St Francis Roman Catholic Grammar School

For the school of the same name in Quetta, Pakistan, see St Francis Grammar School.

St Francis RC Grammar School
MottoCervus ad Fontes
(Latin for The Hart to the Font)
Religious affiliation(s)Roman Catholic
FounderFather Francis Dunne
Houses4 houses
Final HeadmasterCanon Bell
DioceseHexham and Newcastle

St Francis RC Grammar School, also known as St Francis Xavier Grammar School,[1] was a Catholic grammar school for boys, in Hartlepool, County Durham, England. It opened on 17 September 1956[2] and was subsumed into The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College along with St Joseph's Convent School and four more local Catholic schools in 1973.[3] It was run by the Xaverian Brothers.[3]

Head Teachers

Headteacher Start year End year
Brother Anselm BA[4][2] 1956 undated
Canon John "Dickie" Bell.[3] undated 1973

Teachers and Brothers

Teacher Subject(s) Additional notes
Father John Bell[3] Latin Became a Canon and Headmaster of both St Francis and later The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College.
Brother Aiden[4] RK
Brother Ambrose[4] Latin
Brother Brendan[2] unknown
Brother Chrysostum[3] unknown
Brother Cuthbert[4] Maths and Football
Brother Francis[4] French
Brother Osmund[3] Geography
Brother Oswald[4] unknown
Brother Plunkett[4] unknown
Mrs Shirley Corcoran[3] Biology First full-time female teacher at the school.
Mr Wm. Lanford BSc[2] unknown
Mr Chris Lawton[4] Chemistry and Geography
Mr Gilles Legal[3] French & Russian
Mr Patrick (Paddy) Alley. Maths and Rugby
Mr Ian Bewick Art
Mr David Hudson Chemistry
Father Fred Martin English
Mr Jack McCabe[4] P.E.
Father Frank McCabe Latin
Mr Derek Mylroi[3] Geography
Mr Patrick Naughton English
Mr Vin Shanley[5] History Later became Headmaster at St Michael's Roman Catholic School in Billingham as well as publishing several books containing "hilarious stories".
Mr David Turley Maths
Mrs Bell[4] Dinner Lady


There were four houses within the school: Percy, Swalwell, Errington, and Thirkeld. In the same way as the later English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College would name its houses after the English Martyrs, the houses of St Francis Grammar School were named after the following:







  • Wooler Road, the main site.[6]


  • Grange Road. Now a pub known as 'The White House'.[7]

Notable alumni

Reunion Groups


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Xaverian Brothers

The Xaverian Brothers or Congregation of St. Francis Xavier (CFX) are a religious institute founded by Theodore James Ryken in Bruges, Belgium in 1839 and named after Saint Francis Xavier. The institute is dedicated to Roman Catholic education in Belgium, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo, England and the United States.

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