Slump (sports)

In sports, a slump is a period when player or team is not performing well or up to expectations. It is essentially a dry spell or drought, though it is often misused to define a player's decline that is natural during their career.[1]

There are various theories behind the cause of a slump. Some attribute it simply to the reasons behind a gambler's bad luck.[2] While a player's or team's average collective statistics over a career or season may be quite respectable, there may be peak times when performance is really spectacular, while there are also expected low points with an inevitable drought.

Others believe there are psychological issues behind a slump. At times, a player, or all the key players on a team, may feel less motivated or may not be adept to handling clutch situations.


In baseball, a batter can be defined as "slumping" when he has gotten few or no hits over a period, and his batting average during that time is far below that of his expectations. Even stars frequently experience hitting slumps.

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Al Ricardo Jefferson (born January 4, 1985) is an American former professional basketball player. He played high school basketball for Prentiss High School in Mississippi before skipping college to enter the 2004 NBA draft, where he was drafted 15th overall by the Boston Celtics. He has previously played for the Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz, Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers.


Slump may refer to:

Slump (geology), a form of mass wasting event that occurs when loosely consolidated materials or rock layers move a short distance down a slope

Slump (sports), a period in which a player or team performs below par

Slump (economics), better known as a recession

Slump (food), a variety of cobbler

Sophomore slump, a failed second effort following a successful introduction

Senior slump, decreased motivation during a final year of studies

Retirement slump, the average falloff in the party’s vote when the incumbent retires

Slumping, a categorical description of an area of techniques for the forming of glass by applying heat to the point where the glass becomes plastic

Dr. Slump, anime and manga, character

The workability of a concrete mixture, as determined by a concrete slump test

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