TDM (Macau)

TDM - Teledifusão de Macau, S. A. (TDM; Chinese: 澳門廣播電視股份有限公司), provides public broadcasting services in Macau, China. By running five digital terrestrial TV channels, one satellite TV channel and two radio channels, TDM provides local audiences with a wide range of content in Macau’s two official languages, Chinese and Portuguese, as well as having time-slots for English as well as Indonesian and Tagalog (Filipino), which reflects the multicultural nature of the city, with 95 percent of the population being the Chinese and five percent made up of the Portuguese and other ethnic groups.

In the new media era, TDM has extended its services by developing multimedia platforms, including the official website (, mobile app (TDM App), social media and content-sharing platforms, allowing local and international audience instant access to information about Macau.

TDM transmits eight television channels from mainland China locally, including CCTV-1, CCTV-13, CGTN, CGTN Documentary, Strait Television, Hunan TV World, Southeast Television, and GDTV World.

TDM - Teledifusão de Macau, S. A.
Type TV and Radio (Public Service Broadcast)
Country Macau, China
Launch date
March 26, 1982(TV Broadcast)[1]
Official website
TDM - Teledifusão de Macau, S. A.
TDM Building
TDM Headquarter at Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira, Macau
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 澳門廣播電視股份有限公司
Simplified Chinese 澳门广播电视股份有限公司
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu Pinyin Àoměn Guǎngbō Diànshì Gǔfěn Yǒuxiàngōngsī
Yue: Cantonese
IPA [ʔōumʊ̏n kʷɔ̌ːŋpɔ̄ː tɪ̀nsìː kǔːfɛ̌ːn jɐ̄uhàːŋkɔ́ːŋsíː]
Jyutping ou3 mun4 gwong2 bo3 din6 si6 gu2 fen2 yau3 haan6 gong1 si1
Portuguese name
Portuguese Teledifusão de Macau, S. A.


Ch № Channel Channel content Transmission Launch Date Website

Local Channels

91 TDM Ou Mun Free-to-air in Cantonese, first broadcasting channel of TDM Analog & Digital 17 September 1990 Website
92 Canal Macau Free-to-air in Portuguese Analog & Digital 17 September 1990 Website
93 TDM


Sports programs Digital 9 October 2009 Website
94 TDM Information News and financial information programs Digital 3 September 2012 Website
95 TDM HD HDTV of TDM Ou Mun or TDM Desporto Digital 15 July 2008 Website
96 澳門-MACAU

(TV Satellite Channel)

News and financial information programs Satellite 1 October 2009 Website

Mainland Channels

71 CCTV-1 Transmition of CCTV-1 Digital 20 December 2016 Website
72 CCTV-13 Live broadcast of CCTV-13 Digital 1 October 2009 Website
73 CGTN Live broadcast of CGTN Digital 15 July 2010 Website
74 CGTN Documentary Live broadcast of CGTN Documentary Digital 1 November 2011 Website
75 Strait Television Live broadcast of FMG Digital 1 April 2011 Website
76 Hunan TV World Live broadcast of HBS Digital 15 July 2010 Website
77 Southeast Television Live broadcast of FMG Digital 20 December 2017 Website
78 GDTV World Live broadcast of GRT Digital 8 February 2018 Website

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