The statvolt is a unit of voltage and electrical potential used in the esu-cgs and gaussian system of units. The conversion to the SI system is exactly

1 statvolt = 299.792458 volts.
(The conversion factor 299.792458 is simply the numerical value of the speed of light in m/s divided by 106)[1]
The statvolt is also defined in the cgs system as 1 erg / esu.[1]

It is a useful unit for electromagnetism because, in a vacuum, an electric field of one statvolt/cm has the same energy density as a magnetic field of one gauss. Likewise, a plane wave propagating in a vacuum has perpendicular electric and magnetic fields such that for every gauss of magnetic field intensity there is one statvolt/cm of electric field intensity.[1]

The abvolt is another option for a unit of voltage in the cgs system.

Unit systemesu-cgs and gaussian
Unit ofvoltage and electrical potential
Unit conversions
1 statV in ...... is equal to ...
   SI derived units   299.792458 volt
   cgs   1 erg / esu


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