Sputnik (search engine)

Sputnik is a web search engine owned by the Russian state-owned telecommunications company Rostelecom.[3] It markets itself as an engine geared towards "local services". At the end of the week of the launch, it was responsible for 0.01% of the search engine traffic in Russia, compared with 62% for Yandex and 28% for Google.[4] It went through the maximum in February 2016, with 11 thousands hits (compared with 121 million hits of Yandex). In January 2017, Sputnik was the 15th most popular search engine in Russia, with 1 / 32,000 times the hits of Yandex. The experts generally consider Sputnik as a failed project and note that it only exists because of the state funding.[5]

Logo of Sputnik.ru (beta, 2014-05-25)
Type of site
Web search engine , and a browser
Available inRussian
Alexa rankNegative increase 52,608 (As of 14 May 2019)[1]
RegistrationOptional , free
Launched22 May 2014[2]


Sputnik Browser
Initial releaseSeptember 30, 2015
Stable release(s)
; Windows

4.1.2584.0 (March 11, 2019[6])


2.3.8 (June 20, 2018[7])

Android (September 21, 2018[8]) [±]

Development statusActive
Written inC++, JavaScript
Operating system
Available inRussian
TypeWeb browser

There is an associated web browser, also Sputnik, derived from Chromium.


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