism locations to visit in Romania are:

Bran Castle ("Castelul Bran"), considered to be the home of Dracula

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The ruins of the Poenari Fortress (considered to be the authentic Dracula's Castle)

The village of Arefu, where Dracula legends are still told

The city of Brasov, where Vlad led raids against the Saxons merchants.

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Duane Capizzi is an American writer and television producer. He is known for his extensive work in animated series for television, including the Emmy Award-winning Transformers: Prime for which he was Co-Executive Producer and Head Writer, and co-developed its follow-up Transformers: Robots in Disguise. For Warner Bros Animation, he was writer/producer of the animated series The Batman as well as its spin-off feature, The Batman vs. Dracula. He wrote the first DC Universe animated feature, Superman: Doomsday (based on The Death of Superman saga, and directed by Bruce Timm). Other animated series producing/writing credits include Jackie Chan Adventures, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, Men in Black: The Series, and series development on the CG animated Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles for Sony Pictures Television. He was Writer and Story Editor for both animated spin-offs of Jim Carrey movies, Ace Ventura Pet Detective and The Mask. He also wrote and story-edited for several 'Disney Afternoon' TV series including Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, TaleSpin, and Bonkers. He began his career in animation writing scripts for Robotech II: The Sentinels for Harmony Gold.The series was never produced, but led to writing and story-editing on ALF: The Animated Series.

In early 2019, Capizzi serves as showrunner for the animated TV series adaptation of Carmen Sandiego.

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The following is a list of cast members who voiced or portrayed characters appearing in the Batman films. The list is sorted by film and character, as some characters may have been portrayed by multiple actors.

List of The Batman characters

The following is a list of characters that have appeared in the television series The Batman, which ran from September 11, 2004, to March 22, 2008. The animation style bears a strong resemblance to that of Jackie Chan Adventures, since Jeff Matsuda was the chief character designer for both shows. Many of the supervillains who appear in the series, like the characters Joker, Penguin and Riddler (minus Two-Face), are very different from those of their comic counterparts (especially through their designs). While many characters adapted from the mainstream DC comics appear, some of them only appeared in the show's tie-in comic called The Batman Strikes. Characters that were planned for a guest appearance but ultimately did not appear were Wonder Woman, Bizarro, Vigilante, and Owlman.

List of The Batman episodes

The following is an episode list for the Kids' WB animated television series The Batman, starring the titular character. The series premiered on September 11, 2004, and ended on March 8, 2008, with a total of 65 episodes being produced and aired over the series' three-and-a-half-year run; each season comprised 13 episodes.

The first five seasons are available on DVD. A direct-to-DVD movie titled The Batman vs. Dracula, based on the series, was released in on October 18, 2005 and made its television debut on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on October 22, 2005. There is also a spin-off comic book series, The Batman Strikes!, published by DC Comics which is set in the same continuity and style of The Batman.

List of animated feature films of 2005

A list of animated feature films released in 2005

Michael Jelenic

Michael Jelenic is an American television writer, producer, and animator. He is best known for working on Teen Titans Go! alongside Aaron Horvath. He and Horvath both wrote the feature film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018).

He also developed Batman: The Brave and the Bold with James Tucker and the 2011 TV series ThunderCats with Ethan Spaulding, which both aired on Cartoon Network and were made by Warner Bros. Animation.

Peter Stormare

Peter Rolf Ingvar Storm (born 27 August 1953), known professionally as Peter Stormare (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈpeːtɛr ²stɔrːˌmarɛ] (listen)), is a Swedish actor, voice actor, theatre director, playwright and musician. He is known for his roles as Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo (1996) and John Abruzzi on Prison Break (2005–2007). He also appeared in the films The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Playing God (1997), The Big Lebowski (1998), Armageddon (1998), Dancer in the Dark (2000), Minority Report (2002), Bad Boys II (2003), Constantine (2005), 22 Jump Street (2014) and the video game Until Dawn (2015).

The Batman

The Batman is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation based on the DC Comics superhero, Batman. The series usually aired on Saturday mornings from September 11, 2004, through March 8, 2008, during the Kids' WB television block. The show first aired on the WB Network, and later moved over to the CW. The Batman won six Daytime Emmy Awards over the course of its run. Many elements from previous Batman story lines were borrowed and adapted, such as those from the comic books and film series (Batman: The Animated Series and the DC Animated Universe); however, it remains within its own distinct continuity. Jackie Chan Adventures artist, Jeff Matsuda, provided the character designs and also directed the series' finale. He altered the appearances of many of the comic books' super villains for the show—such as the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler. Also noteworthy is that The Batman is one of the few Batman television shows not to feature Two-Face. It was succeeded by Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

All five seasons are available to watch on DVD. In 2005, there was a direct-to-DVD movie titled, The Batman vs. Dracula, which was largely based on the series. The Batman also received a spin-off comic book series—The Batman Strikes!—published by DC Comics. The spin-off comic books were set in the same continuity and style as The Batman.

Vicki Vale

Victoria "Vicki" Vale is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the character debuted in Batman #49 (October 1948). Vicki Vale is a journalist, usually based in Gotham City, who has worked for a number of publications across various iterations of the character and the surrounding DC universe. She is frequently depicted as a romantic interest of Bruce Wayne, the alter-ego of Batman.

Kim Basinger portrayed Vale in the 1989 Batman film.

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