Siosaʻia Maʻulupekotofa Tuita

Hon. Siosa'ia Ma'ulupekotofa Tuita (born 21 March 1951) is a Tongan royal and diplomat. He is the current Chief Tuita, Lord Tuita.[1][2]

Siosaia Ma'ulupekotofa Tuita
Royal Tongan Wedding of 1976
Princess Pilolevu Tuita and Lord Tuita on their wedding day in 1976
Born21 March 1951 (age 67)
SpousePilolevu, Princess Royal of Tonga
IssueHon. Sālote Lupepau'u Salamasina Purea Vahine Arii 'Oe Hau Tuita Taione
Hon. Titilupe Fanetupouvava'u Tuita Tu'ivakano
Hon. Frederica Lupe'uluiva Fatafehi 'o Lapaha Tuita Filipe
Hon. Lupeolo Halaevalu Moheofo Virginia Rose Tuita Aleamotu'a
HouseTupou (by marriage)
FatherHon. Siosaia Aleamotu'a Laufilitonga, Baron Tuita of 'Utungake
MotherHon. Fatafehi Lapaha Tupou, Baroness Tuita of 'Utungake
Tongan royal family
Royal Arms of Tonga

Early life

He received his education at Wanganui College, Auckland University and the University of Oxford. He was appointed Official Translator of the Tongan Prime Minister's office in 1972 and then served for several years in the Tongan Foreign Service, including as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom in 1989–1992 and as Consul General in San Francisco from 1992–1996. From 1998–2002 Tuita was governor of Vava'u. In 2002 he was appointed to the cabinet of Tonga with the title minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Nutrition.


Tuita married the Princess Royal, Salote Pilolevu Tuita, the only daughter of King Sia'osi Taufa'ahau Tupou IV in the Chapel Royal, Nuku'alofa, on 20 July 1976. They are the parents of four daughters:

  • Hon. Sālote Lupepau'u Salamasina Purea Vahine Arii 'Oe Hau Tuita Taione,
  • Hon. Titilupe Fanetupouvava'u Tuita Kaho (Tu'ivakano),
  • Hon. Frederica Lupe'uluiva Fatafehi 'o Lapaha Tuita Filipe,
  • Hon. Lupeolo Halaevalu Moheofo Virginia Rose Tuita

and a son, whom they adopted from her brother Prince Fatafehi ʻAlaivahamamaʻo Tukuʻaho (27 September 1979 – 17 February 2004) :

  • Fatafehi Sione Ikamafana Tānekinga ʻo Tonga (2003–)

In 2010, he was appointed as Tongan Consul General to the United States again, with an office based out of San Francisco, California. He currently lives with his wife, Princess Salote Mafile'o Pilolevu Tuita, and their family, dividing their time between residences in Tau'akipulu and Hillsborough, California.[3]

Lord Ma'ulupekotofa Tuita (left) and Princess Pilolevu Tuita (right)






  • Coronation Jubilee Medal Tonga 04071992.png King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV Coronation Silver Jubilee Medal (4 July 1992)[1]
  • Coronation Medal 01082008 (Tonga).png King George Tupou V Coronation Medal (1 August 2008)[1]
  • Coronation Medal 04072015 (Tonga).gif King George Tupou VI Coronation Medal (4 July 2015)[1]


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