Slonim District

Slonim District (Belarusian: Слонімскі раён) is a district (rajon) in Grodno Region of Belarus.

The administrative center is Slonim.

Coordinates: 53°05′N 25°19′E / 53.083°N 25.317°E

Districts of Belarus

Districts of Belarus (raion) are second-level administrative territorial entities of Belarus.

In Belarus, raions (Belarusian: раён, rajon) are administrative territorial entities subordinated to oblasts.

Electoral districts of Poland (1935–39)

According to the 1935 Polish Constitution, the country was divided into 104 electoral districts, and the Sejm consisted of 208 members. The districts were described in a July 8, 1935, edition of the Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, and these were as follows:

District 1 – WarsawCity of Warsaw Police districts I, II, XII, XXVI,

District 2 – WarsawCity of Warsaw Police districts III, IV, V,

District 3 – WarsawCity of Warsaw Police districts VI, VII, XIX, XXII,

District 4 – WarsawCity of Warsaw Police districts VIII, XI, XVI, XXIII,

District 5 – WarsawCity of Warsaw Police districts IX, X, XIII, XX, XXI

District 6 – WarsawWarsaw borough of Praga,

District 7 – WarsawCounty of Warsaw – Land,

District 8 – PułtuskCounties of Pułtusk, Radzymin, and Minsk Mazowiecki,

District 9 – MławaCounties of Mława, Ciechanów, Przasnysz, and Maków Mazowiecki,

District 10 – SierpcCounties of Sierpc, Rypin, and Lipno,

District 11 – WłocławekCounties of Włocławek, Nieszawa, and Kutno,

District 12 – PłockCounties of Płock, Płońsk, and Gostynin,

District 13 – ŁowiczCounties of Łowicz, Sochaczew, and Błonie

District 14 – SkierniewiceCounties of Skierniewice, Grojec, and Rawa Mazowiecka

District 15 – ŁódźCity of Łódź Police districts II, III, V,

District 16 – Łódź City of Łódź Police districts I, IV, VI, VII, X,

District 17 – Łódź City of Łódź Police districts VIII, IX, XI, XII, XIII, XIV,

District 18 – Łódź Counties of Łódź – Land, and Łęczyca,

District 19 – KołoCounties of Koło and Konin,

District 20 – KaliszCounties of Kalisz and Turek,

District 21 – SieradzCounties of Sieradz and Łask,

District 22 – Piotrków TrybunalskiCounties of Piotrków and Brzeziny,

District 23 – RadomskoCounties of Radomsko and Wieluń,

District 24 – KielceCounties of Kielce and Włoszczowa,

District 25 – CzęstochowaCounties of Częstochowa – City, and Częstochowa – Land,

District 26 – ZawiercieCounties of Zawiercie and Olkusz,

District 27 – SosnowiecCounties of Sosnowiec – City and Będzin,

District 28 – JędrzejówCounties of Jędrzejów, Miechów, and Pińczów,

District 29 – SandomierzCounties of Sandomierz and Stopnica,

District 30 – OpatówCounties of Opatów and Iłża,

District 31 – KońskieCounties of Końskie and Opoczno,

District 32 – RadomCounties of Radom – City, Radom – Land, and Kozienice,

District 33 – LublinCounties of Lublin – City, and Lublin – Land,

District 34 – PuławyCounties of Puławy and Janów Lubelski,

District 35 – ZamośćCounties of Zamość, Biłgoraj, and Tomaszów Lubelski,

District 36 – ChełmCounties of Chełm, Krasnystaw, and Hrubieszów,

District 37 – Biała PodlaskaCounties of Biała Podlaska, Radzyń, and Włodawa,

District 38 – ŁukówCounties of Łuków, Garwolin, and Lubartów,

District 39 – SiedlceCounties of Siedlce, Sokolow and Węgrów,

District 40 – BiałystokCounties of Białystok – City, Białystok – Land, and Szczuczyn,

District 41 – Ostrów MazowieckaCounties of Ostrów Mazowiecka, Wysokie Mazowieckie, and Bielsk Podlaski,

District 42 – ŁomżaCounties of Łomża and Ostrołęka,

District 43 – SuwałkiCounties of Suwałki, Augustów, and Sokółka,

District 44 – GrodnoCounties of Grodno, and Wolkowysk,

District 45 – WilnoCity of Wilno Police districts I, II, VI, and the town of Nowa Wilejka,

District 46 – WilnoCity of Wilno Police districts III, IV, and V,

District 47 – WilnoCounties of Wilno – Troki (without the town of Nowa Wilejka), and Swieciany,

District 48 – GlebokieCounties of Dzisna, Braslaw, and Postawy,

District 49 – OszmianaCounties of Oszmiana, Wilejka, and Molodeczno,

District 50 – LidaCounties of Lida, and Wolozyn,

District 51 – NowogródekCounties of Nowogródek, Szczuczyn, and Slonim,

District 52 – BaranowiczeCounties of Baranowicze, Nieswiez, and Stolpce,

District 53 – Brzesc nad BugiemCounties of Brzesc, and Pruzana,

District 54 – KobrynCounties of Kobryn, Drohiczyn, Kosow Poleski, and Kamien Koszyrski,

District 55 – PinskCounties of Pinsk, Luniniec, and Stolin,

District 56 – LuckCounties of Luck, and Horochow,

District 57 – KowelCounties of Kowel, Luboml, and Wlodzimierz Wolynski,

District 58 – SarnyCounties of Sarny, and Kostopol,

District 59 – RowneCounties of Rowne, and Zdolbunow,

District 60 – KrzemieniecCounties of Krzemieniec, and Dubno,

District 61 – TarnopolCounties of Tarnopol, Zbaraz, and Skalat,

District 62 – ZloczowCounties of Zloczow, Kamionka Strumilowa, Radziechów, and Brody,

District 63 – BrzeżanyCounties of Brzeżany, Przemyslany, and Zborow,

District 64 – BuczaczCounties of Buczacz, Trembowla, and Podhajce,

District 65 – CzortkowCounties of Czortkow, Kopczynce, Borszczow, and Zaleszczyki,

District 66 – StanisławówCounties of Stanisławów, Tlumacz, and Nadworna,

District 67 – KolomyjaCounties of Kolomyja, Horodenka, Sniatyn, and Kosow,

District 68 – KaluszCounties of Kalusz, Rohatyn, and Dolina,

District 69 – StryjCounties of Stryj, Zydaczow, and Bobrka,

District 70 – LwówCity of Lwów Police districts II, III, V, VIII, IX

District 71 – LwówCity of Lwów Police districts I, IV, VI, VII, X

District 72 – LwówCounties of Lwów – Land, Grodek Jagiellonski, and Mosciska,

District 73 – SokalCounties of Sokal, Zolkiew, Rawa Ruska, and Lubaczów,

District 74 – PrzemyślCounties of Przemyśl, Jarosław, and Jaworów,

District 75 – DrohobyczCounties of Drohobycz, and Rudki,

District 76 – SamborCounties of Sambor, Dobromil, and Turka,

District 77 – SanokCounties of Sanok, Lesko, and Krosno,

District 78 – RzeszówCounties of Rzeszów, Brzozów, and Kolbuszowa,

District 79 – ŁańcutCounties of Łańcut, Przeworsk, Nisko, and Tarnobrzeg,

District 80 – KrakówCity of Kraków Police districts I, II, III,

District 81 – KrakówCity of Kraków Police districts IV, V, VI,

District 82 – KrakówCounties of Kraków – Land, and Chrzanów,

District 83 – BochniaCounties of Bochnia, Limanowa, and Brzesko,

District 84 – TarnówCounties of Tarnów, Dąbrowa Tarnowska, and Mielec,

District 85 – JasłoCounties of Jasło, Dębica, and Gorlice,

District 86 – Nowy SączCounties of Nowy Sącz, and Nowy Targ,

District 87 – WadowiceCounties of Wadowice, Żywiec, and Myślenice,

District 88 – KatowiceCounty of Katowice – City, and the city of Chorzów,

District 89 – KatowiceCounty of Katowice – Land,

District 90 – ŚwiętochłowiceCounties of Świętochłowice, Tarnowskie Góry, and Lubliniec,

District 91 – RybnikCounties of Rybnik, and Pszczyna,

District 92 – Bielsko-BiałaCounties of Bielsko-Biała – City, Bielsko-Biała – Land, and Cieszyn,

District 93 – PoznańCity of Poznań Police districts I, III, IV, V,

District 94 – PoznańCity of Poznań Police districts II, VI, VII, VIII,

District 95 – PoznańCounties of Poznań – Land, Oborniki, Czarnków, Międzychód, Szamotuły, and Nowy Tomysl,

District 96 – LesznoCounties of Leszno, Wolsztyn, Kościan, Srem, Gostyń, and Rawicz,

District 97 – Ostrów WielkopolskiCounties of Ostrów Wielkopolski, Kepno, Krotoszyn, and Jarocin,

District 98 – GnieznoCounties of Gniezno – City, Gniezno – Land, Środa Wielkopolska, Września, and Wągrowiec,

District 99 – InowrocławCounties of Inowrocław – City, Inowrocław – Land, Mogilno, Żnin, and Szubin,

District 100 – BydgoszczCounties of Bydgoszcz – City, Bydgoszcz – Land, Wyrzysk, and Chodzież,

District 101 – ToruńCounties of Toruń – City, Toruń – Land, Chełmno, and Wąbrzeźno,

District 102 – GrudziądzCounties of Grudziądz – City, Grudziądz – Land, Brodnica, Lubawa, and Działdowo,

District 103 – ChojniceCounties of Chojnice, Sepolno Krajenskie, Tuchola, Świecie, Starogard Gdański, and Tczew,

District 104 – GdyniaCounties of Gdynia – City, Sea County, Kartuzy, and Kościerzyna.

Grodno Region

Grodno/Hrodna Region (Belarusian: Гродзенская вобласць, Hrodzienskaja vobłasć; Russian: Гродненская область, Grodnenskaya oblast) is one of the regions of Belarus. It is located in the northwestern part of the country.

The capital, Grodno, is the biggest city of the region. It lies on the Neman River. Grodno's existence is attested to from 1127. Two castles dating from the 14th - 18th centuries are located here on the steep right bank of the Nemen. Many consider this city one of the most beautiful in Belarus: one of its masterpieces survived through the centuries, Orthodox St Boris & St Gleb (Kalozhskaya) Church dating back to the 12th century, is the second oldest in Belarus.

Ivan Tsikhan

Ivan Ryhoravich Tsikhan (born 24 July 1976) is a Belarusian hammer thrower. He is a two-time world champion and an Olympic medalist.

Leonid Maltsev

Colonel General Leonid Semenovich Maltsev (Belarusian:Леанід Сямёнавіч Мальцаў; born August 29, 1949) was the Minister of Defence of Belarus from 1995–96 and 2001-09.

Minsk Theological Academy

Minsk Theological Academy (Russian: Минская духовная академия имени святителя Кирилла Туровского) is a university of Applied Sciences of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. Named after Saint Cyril of Turaw. Geographically located within the Church of the Assumption in Žyrovičy, Slonim District, Grodno Voblast.

The Academy is a private educational institution. Academy training programs meet the standards and rules set by the Education Committee of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. The term of study at the academy - 3 years.

In the future it is planned to transfer the Academy to Minsk.

Nikolai Vlasik

Nikolai Sidorovich Vlasik (Russian: Никола́й Си́дорович Вла́сик; May 22, 1896 – June 18, 1967) was a Soviet security official and general, best known as head of Joseph Stalin's personal security from 1931 to 1952.

He was born in the village of Bobynichi in the Slonim district of Hrodna province (in present-day Hrodna Voblast, Belarus) on May 22, 1896 and died on June 18, 1967 in Moscow. He held the rank of Lieutenant-General.


Slonim (Belarusian: Сло́нім, Russian: Сло́ним, Lithuanian: Slanimas, Polish: Słonim, Yiddish: סלאָנים‎, Slonim) is a city in Grodno Region, Belarus, capital of the Slonim district. It is located at the junction of the Shchara and Isa rivers, 143 km (89 mi) southeast of Grodno. The population in 2015 was 49,739.

Slonim (disambiguation)

Slonim refers to a city in Belarus. It may also refer to:

Slonim District, of which Slonim is the administrative center

Slonim governorate, a former gubernyia

Slonim Hasidic dynasty

Mark Slonim, Russian émigré political figure and academic

Vladislav Korchits

Vladislav Vikentyevich Korchits (Polish: Władysław Korczyc) (1 September 1893 in Bogdanowicze, Slonim, now Belarus – 17 October 1966, Moscow) was a Soviet and Polish general. He supported the Bolshevik side during the Russian Revolution, joining the Red Army. He participated in the Polish-Soviet War. In the interwar period he graduated from the Mikhail Frunze Military Academy. He was imprisoned and tortured during the Great Purge, survived it and was reinstated afterward. He took part in World War II. From 1944 he was attached to the Polish Armed Forces in the East. After the war he remained in the People's Republic of Poland. He served in the Polish People's Army as the chief of Polish General Staff from 1 January 1945 to 18 January 1954. While in Poland, he joined the Polish Workers' Party, was the Deputy Minister of National Defense (1949/1950-?), and the deputy to the Polish parliament (Sejm) for the term 1952-1956. In 1954 he retired and returned to the Soviet Union. He died in Moscow.

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