St. Willebrord Catholic Church

St. Willebrord Catholic Church is located in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was built by Dutch immigrants, beginning in 1889. The church was dedicated to St. Willibrord. The church is spelled Willebrord (with an "e" in the middle) because stonemasons made a mistake when carving the name. St. Willebrord Catholic Church was a regular place of worship for Vince Lombardi[1] and is one of the stops on the Packers Heritage Trail.[2][3][4]

St. Willebrord Catholic Church
St. Willebrord Catholic Church
LeadershipNorbertine Order
Location209 S. Adams St
MunicipalityGreen Bay
Architectural styleGothic
Groundbreaking1889 work started, cornerstone laid June 14, 1891
MaterialsBrick, wood, painted plaster, terrazzo.


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Packers Heritage Trail

The Packers Heritage Trail is a self-guided walking tour that traverses locations relating to the history of the Green Bay Packers. 22 of the sites have bronze commemorative plaques. 21 sites are located within a two-mile radius of downtown Green Bay.


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