Swiss Telegraphic Agency

The Swiss Telegraphic Agency (German: Schweizerische Depeschenagentur, SDA; French: Agence télégraphique suisse, ATS; Italian: Agenzia telegrafica svizzera, ATS) is the national press agency of Switzerland, founded in 1894.

The Swiss Telegraphic Agency is a non-profit organization, but is owned privately.

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2018 Zürich ePrix

The 2018 Zürich ePrix (formally the 2018 Julius Baer Zürich E-Prix) was a Formula E electric car race held before a crowd of about 150,000 spectators at the Zürich Street Circuit in Zürich, Switzerland on 10 June 2018. It was the tenth round of the 2017–18 Formula E season, the inaugural running of the event, and the first Swiss circuit race since the 1954 Swiss Grand Prix. The 39-lap race was won by Audi driver Lucas di Grassi after starting from fifth. Sam Bird finished second for Virgin and Dragon driver Jérôme d'Ambrosio came in third.

Jaguar's Mitch Evans won the first pole position of his career by recording the fastest lap in qualifying and he maintained his start line advantage on the first lap of the race. He held the lead for the next 17 laps despite reporting rising battery temperatures which limited his ability to harvest electrical energy under braking. Di Grassi gained positions by passing other drivers and he overtook Evans on the approach to the first corner at the start of lap eighteen to take the lead. He maintained first through the mandatory pit stops to change into a second car and he crossed the start/finish line after 39 laps with a seven and a half second advantage over Bird to claim his first victory of the season and the seventh of his career.

The consequence of the final positions meant Jean-Éric Vergne still led the Drivers' Championship despite a drive-through penalty for accelerating before a full course yellow was lifted to clear debris on the track. Bird narrowed Vergne's advantage to 23 points and di Grassi's win advanced him from sixth to third. Sébastien Buemi moved to fourth by finishing fifth and Felix Rosenqvist fell to fifth after scoring no points. Audi lowered Techeetah's advantage in the Teams' Championship to 33 points while Virgin maintained third with two races left in the season.

Agenzia Fides

Agenzia Fides is the news agency of the Vatican. It is based in the Palazzo de Propaganda Fide in Vatican City. It is part of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. It was formed on June 5, 1927, as the first missionary news agency of the Roman Catholic Church and was approved by Pope Pius XI.

Alexia Paganini

Alexia Paganini (born November 15, 2001) is a Swiss-American figure skater who currently represents Switzerland in ladies' singles. She is the 2017 CS Nebelhorn Trophy bronze medalist, the 2018 Halloween Cup champion, the 2017 Slovenia Open champion, and a two-time Swiss national champion (2018, 2019).

She placed 21st at the 2018 Winter Olympics representing Switzerland.

Channel 23

Channel 23 or TV23 may refer to several television stations:

TV23 (Cobb County), a cable-only government-access television channel in Cobb County, Georgia, USA

Israeli Educational Television, a state-owned public television network in Israel

Studio 23, a former television network in the Philippines

DWAC-TV, the flagship television station of ABS-CBN Sports+Action channel 23 in Metro Manila, Philippines

TV23, a news channel in Switzerland owned by Swiss Telegraphic Agency

European Alliance of News Agencies

The European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) is a federation of news agencies in Europe. The organisation was founded in 1956 and is based in Bern at the seat of the Swiss Telegraphic Agency (sda). EANA has currently 32 members (2015). EANA´s predecessor Agences Alliées was founded in 1924 and was active until the World War II when the activities were discontinued.According to its Statutes, the purpose of EANA is "to safeguard and promote the common interests of its members", "to secure that member news agencies can work as providers of unbiased news". EANA also states that it supports the principles of freedom of the press and shall strive to facilitate for member news agencies to work in accordance with these principles.According to LSE study of news agencies published in 2019, "because of their extensive embeddedness within national media systems, as well as their significant engagement with key stakeholders, news agencies offer a fruitful but neglected focus for a comprehensive and comparative study aiming to understand these structural changes in the contemporary media environment".Since 21 September 2018 EANA's President is Peter Kropsch, the CEO of German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa).For two years since 26 September 2014 EANA's President wass Clive Marshall, CEO of the British news agency Press Association (PA).Jonas Eriksson, the CEO of the Swedish TT News Agency was President between 2016 and 2018EANA offers each year a quality award to its members. In 2015 French news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) and its Global News Director, Michèle Léridon, have been awarded the EANA Award for Excellence 2015.

List of news agencies

News agencies were created to provide newspapers with information about a wide variety of news events happening around the world. Initially the agencies were meant to provide the news items only to newspapers, but with the passage of time the rapidly developing modern mediums such as radio, television and Internet too adapted the services of news agencies.

Founded in 1835 as Agence Havas, and changing its' name in 1944 Agence France-Presse (AFP) is the world's oldest news agency, and is the third largest news agency in the modern world after the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters. Founded in 1846, Associated Press (AP) was founded in New York in the U.S. as a not-for-profit news agency. Associated Press was challenged by the 1907 creation of United Press Associations by E.W. Scripps and the International News Service in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst. United Press absorbed INS to form United Press International in 1958. In 1851 Reuters was founded in England and is now the second largest news agency in the world with over 2000 offices across the globe. With the advent of communism in Russia, Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) was founded in 1925. Xinhua was later founded as Red China News Services in the Chinese Soviet Republic. Political change in the Third World resulted in a new wave of information dissemination and a series of news agencies were born out of it. These agencies later formed their own Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool (NANAP), which served as a premiere information service in the Third World.

Lukas Britschgi

Lukas Britschgi (born 17 February 1998) is a Swiss figure skater. He has won three senior international medals – silver at the 2017 Sofia Trophy, bronze at the 2017 Golden Bear of Zagreb, and silver at the 2018 Bavarian Open. In December 2018, he became the Swiss national champion.Britschgi trains in Schaffhausen and Frauenfeld, Switzerland, and in Oberstdorf, Germany.

Migros Bank

Migros Bank is a Swiss bank founded in 1958 by Gottlieb Duttweiler and belongs to the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. It has 67 branches in Switzerland (20 new between 2008 and 2016).In 2015, it has a balance sheet of 42 billions of Swiss francs and an income of 226 millions.

Oswald Sigg

Oswald Sigg (born 1944 in Zürich) is a Swiss journalist. In August 2005, he was elected Vice-Chancellor of Switzerland and Spokesman of the government of Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Council. He served as Spokesman until his retirement on 31 March 2009.

Sigg studied sociology and economics in St. Gallen, Paris and Berne. After graduating, he served as deputy spokesperson for the Federal Chancellery between 1975 and 1980, then as a spokesperson for the Federal Department of Finance (1975-1980), the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (1998-2004) and the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (2004-2005), under five different Federal Councillors. He also worked as editor-in-chief for the Swiss Telegraphic Agency (1988-1990) and spokesman for the management of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation between 1991 and 1997.He was one of the figureheads behind the popular initiative for an unconditional basic income submitted to popular vote in 2016.After beginning his political career with the BGB (the future Swiss People's Party), he is a member of the Social Democratic Party since 1973.

School strike for climate

The School strike for climate (also known variously as Fridays for Future, Youth for Climate and Youth Strike 4 Climate) is an international movement of school students who are deciding not to attend classes and instead take part in demonstrations to demand action to prevent further global warming and climate change. Publicity and widespread organising began when the climate activist Greta Thunberg staged an action in August of 2018 outside the Swedish Riksdag (parliament), holding a sign that read "Skolstrejk för klimatet" ("School strike for the climate").


A syringe is a simple reciprocating pump consisting of a plunger (though in modern syringes it's actually a piston) that fits tightly within a cylindrical tube called a barrel. The plunger can be linearly pulled and pushed along the inside of the tube, allowing the syringe to take in and expel liquid or gas through a discharge orifice at the front (open) end of the tube. The open end of the syringe may be fitted with a hypodermic needle, a nozzle or a tubing to help direct the flow into and out of the barrel. Syringes are frequently used in clinical medicine to administer injections, infuse intravenous therapy into the bloodstream, apply compounds such as glue or lubricant, and draw/measure liquids.

The word "syringe" is derived from the Greek σύριγξ (syrinx, meaning "Pan flute", "tube").

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