Solomon Islands English

Solomon Islands English is the dialect of English spoken by Solomon Islanders.

Phonological features

Solomon Islands English has many features, especially in the phonology, that show the influence of local languages. It's also influenced by Australian English through the RAMSI program.

Consonant variations

Solomon Island English is non-rothic.

The Letter r tends to be a tap [ɾ] or a trill [r] in Solomon Island English.

The interdental fricatives /θ/ and /ð/ are often realized as [t̪] and [d̪].

Vowel variations

KIT: [ɪ] = [kɪt]
DRESS: [ɛ] = [dɾɛs]
TRAP: [ɑ] or [æ] = [tɾɑp] or [tɾæp]
LOT: [ɔ] = [lɔt]
STRUT: [ʌ] or [ɐ] = [stɾʌt] or [strɐt]
FOOT: [ʊ] = [fʊt]
FLEECE: [i] = [flis]
FACE: [e:] or [eɪ] = [fe:s] or [feɪs]
PALM: [ɑː] = [pɑ:m]
THOUGHT: [ɔ] = [t̪ɔt] or [θɔt]
GOAT: [o:] or [oʊ̯] = [go:t] or [goʊ̯t]
NEAR: [iə̯] or [ɪə̯] = [niə̯] or [nɪə̯]
SQUARE: [ɛə̯] or [ɛɐ̯] = [skɛə̯] or [skɛɐ̯]
START: [ɑː] = [stɑ:t]
FORCE: [oː] = [fo:s]
SURE: [oə̯] or [oɐ̯] = [ʃoə̯] or [ʃoɐ̯]
BATH: [ɑ] = [bɑθ] or [bɑt̪]
NURSE: [əː] or [ɐ:] = [nə:s] or [nɐ:s]
GOOSE: [u] = [gus]
PRICE: [ɑɪ̯] = [pɾɑɪ̯s]
CHOICE: [ɔɪ̯] = [tʃɔɪ̯s]
MOUTH: [ɑʊ̯] = [mɑʊ̯t̪] or [mɑʊ̯θ]
HAPPY: [i] = [ˈhɑp.i]
LETTER: [ɐ] or [ə] = [ˈlɛt.ɐ] or [ˈlɛt.ə]
HORSES: [ɪ] = [ˈho:sɪz]
COMMA: [ə] or [ɐ] = [ˈkɔm.ə] or [ˈkɔm.ɐ]


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Solomon Islands literature

Solomon Islands literature began in the 1960s.

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