Southwest University for Nationalities

Southwest University for Nationalities (SWUN; Chinese: 西; pinyin: Xīnán mínzú dàxué) — its name has been officially changed to Southwest Minzu University (SMU), directly under the control of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of China — is a multi-disciplinary higher education institute. The university was founded in July 1950 and officially established on June 1, 1951.

Southwest Minzu University
Motto 和合偕习,自信自强
Motto in English
Consensus For Being Tuneful, Confidence For Being Powerful
Type Public
Established 1951.6.1
President 陈达云
Academic staff
Students 29,000
Location Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Affiliations State Ethnic Affairs Commission


The university is in Chengdu and is in adjacent to the famous Wuhou Temple. It covers an area of over 3000 mu with 1120,000 square meters for construction area, over three campuses.

Its main campus is in Wuhou District,[1] in the southwestern section of the 1st ring road encircling central Chengdu. The university has two other campuses: One is in Shuangliu county, near the airport;[1] the Taipingyuan campus is outside the second ring road.

In addition the university maintains the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Ecological Environmental Protection and Advanced Technology for Animal Husbandry in Hongyuan County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture.[2]


  • Colleges and Majors

Since 2015, the University consists of 23 colleges and offers 83 undergraduate programs.

College Name Undergraduate Programs
College of Arts Fine Art, Painting, Animation, Sculpture, Photograph, Visual Communication Design, Dance, Choreography, Acting for Film, Musicology, Musical Performance(Instrument), Musical Performance(Vocality)
College of Literature and Journalism Chinese Linguistic Literature, Applied Linguistics (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language), Journalism, Studies of Radio, Film and Television
College of Foreign Languages English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Korean Language and Literature
College of Law Studies of Law
College of Management Accountancy, Financial Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management (HRM), Marketing, Administrative Management, Public Affairs Management, Physical Distribution Management
College of Business and Economics Science of Banking, International Economics and Trade, Economics, Public Finance, Insurance Studies, Investment Principles, Finance Engineering
College of Historical Culture & Tourism Studies of History, Tourism Management, Studies of Cultural Relics & Museology, Ethnology, Management of Cultural Industry
College of Sociology & Psychology Social Works, Applied Psychology, Sociology, Preschool Education
College of Electrical & Information Engineering Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electrical and Information Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Automation, Educational Technology, Applied Physics, Physics
College of Computer Science & Technology Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information Management and Information System, Information and Computing Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Network Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering
College of Chemistry & Environment Protection Engineering Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Technology, Environment Science, Materials Chemistry, Environment Engineering
College of Life Science & Technology Animal Medicine, Animal Pharmacy, Animal Science, Biotechnology, Food Science & Engineering, Food Quality and Safety
College of Architecture & Urban Planning Architecture, Urban-rural Planning, Architecture Landscape, Environmental Design, Product Design
College of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Preparation, Pharmacy, Science of Chinese Materia Medica, Science of Chinese Materia Medica(Traditional Yi Medicine), Science of Tibetan Medicine
College of Physical Education Social Sports Instruction & Management
College of Yi Studies Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature (①Yi-Chinese Education; ②Yi-English Education; ③Yi-Japanese Education; ④Management of Yi's Cultural Industry; ⑤Yi-Chinese Translation & Interpreting; ⑥Yi Language and Literature), Historical Philology
College of Tibetan Studies Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature (①Tibetan Language and Literature; ②Tibetan-English Education; ③Tibetan Studies; ④Tibetan-Chinese Administration; ⑤Management of Tibetan Cultural Industry), Ethnology (Tibetan Studies)
College of Preparatory Education Preparatory Courses(①Science; ②Liberal Arts; ③Entrusting Training)


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