Sparco S.p.A is an Italian auto part and accessory company headquartered in Volpiano, Turin, Italy that specializes in producing items such as seats, steering wheels, harnesses, racewear and helmets. Sparco branded alloy wheels are produced under licence by OZ Group. They also sponsor many types of auto races including rallies, single-seaters.

Sparco S.p.A
FounderEnrico Glorioso and Antonio Parisi
Volpiano, Turin
ProductsMotorsport safety equipment and car accessories
Sparco steering wheel
Sparco steering wheel


The company was founded in 1977 in Italy and today the ownership is still Italian; the company is one of the leading manufacturers of racing safety equipment.

In 1977, FIA decided to restrict their safety standards, in order to decrease injuries during races: the first product that brought fame to Sparco, was a fireproof racing suit, that could withstand 11 seconds in fire, an absolute record for the time. This resistance was more than enough to meet new FIA 8856-2000 requests. Moreover, that was the only effective alternative to the cotton racing suits, which were not fireproof and did not meet the new requirements. Each year Sparco improved their technology, so the fire resistance of their suits increased yearly.


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Alfa Romeo Dardo

The Alfa Romeo Dardo is a concept car designed by Pininfarina, whose source of inspiration was the Alfa Romeo 156 and a homage to decades of Pininfarina/Alfa Romeo cooperation in spiders design. The Dardo (Italian for dart) was introduced in the 1998, it is equipped with 2.5 litre V6, also from 156. With wheelbase slightly shorter than that of the 156. The styling for the Dardo’s flanks uses a closing triangular shapes, as does the rear. The car incorporates the 156′s dashboard with leather upholstery used for it and the seats. Pininfarina worked with Sparco to design and build the seats, which are supposed to have extremely rigid shell using carbon-Kevlar-carbon. It's also equipped with four-point seat belts. Its twin headlights were developed jointly with Valeo.


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Fioravanti (automotive)

Fioravanti is an Italian automotive design studio in Moncalieri outside the city of Turin. The company began in 1987 as an architectural practice working on projects in Japan, and since 1991, it has focused its activities on automotive design.

Fioravanti was founded by C.E.O. Leonardo Fioravanti, who worked twenty-four years with Pininfarina on such vehicles as the Ferrari Daytona, Ferrari Dino, Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer, the Ferrari 308 GTB, Ferrari 288 GTO and the Ferrari F40.

GT Racing Cockpit

GT Racing Cockpit (see the trademark symbols difference) is the name of a line of Gran Turismo official video game racing cockpits designed by Sparco and Logitech (a.k.a. Logicool in Japan) in collaboration with Polyphony Digital.

Official kits are co-designed and released in Japan by Logicool and Sparco (distributed by import tuner Endless in North America), while compatible kits are designed and released worldwide by European manufacturers such as PlaySeats and MoveTech.


Giottiline is an Italian mobile home manufacturer and producer of the small scissor doored minicar the Giottiline Ginko. It produces also recreational vehicles.

Gran Turismo official steering wheel

The Gran Turismo official steering wheels (such as the GT FORCE or Driving Force, see the trademark symbols difference) are a series of steering wheels designed by Logitech (a.k.a. Logicool in Japan) in collaboration with Polyphony Digital. These racing games controllers are designed to be used with the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 systems but later models can be used on PC as well due to their USB connection.

The GT Force is the central part of a driving simulation cockpit installation. Official kits are co-designed and released in Japan by Logicool and Sparco (distributed by import tuner Endless in North America), while compatible kits are designed and released worldwide by European manufacturers such as Playseat® and MoveTech.


Grecav is an Italian automobile and farm machinery manufacturer from Gonzaga, province of Mantua. The company produces, among other things, light motor vehicles. The company was founded in 1964 by Cav. Bruno Grespan (current President) through the merger of two companies; Fratelli Grespan S.n.c. (founded in 1956) and Cavalletti S.n.c. (founded in 1922).

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The Hyundai Genesis Coupé was a rear-wheel drive sports coupe from Hyundai Motor Company, released on October 13, 2008, for the Korean market. It is Hyundai's first rear-wheel drive sports coupe, and shares its basic platform with the Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan.

The Genesis Coupe arrived in United States dealerships on February 26, 2009, as a 2010 model. Hyundai USA acting president and CEO John Krafcik described the Genesis Coupe as being designed " deliver a driving experience that challenges cars like the Infiniti G37."With the launch of Genesis Motors as a standalone luxury brand, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe remained branded as a Hyundai and eventually was discontinued. However, it is expected to receive a new name for the next generation to avoid confusion with the luxury brand.

I.DE.A Institute

I.DE.A Institute (acronym, Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering) is an automobile design and engineering company in Turin, Italy, founded in 1978. The Rieter Holding Ltd took full control of the company in 2002. In 2010, Rieter sold the company to the Swiss investment group Quantum Kapital AG.


Italcar is an Italian company based in Turin who produces and distributes electric vehicles.

OZ Group

OZ Group is an Italian company founded in 1971 that produces car and motorcycle wheels, specifically alloy wheels. They are an OEM supplier to a number of manufacturers in addition to aftermarket sales and are a prominent wheel supplier in motorsport.


SPICA S.p.A. (Società Pompe Iniezione Cassani & Affini) was an Italian manufacturer of fuel injection systems.

Seigo Yamamoto

Seigo Yamamoto (山本聖剛, Yamamoto Seigo, born April 16, 1971 in Takarazuka), known as "Boss", is a Japanese drift driver.He first became a pro driver at the age of 18, racing Honda Civics in the Civic and Mirage race divisions in Japan. He set track records at the Suzuka track in Japan which stood for a number of years.

At 20 he opened a tuning shop called Garage-S to focus on the technical side of race tuning, and would later become more widely known after establishing himself in the Japan Drift and tuning scene.

From the mid-1990s onwards he focused his time tuning and racing the SR20DET powered Nissan S13 180SX and Nissan Skyline GTS-t SR20DET or RB20DET powered versions, as well developing his own line of aero body kits and sportswear line.

Seigo Yamamoto is currently racing a Toyota Chaser with an OS Giken built KA24DE powered in the 2006 Formula D series.

Falken Tires, OS Giken, K&N, Wise Sports, Sparco, Tein, Garage-S and Skye Service SPL are current sponsors.


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