Stenoplesictidae is the name of a family of extinct civet-like animals, such as Stenoplesictis.

Temporal range: Eocene–Middle Miocene
Scientific classification


  • Subfamily Stenoplesictinae
    • Genus Shandgolictis (Hunt, 1998)
      • Shandgolictis elegans (Hunt, 1998)
    • Genus Asiavorator (Spassov & Lange-Badré, 1995)
      • Asiavorator altidens (Spassov & Lange-Badré, 1995)
    • Genus Moghradictis (Morlo, Miller & El-Barkooky, 2007)
      • Moghradictis nedjema (Morlo et al., 2007) [Lower Miocene, Wadi Moghra, Egypt]
    • Genus Africanictis (Morales, Pickford, Soria & Fraile, 1998) (also assigned to Percrocutidae)
      • Africanictis meini (Morales et al., 1998) [Middle Miocene, Africa]
      • Africanictis schmidtkittleri (Morales et al., 1998) [Middle Miocene, Africa]
    • Genus Mioprionodon (Schmidt-Kittler, 1987)
      • Mioprionodon pickfordi (Schmidt-Kittler, 1987)
    • Genus Stenoplesictis (Filhol, 1880)
      • Stenoplesictis muhoronii (Schmidt-Kittler, 1987)
      • Stenoplesictis cayluxi [Oligoceno Inferior, Quercy, Francia]
      • Stenoplesictis minor [Oligoceno Inferior, Quercy, Francia]
      • Stenoplesictis crocheti
      • Stenoplesictis indigenus (Dashzeveg, 1996) [Mongolia]
    • Genus Palaeoprionodon (Filhol, 1880)
      • Palaeoprionodon lamandini (Filhol, 1880) [Lower Oligocene, Quercy, France]
    • Genus Anictis (Kretzoi, 1945)
      • Anictis simplicidens (Schlosser, 1890) [Lower Oligocene, Quercy, France]
    • Genus Haplogale
      • Haplogale media (Filhol, 1882) [Lower Oligocene, Quercy, France]
    • Genus Viretictis (Bonis, Peigné & M. Hugueney, 1999)
    • Viretictis sp. [Upper Oligocene, Coderet-Bransat, France]
  • Subfamily Proailurinae
    • Genus Stenogale (Schlosser, 1888)
      • Stenogale julieni [Lower Miocene, Aquitanian, Saint-Gérand, France]
      • Stenogale intermedia [Lower Oligocene, Quercy, France]
      • Stenogale bransatensis [Upper Oligocene, Coderet-Bransat, France]
      • Stenogale aurelianensis [Lower Miocene, France]
    • Genus Proailurus (Filhol, 1879) (also assigned to Felidae)
      • Proailurus lemanensis (Filhol, 1879) [Lower Oligocene, Quercy, France; Upper Oligocene, Coderet-Bransat, France]
      • Proailurus gracilis (Filhol, 1877) [=Stenogale gracilis] [Lower Oligocene, Quercy, France]
      • Proailurus brevidens (=Stenogale brevidens)


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