Stunning and Brave

"Stunning and Brave" is the first episode in the nineteenth season of the American animated television series South Park. The 258th episode overall, it was written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker. The episode aired on Comedy Central on September 16, 2015. The episode primarily parodies political correctness within society with a focus on the acceptance and praise of Caitlyn Jenner. The episode also lampoons Tom Brady and the Deflategate scandal.

"Stunning and Brave"
South Park episode
Episode no.Season 19
Episode 1
Directed byTrey Parker
Written byTrey Parker
Featured music"Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silentó
"Genius of Love"
by Tom Tom Club
Production code1901
Original air dateSeptember 16, 2015


Mr. Mackey announces to the parents and students of South Park Elementary that Principal Victoria has been fired. She has been replaced by PC Principal, an aggressive, muscular man who promises to change South Park and make people aware of their racism and biases. When Kyle is given two weeks' detention for saying that Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero, his father, Gerald, confronts Principal, and when he refers to Jenner as Bruce Jenner, Principal becomes violent and throws them both out of his office. When Gerald, Randy Marsh, Stuart McCormick and others speak critically of Jenner at a college bar, they are confronted by a group of violent, politically correct college men who insist that Jenner is stunning and brave. The college men and Principal decide to form a fraternity house. At school, Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Butters convince Cartman to form a scheme to resolve the problem of Principal, invoking to him the image of Cartman's rule-breaking hero, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Cartman meets Principal in the restroom and uses Butters' underwear to attempt to frame him for child molestation, but is hospitalized after Principal violently assaults him for employing politically incorrect language.

Randy goes to the fraternity house and is inadvertently pledged into the group with the help of a large amount of alcohol. In the hospital, Cartman is ready to give up and accept that he and the rest of the gang are bigots, but Kyle refuses to accept this and is resolute in his position that Jenner is not a nice person. Randy and the other pledges shame Kyle by waking him to a room full of pigs painted with the word "biggit". After a dream where Cartman is simultaneously Tom Brady, Roger Goodell and Bill Belichick, with Brady evading consequences for his actions during the Deflategate scandal, Cartman pledges to Butters that he will get the better of Principal. After a brutal hazing, Kyle asks Stan to make Randy and his PC gang stop assaulting him. When Butters tells Cartman that Kyle is now the main target of the PC fraternity members, Cartman vows retribution. Cartman and others mount an assault on the fraternity house, but Kyle interrupts it, publicly calling Jenner a hero and brave. Everyone applauds Kyle, and a clip from the 2015 ESPY Awards is shown. The boys begrudgingly admit that political correctness is not going away any time soon, as Kyle observes that the only person who seems to have emerged victorious from this recent conflict is Cartman.


The episode received positive reviews. IGN's Max Nicholson gave the episode a 7.8 out of 10 and stated "South Park's latest episode took on political correctness with scathing wit and truly outrageous moments."[1] Chris Longo from Den of Geek rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars and said in his review that "it's easy to come away wanting more from this episode, although I thought the message was sound."[2] Writing for The A.V. Club, Dan Caffrey gave a B- rating to the episode and stated: "While the idea of equating the increasing mob mentality of the PC police with a hell-raising frat is funny at first, the comparison ultimately ends up being blunt, repetitive, and one-sided."[3] Jonathon Dornbush of Entertainment Weekly wrote that the show "points the finger at the faults of everyone else on both sides of the PC argument. And, if 'Stunning and Brave' is any indication, the show will continue to do so while remaining hilarious".[4] Writing for CBS Boston, Matt Dolloff praised Cartman's dream scene as "hilarious" and described it as the best part of the episode.[5]

Series co-creator Trey Parker received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance for this episode.[6]


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68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

The 68th Annual Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony was held over two nights on September 10 and 11, 2016. The nominations were announced on July 14, 2016. The ceremony is in conjunction with the annual Primetime Emmy Awards and is presented in recognition of technical and other similar achievements in American television programming, including guest acting roles. The awards were announced on September 10 and 11, 2016.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Marie Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner; October 28, 1949) is an American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal–winning decathlete.

Jenner played college football for the Graceland Yellowjackets before incurring a knee injury that required surgery. Convinced by Olympic decathlete Jack Parker's coach, L. D. Weldon, to try the decathlon, Jenner won the men's decathlon event at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, setting a third successive world record and gaining fame as "an all-American hero". Given the unofficial title of "world's greatest athlete", Jenner established a career in television, film, writing, auto racing, business, and as a Playgirl cover model.Jenner has six children with three successive wives—Chrystie Crownover, Linda Thompson, and Kris Jenner—and has since 2007 appeared on the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians with Kris, their daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Kris's other children Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob Kardashian. Assigned male at birth, Caitlyn Jenner publicly came out as a trans woman in April 2015. Her new name was publicly announced in July of that year, with her name and gender being legally changed the following September. From 2015 to 2016, Jenner starred in the reality television series I Am Cait, which focused on her gender transition. In January 2017, she underwent sex reassignment surgery. Jenner has been called the most famous openly transgender woman in the world.

Chef (South Park)

Jerome "Chef" McElroy is a cartoon character on the Comedy Central series South Park who was voiced by Isaac Hayes. A cafeteria worker at the local elementary school in the town of South Park, Colorado, Chef is generally portrayed as more level-headed than the other adult residents of the town, and sympathetic to the children. His guidance is often sought by the show's core group of child protagonists — Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick — as he is usually the only adult whom they consistently trust. To an inadvertent fault, he frequently gives inappropriate advice, usually in the non sequitur form of a lascivious soul song.

Chef was inspired by Hayes and other popular soul singers of the 1970s, as well as an actual dining hall worker encountered by series co-creator Trey Parker while he attended the University of Colorado. Chef played a less prominent role as the series progressed beyond its earlier seasons, and the character was retired at the beginning of the tenth season in "The Return of Chef" following the controversial departure of Hayes.


Deflategate was a National Football League (NFL) controversy involving the allegation that Tom Brady ordered the deliberate deflation of footballs used in the New England Patriots victory against the Indianapolis Colts in the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game of the 2014–15 NFL playoffs. The controversy resulted in Patriots quarterback Tom Brady being suspended for four games, the team being fined $1 million and losing two draft picks.For his alleged part in the scandal, Tom Brady was originally suspended by the league for four games of the 2015 regular season, which was upheld by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in an internal appeal. The matter moved to federal court, where Judge Richard M. Berman vacated Goodell's four-game suspension of Brady, allowing Brady to resume his playing duties for the entirety of the 2015 season. However, following the conclusion of the season, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated Brady's four-game suspension, which became effective for the 2016 regular season. After losing a request for a rehearing, Brady announced he would accept the suspension. The controversy remained a topic of discussion during the 2016 season, which concluded with the Patriots winning Super Bowl LI and Brady being named the MVP of the game. The season also saw the NFL change the procedure for monitoring football pressure.

Genius of Love

"Genius of Love" is a 1981 hit song by Tom Tom Club from their 1981 eponymous debut album. It reached number one on the Billboard Disco Top 80 chart.

Gil Santos

Gilbert A. Santos (April 19, 1938 – April 19, 2018) was an American radio play-by-play announcer for the New England Patriots of the National Football League, and morning sports reporter for WBZ radio in Boston. He was an inductee of the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame.He retired from WBZ radio in January 2009, and was inducted into the WBZ Radio Hall of Fame on July 9, 2009. The Patriots 2012 season was his final season of radio play-by-play.


"#HappyHolograms" is the tenth and final episode in the eighteenth season of the American animated television series South Park. The 257th episode overall, it was written and directed by series co-creator and co-star Trey Parker. The episode premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on December 10 2014. It is the second part of the two-part season finale which began with the previous episode, "#REHASH". The episode makes multiple references to earlier episodes over the season, as well as to previous seasons, while mainly lampooning the trend of culture constantly making trending topics with no actual relevance. It also lampoons news events such as the death of Eric Garner, the shooting of Michael Brown, the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, and the use of celebrity holograms. YouTube celebrity PewDiePie appeared as himself, continuing his story line from the previous episode.

Jared Has Aides

"Jared Has Aides" is the sixth season premiere of the adult American animated television series South Park, and the 80th episode of the series overall. It first aired on Comedy Central in the United States on March 6, 2002. The episode was rated TV-MA in the United States, except on syndicated broadcasts, where it is rated TV-14 instead. In the episode, weight loss advocate Jared Fogle incurs the wrath of South Park after he announces that he lost weight because he has aides (misinterpreted as AIDS). This leads the boys to try to use Butters as their own advocate for City Wok. The episode also parodies the film Philadelphia.

"Jared Has Aides" was written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker. The episode, which satirizes former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, was inspired after Parker saw several commercials featuring Fogle on television.

List of South Park Elementary staff

This page is a list of staff at South Park Elementary from the characters in the American animated television series South Park.

List of South Park characters

South Park is an American animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. The ongoing narrative revolves around four children, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick, and their bizarre adventures in and around the fictional and eponymous Colorado town. The town is also home to an assortment of characters who make frequent appearances in the show such as students and their family members, elementary school staff, and recurring characters.Stan is portrayed as the everyman of the group, as the show's official website describes him as "a normal, average, American, mixed-up kid". Kyle is the lone Jew among the group, and his portrayal in this role is often dealt with satirically. Stan and Kyle are best friends, and their relationship, which is intended to reflect the real-life friendship between South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, is a common topic throughout the series. Cartman—loud, obnoxious, and obese—is sometimes portrayed as the series' main antagonist and whose anti-Semitic attitude has resulted in an ever-progressing rivalry with Kyle. Kenny, who comes from a poor family, wears his parka hood so tightly that it covers most of his face and muffles his speech. During the show's first five seasons, Kenny would die in almost every single episode before returning in the next without explanation.

Stone and Parker perform the voices of most of the male South Park characters. Mary Kay Bergman voiced the majority of the female characters until her death in 1999. Eliza Schneider (1999–2003), Mona Marshall (2000–present), and April Stewart (2003–present) have voiced most of the female characters since. A few staff members such as Jennifer Howell, Vernon Chatman, John Hansen, Adrien Beard have voiced the other recurring characters.

List of South Park episodes

South Park is an American animated television sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for Comedy Central that debuted on August 13, 1997. The series originated from a pair of animated shorts titled The Spirit of Christmas, and the first episode of South Park originally aired on August 13, 1997 on Comedy Central. Intended for mature audiences, the show has become infamous for its crude language and dark, surreal humor that lampoons a wide range of topics. The story revolves around four boys—Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick—and their bizarre adventures in and around the eponymous Colorado town.

Episodes of South Park have been nominated for a variety of different awards, including 3 Annie Awards (with one win), 2 Critics' Choice Television Award (with no wins), 17 Emmy Awards (with five wins), 3 TCA Awards (with no wins), and received a Peabody Award. Several compilation DVDs have been released. In addition, the first twenty seasons have been released on DVD and Blu-ray.The show remains Comedy Central's highest rated program and second-longest-running, behind The Daily Show. A feature film, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, was released on June 30, 1999. Comedy Central has renewed South Park through 2019, which will bring the show to 23 seasons. Parker and Stone have expressed interest in continuing the series until Comedy Central cancels it. The twenty-second season, consisting of 10 episodes, premiered on September 26, 2018. As of December 12, 2018, 297 episodes of South Park have aired, concluding the twenty-second season.

List of South Park home video releases

South Park was first released on DVD in the United States by Rhino Home Video (subsidiary of Warner Music Group) in late 1998, but these DVD releases soon went out of print. They were then released in Europe starting in the year 2000. They were later re-released in the United States, starting in 2002. Paramount Home Entertainment (a sister company to Comedy Central) began releasing the seasons in Australia in October 2007.

Each of the box sets for the first 16 seasons has three discs, reduced to two discs starting with season 17. This article contains information on these season sets. In addition, a variety of compilations and special discs have also been produced, which are also detailed here.

List of awards and nominations received by South Park

This is a list of awards and nominations given to the animated television series South Park.

List of fictional fraternities and sororities

These are fictional fraternities and sororities from media such as film, novels and role playing games. If the fictional organization name is derived from another organization, it is included.

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance

This is a list of winners and nominees of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance.

In 2014, the award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance was separated into two categories – Outstanding Narrator and Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance. As with longform and reality, this split acknowledges and accommodates a general industry uptrend in the distinctly different achievements that are VO narration and VO character performance.

South Park (season 19)

The nineteenth season of the American animated sitcom South Park premiered on Comedy Central on September 16, 2015, and ended on December 9, 2015, containing ten episodes. As with most seasons of the show, all episodes are written and directed by series co-creator and co-star Trey Parker. The Blu-Ray and DVD sets were released exclusively to Best Buy on August 16, 2016, and were available worldwide on September 6.Much like the previous season, this season features an episode-to-episode continuity, (which the creators called 'serialized lite') with political correctness as a recurring theme. This season introduced PC Principal as a new major character, replacing South Park Elementary's previous principal, Principal Victoria.

This season featured planned "dark weeks", weeks where no new episodes aired. These were after episode three, episode six, and episode eight.

Subject matter in South Park

South Park has attempted to cover and satirize a large number of topics over the course of its run. South Park Studio's use of computer animation allows it to edit episodes in days, quickly commenting on recent events, including Elián González, 2000 U.S. presidential election, the capture of Saddam Hussein, and the election of Barack Obama/Donald Trump. The creators also have engendered a mix of socially liberal and fiscally conservative viewpoints, espousing a libertarian ideology in both real life and on the show. However, the show's creators call themselves "equal opportunity offenders", and reject the notion that they are trying to put forth any consistent ideological agenda through the show.

Trey Parker filmography

The following is the filmography of American actor, voice artist, animator, screenwriter, director, producer, comedian, singer, and songwriter Trey Parker.

Where My Country Gone?

"Where My Country Gone?" is the second episode of the nineteenth season of the animated television series South Park, and the 259th episode overall, written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker. The episode premiered on Comedy Central on September 23, 2015. It parodies illegal immigration to the United States and the 2016 presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, along with Caitlyn Jenner and political correctness.

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