Stormy Peters

Stormy Peters is an information technology industry analyst and prominent free and open source software (FOSS) advocate, promoting business use of FOSS. She advocates as a consultant and conference speaker. She co-founded, and was later appointed as executive director of the GNOME Foundation. She previously worked for Mozilla,[1] and Cloud Foundry.[2] As of June 2018 she works for Red Hat[3][4]

Peters's birth name is Robyn; however, she has not gone by that name since her childhood.[5]

Stormy Peters
Stormy Peters, GUADEC 2008
Stormy Peters at GUADEC 2008
BornRobyn Peters
OccupationInformation technologist
EmployerRed Hat
Known forfree and open source software advocacy


Peters completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in computer science at Rice University and initially worked as a software engineer for Hewlett-Packard in their Unix development team.[6]

In approximately 1999 Peters was managing the HP-UX desktop development and became aware of the GNOME project when the team decided to provide GNOME on HPUX. Peters had a role in explaining the Open Source business and intellectual property models to Hewlett-Packard management. She later founded the Hewlett-Packard Open Source Program office.[7] In 2000 she became one of the founding members of the GNOME Foundation Advisory board.[8]

In December 2005 Peters became Director of Product Management for OpenLogic, an Open Source services company.[9] In July 2008 Peters left OpenLogic and became the executive director of the GNOME Foundation.[8] Her role was in coordinating with sponsors, business development and marketing.[7] In November 2010 she left to Mozilla.[1] Since August 2011 she has been a member of the GNOME Board of Directors.[10]

Peters has given keynote talks to many Open Source conferences including the Open Source Business Conference,[6], the 2008[11] and 2009[12] GNOME.Asia summit in Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City respectively, and the Ohio Linuxfest in 2010.


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