Subi language

Subi is a minor Bantu language of Tanzania, spoken on the southern shore of Lake Victoria. It is not listed in most sources, including Linguasphere. It has at times been confused with Shubi, though the two are not especially closely related.

Native toTanzania
RegionLake Victoria
Native speakers
Language codes
ISO 639-3xsj
Glottologsubi1247  (retired)[2]


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Babatana language

Babatana, also spelled Mbambatana, is the principal indigenous language of Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands. Although native to the South Choiseul coastline area between Sepa and the Manggo Bay area, the use of this language has spread across much of Choiseul Island and it is generally understood, much like Solomon Islands Pijin, across the province as a second or third language.


Subi may refer to:

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Subi language

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