Sky Cinema

Sky Cinema (formerly Sky Movies) is a group of British pay television film channels owned by Sky, a division of Comcast. They have over 5 million subscribers on subscription TV.[1] In addition to the television channels, it has an interactive 'red button' service, a website ( and in 2005 launched a 3G mobile service via Vodafone. In 2016, Sky rebranded its television film channel operations under one single Sky Cinema branding: on 8 July 2016, the channels in the UK and Ireland were rebranded from Sky Movies to Sky Cinema; on 22 September in Germany and Austria, the Sky Cinema brand (originally used for the flagship channel) was extended to the German channels in the group formerly known as Sky Film; the Italian Sky Cinema channels followed suit on 5 November by adopting the brand packages introduced in the UK and Ireland earlier.

Sky Cinema
Sky Cinema - Logo 2018
Launched5 February 1989
Owned bySky
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)
Audience share0.16% (Action)
0.08% (Comedy)
0.07% (Thriller)
0.22% (Disney)
0.05% (Drama)
0.25% (Family)
0.12% (Greats)
0.16% (Hits)
0.45% (Premiere)
0.03% (Premiere +1)
0.11% (Sci-Fi & Horror)
0.05% (Select) (August 2018, BARB)
Formerly calledSky Movies (1989-2016)
ReplacedThe Power Station on the BSB service
Sister channel(s)Challenge,
Real Lives,
Sky One,
Sky Two,
Sky Arts,
Sky Atlantic,
Sky News,
Sky Sports,
Sky Sports Box Office,
Sky Sports F1,
Sky Sports News,
Sky Sports Racing,
Sky Witness
SkyChannels 301–312 (SD/HD)
Channels 842–852 (SD)
On Demand
Virgin Media (UK)Channels 401, 403–412 (HD)
Channels 402, 431, 433–442
On Demand
Virgin Media (Ireland)Channels 301–309, 318, 320, 321
Channels 331–341 (HD)
TalkTalk TVChannels 501–511 (SD)
On Demand
BTChannels 501–511 (SD)
On Demand
Eir VisionChannels 301, 303–312 (SD)
Streaming media
Sky GoWatch live (UK & Ireland only)
Now TVWatch live (UK and Ireland only)
Virgin TV AnywhereWatch live (UK only)


1989–98: Early years

Sky Movies was originally a single film channel offered as part of Sky's original 4-channel package on the Astra 1A satellite on 5 February 1989. The first film shown on the channel was Dirty Dancing. Prior to its launch, Sky Movies signed first-run deals with 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Domestic Pay TV, Cable and Network Features, Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Orion Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution Co.

After one year of broadcasting free-to-air, in February 1990,[2] it became the first Sky channel to scramble its signal, using a card-encryption system called VideoCrypt which rendered the picture totally obscured to anyone attempting to view it without a decoder and smart card.

When Sky merged with rival British Satellite Broadcasting, it acquired BSB's The Movie Channel. With the launch of the second Astra satellite (Astra 1B) on 15 April 1991, The Movie Channel become part of the Sky package. The first film shown was 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. Similarly, Sky Movies was made available to viewers on BSB's old satellite on 8 April 1991, replacing the music channel The Power Station. From the re-launch of the channel under BSkyB, The Movie Channel's ident was made by PDI, and heavily based on NBC's film opening used from 1987 to 1993.

During 1991, Sky Movies started broadcasting for 24 hours per day.[3] For a while in the early 1990s, the channel carried various non-film premium content such as live boxing, music concerts and WWF wrestling. This was because at this time all of Sky's other channels, including Sky Sports, were shown free-to-air and during this period, the channel was often referred to as Sky Movies Plus sometimes. When Sky Sports first became a pay channel on 1 September 1992, Sky Movies stopped showing non-movie related programming.

On 1 October 1992, The Comedy Channel was renamed to Sky Movies Gold, a "classic movies" channel. It was added as a 3-channel Sky Movies package. Rocky was the first film shown on the network.

The two main channels were rebranded under a common brand on 1 November 1997. Sky Movies became Sky Movies Screen 1 and the Movie Channel became Sky Movies Screen 2.[4]

1998–2003: The Digital era

After a rebrand on 10 September 1998, Sky Movies Screen 1 became Sky Moviemax, Sky Movies Screen 2 became Sky Premier, and Sky Movies Gold was renamed Sky Cinema.[5]

The launch of Sky Digital from the new Astra 28.2°E satellite position in October 1998 was accompanied by a major expansion of channels.[6] Sky Premier 2 to 4 inclusive, Sky Moviemax 2 to 4 inclusive and Sky Cinema 2, along with Sky Premier Widescreen – at the time, the only channel devoted to showing widescreen films, were all launched exclusively on digital satellite. In November 1998, Sky Moviemax and Sky Premier launched on the ONdigital digital terrestrial platform.[7]

On 1 October 1999, Sky Moviemax 5 was launched.[8]

1 July 2002 saw yet another re-branding exercise. The Sky Premier channels were renamed Sky Movies Premier, the Sky Moviemax channels became Sky Movies Max and the Sky Cinema channels became Sky Movies Cinema.[9]

Eventually in June 2003, Sky listened to demands for more widescreen films. The Sky Movies Premier Widescreen channel was closed and the majority of films on the remaining channels were shown in widescreen.[10]

2003–07: Rebrand

On 1 November 2003, the Sky Movies Premier and Sky Movies Max channels were all brought under one banner as Sky Movies 1 to 9 inclusive. At the same time, Sky Movies Cinema 1 and 2 became Sky Cinema 1 and 2.[11]

From 30 January 2006, Sky Movies 9 and the new Sky Movies 10 started broadcasting from 5 pm to 3 am. They were PIN-protected, meaning that for the first time 15 rated films were able to be shown as early as 5 pm. With the launch of Sky HD, the two channels were also available in a high definition format.[12]

2007–16: Sky Movies goes categorised

From 4 April 2007, Sky Movies channels were revamped with each channel covering a different genre. Sky Cinema 1 and 2 merged to become Sky Movies Classics.[13] The names of the new channels became Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Premiere +1, Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Action & Thriller, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Drama, Sky Movies Classics, Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror, Sky Movies Modern Greats, Sky Movies Indie, Sky Movies HD1 and Sky Movies HD2. Three of the HD channels have launched already before the other.

Sky later made Sky Movies HD1 and HD2 available to subscribers without HDTV equipment through two channels simulcasting the same content in SDTV format. These channels were known as Sky Movies SD1 and SD2. These channels were renamed Sky Movies Screen 1 and Screen 2 in February 2008. The HDTV channels were renamed Sky Movies Screen 1 HD and Screen 2 HD accordingly.[14]

On 20 March 2008, an additional high definition film channel called Sky Movies Premiere HD, which is a high definition simulcast version of the current Sky Movies Premiere channel, was added after many requests for the channel from Sky HD subscribers.

Sky also announced that in October 2008, they would launch six new high-definition simulcast channels called Sky Movies Action/Thriller HD, Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror HD, Sky Movies Drama HD, Sky Movies Modern Greats HD, Sky Movies Family HD and Sky Movies Comedy HD.[15] This means that almost all Sky Movies channels are broadcast in both standard- and high-definition, except for Sky Movies Premiere +1, Sky Movies Classics and Sky Movies Indie which remained standard-definition only until Sky Movies Indie HD launched on 26 October 2009.[16][17]

Sky Movies were rebranded as the part of the Sky channels rebranding on 1 January 2010.

On 26 March 2010, some Sky Movies channels were renamed, the new Sky Movies Showcase channel replaced Sky Movies Screen 1, carrying box sets, collections and seasons. Sky Movies also reshuffled its bouquet of ten channels to achieve greater "clarity" for subscribers. The changes included Sky Movies Action & Thriller becoming Sky Movies Action & Adventure, Sky Movies Drama becoming Sky Movies Drama & Romance and Sky Movies Screen 2 becoming Sky Movies Crime & Thriller.[18] The Sky Movies HD channels launched on the Virgin Media platform on 2 August 2010.[19]

Sky Movies Classics HD launched on 9 August 2010, exclusively on Sky.[20] The channel was added to Virgin Media on 4 October 2011.

Smallworld Cable added the Sky Movies HD channels to their line-up in the first quarter of 2012,[21] followed by UPC Ireland on 16 August 2012.[22]

On 28 March 2013, Sky Movies Disney was launched, effectively replacing Disney Cinemagic, as part of a multi-year film output deal between Sky and The Walt Disney Company.[23] Sky Movies Disney marked the first time that Disney has been involved in a co-branded linear films channel anywhere in the world.[24] New Disney films are available on Sky Movies Disney around six months after they have ended their cinema run. To facilitate the channel, Sky Movies Classics ceased broadcasting, while Sky Movies Modern Greats was rebranded as Sky Movies Greats and Sky Movies Indie became Sky Movies Select.[25][26] The content of the three former brands was merged into Select and Greats.[27]

2016–present: Rebrand to Sky Cinema and 4K UHD

On 15 June 2016, Sky announced that Sky Movies would rebrand as Sky Cinema on 8 July. This change aligns the service's naming with those of Sky's film services in other regions, in consort with Sky plc's takeover of Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia. To compete with subscription video-on-demand services, Sky announced that the re-branded service would premiere a new film each day, and that it would expand the service's on-demand library. Sky also announced plans to launch a 4K ultra-high-definition feed later in the year.[28][29] 4K films became available on 13 August 2016 for Sky Q customers with a 2TB box and Sky Cinema and multi-screen packs. 70 were available by the end of 2016.[30]

In January 2018, Sky announced a partnership with film distributor Altitude Film Distribution, with the launch of Sky Cinema Original Films. This new brand would distribute films for Sky Cinema's on-demand service, as-well as release them into cinemas. The first film under the new banner was the UK release of the animated film Monster Family. Other films like The Hurricane Heist, Anon, Final Score and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile have also been released as Sky Cinema Original Films.

Television channels

Sky regularly gives one of their Sky Cinema channels a temporary rebrand to air different kinds of seasonal or promotional programming. As of January 2018, the current Sky Cinema channels are:

Channels[31] Temporary channel re-brands[32][33]
Sky Cinema Premiere N/A
Sky Cinema Hits Sky Cinema DC Heroes
Sky Cinema Disney Pixar
Sky Cinema Fast & Furious
Sky Cinema Matt Damon
Sky Cinema Pirates of the Caribbean
Sky Cinema Spooky
Sky Cinema Greats Sky Cinema Back to the Future
Sky Cinema Brits
Sky Cinema Denzel Washington
Sky Cinema Harry Potter
Sky Cinema Jurassic
Sky Cinema Oscars
Sky Cinema Pets
Sky Cinema Pirates of the Caribbean
Sky Cinema Spies
Sky Cinema Star Trek
Sky Cinema Star Wars
Sky Cinema Superheroes
Sky Cinema Tom Cruise
Sky Cinema Tom Hanks
Sky Cinema Villains
Sky Cinema Disney Sky Cinema Pixar
Sky Cinema Family Sky Cinema Animation
Sky Cinema Fairy Tales
Sky Cinema Action Sky Cinema Action Men
Sky Cinema Heroes
Sky Cinema Wonder Women
Sky Cinema Comedy Sky Cinema April Fools
Sky Cinema Adam Sandler
Sky Cinema Thriller Sky Cinema Bourne
Sky Cinema Spies
Sky Cinema Drama Sky Cinema Christmas
Sky Cinema True Stories
Sky Cinema Valentine
Sky Cinema Weddings
Sky Cinema Julia Roberts
Sky Cinema Sci-fi & Horror Sky Cinema Halloween
Sky Cinema Monsters
Sky Cinema Sky-Fi
Sky Cinema Select Sky Cinema Classics
Sky Cinema Musicals
Sky Cinema Westerns
Sky regularly gives their Sky Cinema channels temporary re-brands to air different kinds of seasonal or promotional programming.

Advertising and promotion

All of the Sky Cinema channels have always carried commercials between films, although the films themselves are uninterrupted. Additionally, some strands and seasons are sponsored. All advertising for Sky Cinema (traditional & interactive ads, sponsorship, online) are handled by Sky Media – the advertising sales part of Sky.

Sky Cinema regularly sponsors the theatrical premieres of major film titles – such as Shrek 2, The Incredibles, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

A brief experiment with small on-screen logos in the early 1990s caused a storm of protest, and so films are now shown logo-free although the channels use logos over feature programmes like film Top Tens.

Sky Cinema is part of a "Rate Card" within the UK and Sky must supply other TV operators (such as Virgin Media) if they agree to pay a price set down by Sky.

Original productions

Sky Cinema has a dedicated production team that produces over 100 hours of original film-related programming each year – including Sky Cinema News (a half-hour weekly film release round-up), and UK/US Box Office Top Tens. In addition, Sky's close relationships with the film studios means it regularly gets exclusive access on-set and to talent for one-off 'making-ofs', talent-based programming etc.

In 1998, Elisabeth Murdoch (who was Sky's director of channels and services at the time) advocated Sky setting up a film funding and production unit (similar to BBC Films and Film4 Productions). The result was Sky Pictures, which existed in order to invest in both low-budget and mainstream British films. However, following a lack of success and her decision to leave Sky and set up her own production company, Shine, the unit was scaled back and closed in 2001.


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Anon (film)

Anon is a 2018 British science fiction thriller film directed and written by Andrew Niccol, and financed by Sky Cinema Original Films. The film stars Amanda Seyfried and Clive Owen, with Colm Feore, Mark O'Brien, Sonya Walger, Joe Pingue, and Iddo Goldberg appearing in supporting roles. Set in a futuristic world where privacy and anonymity no longer exist, the plot follows a troubled detective (Owen) who comes across a young woman (Seyfried) who has evaded the government's transparency system. The film was released internationally as a "Netflix Original" on the streaming service, from 4 May 2018, whilst in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the film was released in cinemas by Altitude Film Distribution and through on-demand by Sky Cinema on 11 May 2018.

Astra 2E

Astra 2E is one of the Astra communications satellites owned and operated by SES, launched to the Astra 28.2°E orbital slot on 30 September 2013 after a 10-week delay caused by rocket launcher problems. The satellite provides free-to-air and encrypted direct-to-home (DTH) digital TV and satellite broadband services for Europe and the Middle East.After launch, Astra 2E underwent in-orbit testing at 43.5°E and began commercial operations at 28.2°E in February 2014. At that time, channels broadcast via Astra 1N (temporarily located at 28.2°E pending Astra 1E's launch) were transferred to Astra 2E and Astra 1N relocated to its design position at 19.2°E.Astra 2E is the second of three 'second generation' satellites for the 28.2°E position to replace the first generation Astra 2A, Astra 2B, Astra 2C and Astra 2D craft originally positioned there between 1998 and 2001. The first, Astra 2F, was launched in 2012 and the third, Astra 2G, was launched in 2014 (launched on 27 December 2014).

Unlike other SES/Astra spacecraft, the launch order of Astra 2E and Astra 2F is not reflected in their alphabetical names, with Astra 2F launched 10 months before Astra 2E.


BT TV is a subscription IPTV service offered by BT; a division of United Kingdom telecommunications company BT Group, and was originally launched as BT Vision in December 2006. As of the end of 2017, BT TV had 1.8 million customers.

BT TV provides on-demand content, 30 extra entertainment channels (18 of which are available in HD), 9 extra children's channels, 11 movie channels (Sky Cinema) and 5 live sports channels (BT Sport & Sky Sports). BT Sport channels are available in SD and HD through IPTV signals. BT Sport, ESPN and AMC from BT are available in non-fibre areas over IPTV using copper multicast where available.

As BT TV transmits channels and content through IPTV, BT requires customers to sign up to the BT Broadband internet and phone service to use BT TV, with connection via BT's official router, BT Home Hub.

BT started rebranding its TV services – BT Vision and its YouView service as BT TV between May and August 2013. On 11 April 2014, BT announced that the original Vision service would be closed down as of 30 June, with all customers getting a free upgrade to its modern YouView service. The Vision service was, after August 2013, solely used to broadcast Sky Sports, as well as BT Sport for non-Infinity customers. Sky Sports 1 & 2 were made available to YouView customers on Tuesday 16 December 2014 following an interim ruling from the Appeal Court backing Ofcom's ruling that YouView is to be included in the "Wholesale Must Offer" of the channels.

Disney Channel (UK and Ireland)

Disney Channel is a kids and teen's entertainment channel available in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland since 1 October 1995. A one-hour timeshift service called Disney Channel +1 is available on Sky and Virgin Media. Disney Channel currently has two sister channels; Disney Junior and Disney XD. It currently focuses on live-action programming.

Disney Cinemagic

Disney Cinemagic is a German pay television channel owned by Walt Disney Company Limited (UK) plus two programming blocks by Disney Channels Worldwide. It used to be broadcast on most countries in Western Europe; currently, formerly-branded Disney Cinemagic channels in France (Cinema Disney) and the United Kingdom and Ireland (Sky Movies Disney) are run by third parties which primarily airs films by the Walt Disney Studios.

List of HD channels in the United Kingdom

This is a list of current high definition channels that are available in the United Kingdom, together with those coming in the future, and those that have ceased broadcasting.

All HD channels in the UK broadcast at 1080i, apart from BT Sport 4K UHD and Virgin TV Ultra HD which are broadcast at 4K. HD channels can dynamically switch between 1080i/25 and 1080p/25 when broadcast via Freeview HD.

List of television stations in Germany

As one of the largest industrial nations and with the largest population in the European Union, Germany today offers a vast diversity of television stations.

List of television stations in the United Kingdom

This list of linear television stations in the United Kingdom refers to television in the United Kingdom which is available from digital terrestrial, satellite, cable, and IPTV providers, with an estimated more than 480 channels.

Now TV (Sky)

Now TV (stylised as NOW TV) is a division of pan-European telecommunications company Sky Limited with operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy. It offers a subscription-based internet television and video-on-demand service. In the United Kingdom, Now TV also provides contract-free broadband internet, and landline telephone services. The majority of services available by Now TV are designed to cater for consumers who do not want to be tied to a contract. An almost identical service known as Sky Ticket (formerly known as Sky Online) operates in Germany and Austria.

Now TV was first announced in the UK in February 2012 as an internet television service, and launched on 17 July 2012 originally offering a Sky Cinema subscription; from March 2013 offering a Sky Sports television channels subscription; from October 2013 offering an entertainment television channels subscription; from June 2016 offering a children's television channels subscription. On 24 June 2016 the Now TV internet television service was launched in Italy. On 29 June 2016, Now Broadband was launched in the UK. On 26 April 2017 the Now TV internet television service was launched in Ireland. From July 2018 Now TV started offering a Hayu video on demand subscription. Now Broadband is not currently available in the Republic of Ireland or Italy with no future plans announced.

Sky Box Office

Sky Box Office is the name of Sky's pay-per-view (PPV) system operated in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. There were three branded divisions of Sky Box Office – Sky Cinema Box Office, Sky Sports Box Office and Sky 3D Box Office. Until 1 February 2011, the system ran under unified Sky Box Office branding. On 4 January 2017, all Sky Cinema Box Office channels ceased broadcasting, with only Sky Sports Box Office remaining available.

Sky Cinema (Germany)

Sky Cinema is a German set of movie channels owned by Sky Deutschland.

The Sky Cinema package includes eleven Sky-branded channels:

Sky Cinema, the premium channel with 20 television premieres per month.

Sky Cinema +1, Sky Cinema with an hour delay.

Sky Cinema +24, Sky Cinema with 1 day delay.

Sky Cinema Action with action, horror and sci-fi movies.

Sky Cinema Comedy with various kinds of comedy movies.

Sky Cinema Emotion with love stories, romantic comedies and dramas.

Sky Cinema Nostalgie with classic movies from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Sky Cinema Hits with blockbusters from all times.

Sky Cinema HD, Sky Cinema +1 HD, Sky Cinema +24 HD, Sky Cinema Hits HD and Sky Cinema Action HD with movies in high-definition.Movies are broadcast in the 16:9 widescreen format with both German and original audio, when available.

In order to watch movies in high-definition, you also have to pay for Sky HD, another set of programs. By booking this set, the channels fitting into the other booked sets, such as Sky Sport are decrypted as well.

Sky Cinema (Italy)

Sky Cinema is an Italian set of premium movie channels owned by Sky Italia.

The Sky Cinema package includes fourteen Sky-branded channels.

Sky Cinema Uno HD;

Sky Cinema Due HD,

Sky Cinema Collection HD,

Sky Cinema Family HD;

Sky Cinema Action HD;

Sky Cinema Suspense HD;

Sky Cinema Romance HD;

Sky Cinema Drama HD;

Sky Cinema Comedy HD;

Sky Cinema Uno +24 HD;

Sky Cinema Due +24 HD

Sky Cinema Cult

Sky Cinema Cult HD is a high-definition satellite television channel on the Sky Italia platform in Italy. Sky Cinema Cult HD, channel 314, supersedes the standard-definition Sky Cinema Cult, channel 319.

Sky Cinema Cult was originally called Cult Network Italia (CNI); in 2006, the name was shortened to Cult. In 2012, the channel was rebranded to Sky Cinema Cult.Following its launch in 1998, Cult Network Italia was twice named Best Thematic Cultural Arts Channel in Europe at the Annual European Satellite Awards.

Sky Deutschland

Sky Deutschland GmbH, branded as Sky, is a German media company that operates a direct broadcast satellite Pay TV platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (through Teleclub). It provides a collection of basic and premium digital subscription television channels of different categories via satellite and cable television.

It was launched in 1991 as Premiere. The channel originally started as a single analogue channel on the Astra 1A satellite, showing films dubbed into German, as well as in original audio, live football matches from the German Bundesliga and Austrian Bundesliga (and at one time the UEFA Cup), and documentaries and TV series. After the coming of the digital age, the service has since consisted of many channels with many new ones added over the years. On 4 July 2009, the service and its channels were rebranded as "Sky".

Sky Deutschland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast-owned Sky. The programming service itself is provided by its subsidiary Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Premiere Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG). It topped 3,000,000 subscribers by the end of 2011. As of Q2 2014, Sky Deutschland has more than 4 million subscribers.

Sky Italia

Sky Italia is an Italian satellite television platform operated by Sky, itself owned by Comcast. Sky Italia also broadcasts three national free-to-air television channels: Tv8, Cielo and Sky TG24. As of 2018, following an agreement with Mediaset, Sky Italia also operates a series of subscription-based terrestrial channels offering sports, entertainment and movies. Sky Italia is also a major sports broadcaster.

Pay TV services on Sky Italia satellite platform are encrypted in NDS VideoGuard. The VideoGuard set-top boxes that have been provided since July 2010 are identical to the Sky+ HD boxes used in the UK. Pace, Amstrad (itself owned by Sky) and Thomson, all Digibox licensors, have been producing Sky Italia boxes (Sky Box, Sky HD, My Sky and My Sky HD) identical to their Sky Digital, Sky+ and Sky+ HD offerings, albeit with the potential removal of the second card slot and UHF modulator.

Sky UK

Sky UK (formerly British Sky Broadcasting Limited, BSkyB and Sky) is a British telecommunications company which serves the United Kingdom owned by Comcast. Sky provides television and broadband Internet services, fixed line and mobile telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. It is the UK's largest

pay-TV broadcaster with 11 million customers as of 2015. It was the UK's most popular digital TV service until it was overtaken by Freeview in April 2007. Its corporate headquarters are in Isleworth.Formed in March 1994 four years after the merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, Sky became the UK's largest digital subscription television company. Following Sky's 2014 acquisition of Sky Italia and a majority 90.04% interest in Sky Deutschland in November 2014, its holding company British Sky Broadcasting Group plc changed its name to Sky plc. The UK subsidiary's name was changed from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to Sky UK Limited, and continues to trade as Sky as of November 2018.

Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast-owned Sky, with its current company directors being Andrew Griffith and Christopher Taylor. Andrew Griffith has acted as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Managing Director for the commercial businesses division, however, it was announced in June 2019 that Kevin O’Toole of Comcast Business will take on the role of Managing Director of Sky Business Communications, reporting to Chris Stylianou.

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk TV is a UK-based consumer television and video on demand service, operated by the TalkTalk Group. In its current form, it was launched on 3 September 2012 in a partnership with YouView. Its offering is delivered over a BT phone line, using ADSL or VDSL to provide a triple-play package of IPTV, video on demand, telephony and broadband internet access. There are now 2 packages available – TalkTalk TV Lite or TalkTalk TV Plus. The only difference is the TV Lite Box cannot record and only has the capability of pausing and rewinding for up to 30 Minutes, compared to the standard 2 Hours on the TV Plus Box. The YouView box is a Smart Freeview+HD box which means BBC 1 to 4 News and CBBC, ITV & Channel 4 are available in HD free. Humax have a silver 1TB model which can be bought in retail stores and can be used with or without a TalkTalk subscription. Currently both Huawei boxes do not have Wifi built in, and therefore an ethernet cable must be used for internet content and boosts.

The Hurricane Heist

The Hurricane Heist is a 2018 American disaster heist action film directed by Rob Cohen and written by Jeff Dixon and Scott Windhauser. It was released in the UK as a Sky Cinema Original Film. The film stars Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, Ryan Kwanten, Melissa Bolona, and Ralph Ineson, who follows a band of thieves who plan to use a Category 5 hurricane to cover their tracks of a bank robbery. The film was released on March 9, 2018, received negative reviews and was a box-office bomb, making just $31 million against its estimated $35 million budget.

Timeline of Sky Limited

This is a timeline of the history of Sky TV.

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