Sternotomis variabilis

Sternotomis variabilis, the Lesser Jewel Longhorn Beetle, is a species of flat-faced longhorn beetles belonging to the family Cerambycidae.

Sternotomis variabilis
Cerambycidae - Sternotomis variabilis
Museum specimen of Sternotomis variabilis
Scientific classification
S. variabilis
Binomial name
Sternotomis variabilis


  • Sternotomis variabilis var. brunnea Breuning, 1935
  • Sternotomis variabilis var. coerulenscens Breuning, 1935
  • Sternotomis variabilis var. rufofasciata Breuning, 1935
  • Sternotomis variabilis var. semicyanea Breuning, 1935
  • Sternotomis variabilis var. semirufescens Breuning, 1935


Sternotomis variabilis can reach a body length of 23–24 millimetres (0.91–0.94 in). The colors and markings of these longhorn beetles are very variable (hence the Latin name of the species). The coloration may be blue, dark green, greyish green or reddish brown, with white, pale blue, yellow or ochreous markings. Usually a wide, ochreous transverse band partially covers the pronotum and the elytra.


This species can be found in Angola, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda.



Sternotomis is a genus of beetle belonging to the family Cerambycidae.

Vincent Allard

Vincent Allard (18 December 1921 – 22 January 1994) was a Belgian entomologist.

Born at Braine l'Alleud, south Brussels, Vincent Allard received his medical studies in France where he obtained several degrees from the University of Paris and Institut Pasteur in 1947 and 1948.

In 1949 he was in the United States where he studied fungal diseases at the Harvard Medical School.

Then he lived in Zaïre where he developed laboratories and was professor of histology general until 1975.

He published several books and many works on Coleoptera.

He had a very large collection of beetles, all accurately named.


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